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Sometimes, all you want when you get down and low is a quickie… Or you might be uncomfortable with how long your guy takes to cum. Whichever the case, this article will address several ways that you can use to make your guy cum faster.

1. Love Him to Death

85% of the men that I interviewed for this article agreed that the feeling of being intimately wanted contributes a lot to their orgasm. He wants you to mourn, scratch his back, grab him by the butts, pull him closer to you, and urge him on.

It’s like adding gas to an already lit fire. Show him that you really, really want him. You’ll not only make him cum faster, but also harder, in a way he will never forget.

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If you’re afraid you can’t muster the intimacy on your own volition, get the instant arousal cream for women, Vigorelle. It will undoubtedly improve how you respond to sex.

how to make him cum faster

What is Vigorelle?

Vigorelle is a doctor-endorsed topical cream. It is applied to a woman’s intimate parts before or during lovemaking.

Vigorelle greatly enhances sensation during sex and leads to high intensity orgasms.

This natural cream was developed in order to help women experience more pleasure than ever before and to provide them with numerous benefits that will turn their sexual experiences into true earth-shattering moments that will forever stay with them.

If you want to make him come quicker, talk dirty and share your fantasies for him with him regularly. Lube usually helps too! Whatever it takes to get his focus solely on you should do the trick. 😉

The best way to make a guy cum is to be real.

It also helps if a woman knows what’s going on down there in the genital area, which is why most people should have a sexual relationship with their gynecologist so that they can discuss all their concerns without feeling embarrassed– sex and sexuality are just one more aspect of life that deserves thorough examination. Doctors often refer to this as “sex education.” There are many good books available too!

How Many Minutes Does it Take a Man to Release Sperm?

Roughly between 4-10 minutes, depending on what else is happening in a man’s life. It will depend on a variety of factors, including mood, age. medical treatment, temperature, and frequency. The low end is thought to be around 5 minutes and the high end up to 30. In most cases, a few minutes should be enough time for an ejaculation (producing semen).

Some guys get off after one little finger rub in the right spot while other guys need to really work up some sexual tension before they can come, so there’s no real rule. Some experts recommend 15-20 minutes for those who have to really work at it, but that’s just an educated guess—not a hard rule.

A man who has trouble ejaculating quick is probably lacking education on the subject. Seems like this would be a topic for an instructor to cover during sex ed classes?

When a woman’s partner or husband is unable to ejaculate during sex the impact on the relationship can be massive.

She may feel hurt, rejected, frustrated, and perhaps unattractive, while long lasting sex may make her sore…. and he may feel like a failure in bed because he’s unable to climax easily inside her.

When a man can’t ejaculate during lovemaking with his partner (or finds it very difficult to reach orgasm), despite wanting to climax normally, and despite receiving enough sexual stimulation, he’s said to have delayed ejaculation.

Delayed ejaculation puzzles many men and women because it seems so hard to understand. After all, why would a man have difficulty ejaculating while making love, something that’s so very exciting and arousing for most men? The answer, as you may expect, is that many things come into play, and the solution varies from man to man. But the great news is that delayed ejaculation can be treated.

How to Make a Guy Cum Faster

make him cum faster

If your boyfriend or husband is as stressed as you are by this, it may come as a great relief to him when you suggest a discussion. Although men don’t often spontaneously talk about their feelings, when they are given the chance, they very often find that it is a great relief to be able to do so.

In this case there are several issues to work through – first off, is your partner actually ejaculating normally? If his semen is moving back into his bladder it is called a retrograde ejaculation, and it is different to delayed ejaculation.

Unfortunately, delayed ejaculation can test a relationship by bringing up issues that both partners would prefer to leave hidden.

For one thing, retarded ejaculation may mean that your boyfriend or partner is distrustful, resentful, or angry with you (or women in general). Being unable to come during sex may indicate a fear of losing control, or may reveal another emotional issue.

Essentially, “holding on” may feel safer to your husband than allowing himself to fall into the void of orgasm, a time when a man inevitably loses some of his personal boundaries and becomes merged, to however slight a degree, with his sexual partner.

In essence, the question is whether a man with ejaculation problems wishes to feel the level of intimacy and closeness that an ejaculation inside a woman’s body can provide, or whether he feels safer maintaining a distance, physically and emotionally, which is further away than the sheer intimacy of ejaculation in the vagina would provide.

Furthermore, many women do not appreciate long periods of vaginal thrusting from their husband, no matter how much they may love him. Sex is about the emotional connection, the closeness, the pleasure of feeling him inside her – and perhaps having an orgasm – not about long periods of hard thrusting which make her sore!

And a woman may feel inadequate if their partner does not come during sex, and they may lose some self-esteem as feelings of sexual inadequacy begin to develop. The best way for a woman to deal with this is to grasp the idea that this is not actually about her; it is all about the man’s capacity to share sexual intimacy and closeness without feeling threatened.

A sense of shared time, physical proximity and closeness before sex (penetration) starts may help here: and clear open communication is essential – he needs to know that thrusting which goes on for too long can be painful, irritating and unfulfilling.

If he simply can’t come in any other way, you may need to take breaks and be creative about sex. If sexual counseling or therapy is required, see The American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists.

What if It is Not a Case of Delayed Ejaculation?

Men are visual beings who get excited by what they see. So if you tease him a little bit as you undress, he will a have raging boner by the time your last garment falls off. You can then make him cum quick by applying the tips we discuss in this guide.

Making him orgasm is even easier but you know how it is; men don’t want to cum quick. They will try to hold it in for longer if they can.

There are also men who can go for more than 30 minutes without ejaculating. Which might be a problem for some women.

The female body requires lubrication and if it dries up, she starts feeling sore. The next step will either be to use the lube or try to make the man cum as fast as she can.

But at times, even the best lube might not help. I guess that’s why you’re here: looking for the best ways to make a man cum quickly. The prerequisite to making any guy come quick is to work on yourself:

How’s your libido?

how to make a guy cum quick

Whether you think that this is true or not, sex is quite important in relationships. The intimacy that is shared during sex cannot compare to anything else and there is even a saying that great sex can iron out a number of troubles in a relationship.

Of course, we are not saying that relationships can revolve solely around sex, but great and active sex life can definitely help with any relationship.

Sex is even more important for men in relationships, but not because they are more interested in sex. The reason for this is that men are biologically programmed to think of their sexual performance as something that denotes how virile they are and how masculine they are.

That is why the relationships in which the woman is not that interested in sex suffer from lack of sex. You may even give your best and engage in sexual intercourse whenever your partners starts things, but nevertheless, they will feel that you are not really into it. As a result of this, they might think that you are not attracted to them or that they are not adequate enough to give you pleasure. This can result in many strains on the relationship that will be difficult to address with conversation or anything else.

The reality is, in fact, in most cases, completely different. Women can lose interest in sex for a number of reasons. For instance, you may feel that sex is not giving you enough pleasure. Or, you might be exposed to too much stress at work or doing your daily tasks that the last thing you feel like is sex. For some women, this is a result of hormonal changes, especially for women who are undergoing menopause.

The good news is that there is now a product that will help you with all these issues, no matter which of them might be preventing you from enjoying the sex the way you feel you should be enjoying it.

The name of this product is Vigorelle and it can do wonders for your sexual pleasure and for your libido. This product was developed with one thing in mind and that is to provide the woman with increased amounts of pleasure during sex.

With Vigorelle, you will experience so much pleasure from sexual intercourse that you will feel like a new woman.

You will start reaching orgasms that you never thought possible and you will start craving sex day and night. This will result in increased sexual desire and this will also boost your confidence in bed. You may even feel more experimental and you and your partner may start trying out new things in the bedroom.

Of course, this will result in your partner becoming more confident in their performance and they will find this newly found sexual desire of yours so attractive that they will not be able to keep their hands off of you. The days when sex was the last thing on your mind will be long gone and you will enjoy in a sex life that is more active than you could even imagine.

Once you and your partner start enjoying sex significantly more than before thanks to Vigorelle, sex will no longer be a problem in your relationship. Instead, it will become a tool that both of you will gladly fall back on if you encounter any other problems in your relationship.

So, before you read the rest of the advice about how to make him cum quick, why don’t you start by giving Vigorelle a try?

8 Ways to Make Him Cum Fast

1. Understand His Sexual Response Cycle

how to make him cum quick

A man’s sexual response cycle begins with either physical or psychological stimulation or both. This excitement phase can last from minutes to hours, depending on the man and the particular stimulation.

Physical stimulation can be anything from kissing and caressing to direct stimulation of the genitals.

Psychological stimulation may include thoughts of past sexual encounters or other erotic thoughts or fantasies.

During this phase, the pooling of blood in the extremities (this is known as “vasocongestion”) produces erection of the penis and nipples, elevation of the scrotal sac, and swelling of the testes. Just as in women, a man’s heart rate and blood pressure begin to rise, as does muscle tension throughout the entire body.

Plateau Phase

how to make a man come fast

If stimulation continues, a man will enter the plateau phase, which varies in length, depending on the type of stimulation and his own desires. (Many individuals like to prolong this phase with extended “foreplay.”)

As arousal levels rise, blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, and muscle tension also increase.

Increased blood flow further enlarges the penis and causes the testicles to swell to approximately 50 percent beyond their normal size. The prostate gland becomes larger. The tiny Cowper’s or Bulbourethral glands release a few drops of pre-ejaculatory fluid, a clear, slippery substance which is secreted from the tip of the penis.

Fact Bite

Pre-ejaculate may also contain some live sperm from a previous ejaculation and can get a woman pregnant. Many men also develop a sex flush (redness of skin), predominantly on the chest.

Orgasmic Phase

Orgasm, the release of sexual tension, involves many bodily changes. While no one is really sure how the nervous system or biochemical systems trigger an orgasm, what is known is that physical and psychological factors are important.

Interestingly, physical stimulation of the genitals is not required for an orgasm; some people can have orgasms simply by thinking erotic thoughts.

The feelings of orgasm are usually centered within the penis. The onset of orgasm is accompanied by rhythmic contractions of the seminal vesicles, vas deferens, prostate gland, and ejaculatory ducts. These contractions push the semen into the urethra just prior to ejaculation.

At the actual point of ejaculation, contractions occur along the entire length of the urethra that force the semen out of the body.

The first few contractions are the strongest and occur less than one second apart. These powerful contractions are followed by weaker ones that may last for several more seconds. Contractions of the anal sphincter and of the pelvic floor also occur during this phase.

Fact Bite

Unlike women, men have something known as the “point of imminence.” A few seconds prior to ejaculation a man knows he is going to have an orgasm no matter what. Indeed, one research team fired off a starter-pistol at this “point of imminence” while observing a participant who, despite being extremely startled and distracted, proceeded on course.

Resolution Phase

During the resolution phase, a man’s body returns to an unexcited, relaxed state.

The blood drains from his genitals and his penis returns to a flaccid (soft) state. The testes descend and return to their normal position and size.

Muscle tension throughout his body decreases, his nipples become less erect, and the sex flush (redness of skin) starts to disappear. Heart rate, breathing rate and blood pressure return to normal resting levels.

Refractory Phase

The phases of the human sexual response cycle are similar in men and women, with one exception: Just after orgasm and resolution, a man enters a refractory period.

During this time, no amount of stimulation will cause him to have another ejaculation. In younger men the refractory period typically lasts only a few minutes; in older men, it can last several hours or even days.

Women, on the other hand, have no refractory period which is why they can have multiple orgasms.

Of course, not all sexual encounters lead to orgasm; and sexual satisfaction is not dependent upon reaching orgasm. When couples engage in sexual activities with orgasm as the “goal,” they lose sight of the pleasure in the act itself.

Fact Bite

Good sex is about connecting with a partner and enjoying yourself. Which phases you go through are irrelevant.

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2. Understand his Kinks and Fetishes

Learn what turns him on and triggers powerful orgasms. It is easy to make a man cum faster if you know what turns him on.

Always remember that not all guys have the same fetishes; some are turned on by revealing clothes, others love watching porn while others love to listen to moans.

Incorporate his fetishes into your sex life and you will realize that they are very useful when trying make your man orgasm quick.

Fetish are not easy to talk about, so don’t pressure him let him tell you at his own pace. Have an open mind and try not to be judgmental.

Talk to him and try to understand what makes him tick. Don’t judge him and if you are not comfortable fulfilling his fetish, just let it go.

3. Stroke his Ego to Make Him Cum Fast

How to Make a Man Cum Quickly

Foreplay always does the trick.

For men, sex is more than just satisfying his sexual needs it also involves satisfying his ego. While stroking his penis remember to ‘stroke’ his ego too.

Show him that you are more than attracted to him and that his presence alone turns you on. This simple gestures will go a long way in stroking his ego.

How you respond to his touch, the way you moan and your involvement during sex sends subconscious signals to your man that you are/not interested in him or what he is doing.

To him, it is like you are saying that you don’t think highly of him. Don’t get me wrong, some men are lousy when it comes to sex but if there if you can help him become better then go ahead and do it.

If you want him to cum quick, then you will have to respond to his touch, moan and talk dirty. Learn his favorite sex techniques and give it to him the way he likes it. You are guaranteed to have him coming back for more.

4. Oral Sex to Make him Cum Fast

How to Make a Man Cum Quickly

try putting more effort into the times you are going down on him. A lot of people tend to focus too much on getting it over with, and they forget that most men say a blow job is their favorite sexual act–more so than sex itself. So if you want to make him cum faster, enjoy the process a lot more! Have fun with it! You might also want to play around with your technique. There might be something he really likes when it comes to oral sex that you haven’t tried yet (even though chances are he’s doing EVERYTHING differently in his head!). Try asking what he likes or prefers while giving a blowjob?

Oral sex is one of the most satisfying ways to make a man cum quick. that’s if you know how to do it right. Good oral sex requires the right technique and knowing how to press the right buttons.

Some love it sloppy while other prefer having their balls stroked in the process. If you do it right, you’ll have your man crying because it feels so good.

Oral sex tips to make a man cum faster:

  • Saliva- since you are giving him head it is logical that you will use a natural lubricant like saliva. Ask him whether he likes it sloppy or not. Apply a lot of saliva on his penis and suck it while you give him a hand job. Use your hands to stroke his shaft and your mouth to focus on the head of his penis. Flick your tongue on his frenulum, move your tongue in circles around his glans and deep throat him. I don’t think there is any man who can resist such exquisite oral skills. You will have him cumming in no time.
  • Rhythm- let there be coordination between your mouth and your hands. Use your hands to do half the work and your mouth to do the rest. You can jerk him off while sucking him. A penis has three erogenous zones; the shaft, the glans and the frenulum. Work on these three areas and he will come quickly. Also, don’t forget to suck his balls, men love it.

5. Role-playing Will Make Him Cum Instantly

How to Make a Man Cum Quickly

The idea of having sex with your favorite TV character can be a huge turn on or even submitting to your partner. You see, there are men who prefer women who take control.

You can start by wearing sex costumes, lingerie or latex. For others, pain is a pleasure- the fifty shades kind of kinky.

Role-playing involves creating a new persona and sticking to the persona during the sexual encounter. If you do it right and pick a persona he likes, you are likely to have him close to the edge in no time.

6. Ass play Will Make Your Man Cum

Most men will rarely agree to this, it doesn’t feel right for most. Therefore, talk to him to make sure he is okay with you playing with his ass.

Spank his ass, grab it and if he is adventurous try playing with his butthole. The most explosive orgasm a man can experience is by pressing the right buttons which are located in his anus

Playing with his butthole will make him cum quicker especially if you combine ass play with sloppy head.

Check our guide on the do’s and don’ts on first time anal as well as our collection of best prostate massage toys here.

7. Give it to him tight

Men love tight pussy, the tight muscles make it hard for them to hold their nut. You will make him cum in minutes if your pussy is tight.

It’s alright if your vagina is not as tight as it used to be before you gave birth. Thanks to the continued advancement in medicine, there are ways you can regain your ‘tightness’ without surgery.

You can try Kegel exercises or apply V-Tight Gel– a gel that improves and restores the elasticity of your vagina. For best results, vagina tightening gels are best applied regularly since the results are not permanent.

However, if you combine the gel with Kegel exercises the results will last longer and the best part is that the gel has no side effects.

8. Balls, Balls and more balls

These family jewels are often overlooked during foreplay or oral sex. Balls are also sensitive and if you have been wondering how to make a guy cum, you might want to play with his balls while giving him head.

Also, suck them a little bit and if possible juggle them in your mouth.

Remember to be gentle, it could turn ugly if you accidentally bite his balls.

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