Best Sex Toys for Men: This are The Top 7 Orgasmic Male Sex Toys

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Until quite recently, sex toys have been focused on women. It is not surprising however that men too wanted exactly the same things that women have enjoyed from these pleasurable toys. The best sex toys for men can increase sexual mastery or for added sexual satisfaction. Toys for men can be used solo, during partner sex or for some men-to-men action.

There has never been a perfect time to own a male sex toy than the year 2019.

Why now?


Technology has continued to improve in a great way and this has contributed to better masturbation toys for men. With the way things are going, you will definitely find a sex toy that is bound to catch your eye.

The masturbation toys available today are way much better than what was available a decade ago. Nowadays, most features and functionalities of male masturbation toys have evolved in a salient way.

There is no incertitude that the sex toy market deserves a big thumbs up for tapping into new trends in order to find awesome ways to get people off.

At least the sex toys industry has proven to take care of the interests of men by creating a better world for their future orgasms. You can imagine how it feels relieving yourself with a sex doll that is created after your favorite porn star.

Simply Incredible!

And as if this isn’t enough, masturbating with a device that gives you vaginal and oral sensations simultaneously. It is definitely a good time to be alive, right? Check out the incredible Fleshlight Sleeves if you feel otherwise 🙂 .

If you’ve been encountering a difficult time choosing the best male sex toy, we’ll help you pick the best. Being a fan of sex toys, I have handpicked for you some of the models that make men weak in the knees.

Amazingly, I have used a few of them and I can’t deny that they always give me unforgettable orgasms. I hope my list of the best sex toys for men will have something for your liking. Make sure you read the post until the end so that we can give you some insights on how to choose a toy that will offer knee-trembling orgasms.

Best Masturbation Toys for Men- My Reviews

1. Fleshlight Turbo Thrust (Best Male Masturbation Sleeve)

hands free male masterbation

By now you already know that I am a huge fan of FleshLight products. I am always falling in love with how the brand is taking care of our sexual needs. This explains why most of the dons in the adult industry endorse the brand.

Anyway, why has Fleshlight Turbo Thrust made it in this list? Stick your ass around and you’ll get to know why!

Once you order for this super masterbation sex toy, it will be shipped within 5 days and surprisingly, you will not even recognize its what you ordered until you open the package. The thrust model comes in a crystal copper color which looks more like orange. This device has 3-point of insertion penetration experience that is similar to a real blowjob.

best masturbation toys for men

The orifice of this device has a twirled design that will give your penis a good feeling.

I also noted that Turbo Thrust has a texture that features different kinds of bumps that are intended to offer you with a unique penetration sensation. Its first orifice has a construction that copies the lips of the mouth.

The second one represents the tongue and it is curved inwards to provide firmer pressure. The third point of insertion mimics the throat and it is 2.5 centimetres wide.

The Fleshlight Turbo Thrust is tight enough to provide your penis with an intensive stimulation until the end. This is a must have device for men who love blowjobs! The only disadvantage with the Turbo Thrust is that one faces difficulty when cleaning it.

2. Kiiroo Onyx 2– Best Male Masturbation Device

best sex toys for men

As mentioned earlier, the male masturbator sex toy industry has something good for us. Just when I thought that the Kiiroo Onyx 1 was awesome because it could be used for couples and solitary sex. Now they have unveiled the Kiiroo Onyx 2 which is the real shit!

The good thing about the Kiiroo Onyx II is that it has been designed specifically for men.

Being the latest male sex toy in my collection, I can tell you for free that this is the real deal! It is a wireless electric male sex toy that has an in-built Fleshlight Superskin sleeve. This explains why this product is selling like crazy!

Having used this male sex toy for a long time, I am happy to tell you about some of its cool features.

  1. For starters, the toy comes with touch-sensitive speed controls that are located on the side. This is a great improvement since you can control the speed with ease. All in all, I am looking forward to a voice activated model 😛
  2. Kiiroo Onyx 2 features a super quiet and powerful motor. You might think it was designed by NASA. The motor can remain active for a long time.
  3. Additionally, the device comes with 10 contracting inner rings that work in harmony to give you the sensation of real sex.
  4. And Even with all these cool features, this sex toy is lightweight to enhance portability.

The manufacturer of Kiiroo Onyx 2 was really confident in coming up with such a unique and satisfying male masturbation device.

Onyx 2 is compatible with Samsung Gear, Oculus Rift, and Google Cardboard.  The only issue I have about the Onyx 2 is that it must be charged for 2 to 3 hours after every use. Most men myself included do not have time for that!

best male masturbation device

2. The Launch by Kiiroo & Fleshlight

best male sex toys

The Fleshlight Launch is a no ordinary male masturbation toy that you will find in your local store. First of all, the name alone will get you excited, if this is not the case, the contents of the package will!

Looking at the design of this male sex toy, it is evident that it was intended for guys who are looking for pleasure without using energy. Unlike most masturbation sex toys, you do not have to hold the Fleshlight Launch with your hands.

What I love about this device is that it will offer you a fully automated blowjob. You only need to connect to online platforms that have VR and POV porn content and you will have unlimited pleasure.

best sex toys for men masturbation

You will be impressed by how customizable the Fleshlight Launch is. You have the freedom of choosing which Fleshlight Sleeve you would like to use in the main compartment.

If asked, I would definitely go for a Fleshlight that mimics my favorite porn star’s pussy and at the same time synchronize the device with her best sex videos. This is how awesome the Launch masturbation device is!

In case you do not fancy the auto/interactive mode, you can opt for the manual mode and fuck the device like a champion voyeur. The Launch Fleshlight comes with touch slide controls on the side to help you control length and speed dynamics.

The feeling and orgasm that the Launch will give you are far much better than the mind-numbing blowjobs you always receive from your lover. You will definitely feel like you are fucking a creamy candy coated pussy!

Visit the Fleshlight Launch Website

3. Lovense Max

best male sex toys 2019

Although I am a huge fan of male masturbation sex toys, I have to admit that I haven’t tried this particular masturbation device. But the truth is that I can distinguish a good sex toy from a bad one.

Lovense Max is definitely one hell of a good masturbator that you should try.

After researching about the Lovense Max, I noticed a few key features that make this masturbation toy worth of your money.

what are the best sex toys for men

For starters, it features some high-tech whistles and bells that every dude who likes to beat his meat can appreciate. It has a nice air pump design, and a vibrating sequence that ruffles along the shaft of your penis to achieve a mind-numbing blowjob-like sensation.

Another feature worth mentioning is that Lovense Max is  Bluetooth compatible. What is the essence of a Bluetooth enabled sex toy? Well, the device allows you to play with your partner remotely, which makes it ideal for spicing long distance relationships.

Remember that your partner has to have a similar device (Nora or Max). Moreover, this Bluetooth compatible device comes with rechargeable batteries meaning that you should give it hell.

If you’ve tried several male sex toys and none of them has blown you off, you might consider checking the Max. It has a soft, pliable and stimulating inner lining that will give you the feeling of a real pussy. The only thing that puts me off about this device, is that it is a bit pricey than other quality sex toys.

4. Lelo Hugo (Best Toy for Prostate Orgasms)

best sex toys for gay men

Are you planning to explore something fancy other than the fuckable fake pussies?

Well, Lelo Hugo is what you might be looking for. This is a top class prostate massager that is popular across the globe. I always love to get my prostates tickled once in a while and Lelo Hugo is the device that gets the job done.

This device is not the usual silicon sticks that you are used to shoving up your butt. It is among the most luxurious male sex toys you can get your hands on!

For starters, you will note that it is battery powered and can be used manually or in a partnered play mode.

Its medical grade silicone construction is a feature that we appreciate Lelo Hugo for. This material gives the toy a velvety smooth finish that is rare to find. Amazingly, its remote uses the same material and acts as an external stimulator that has similar vibratory patterns as the prostate massager.

This toy has a length of 5.5 inches and a girth of almost 4 inches. The great thing about it is that it features dual curved prongs that helps in tickling your prostate and perineum.

With the remote control, you can use the SenseMotion technology to explore six different functions. You can also increase or decrease the vibrational patterns of the massager using the remote control. Despite all the awesome features, I still have a bone to chew with the manufacturer especially because the masturbation device requires a lot of maintenance.

5. The AutoBlow 2

best male masturbator toys

When it comes to describing the AutoBlow 2, I just lack words!  It is one hell of a toy that will give you knee-trembling orgasms.

This masturbation device was created for men who are loyal fans of no-strings-attached blowjobs. Once you add the AutoBlow 2 in your collection, you might as well pack your partner’s bag. Blowjob just came on a whole new level! No more complaining of rough BJs from your mate!

The AutoBlow 2 Male Milking Machine is a bad boy that you need to hook up with. It features a sleeve that is made of a fine and lifelike material that will give you the orgasms you’ve been longing for. The sleeves come in different sizes in order to accommodate your dick without interfering with blood circulation.

male masturbation toys

This sex toy plugs into the wall, therefore, you will not need to charge it as opposed to most sex toys. Before you purchase this item, make sure that it is compatible with your outlet. The unit is not so small, but you will definitely find some cool place to hide it.

Oh! Before I forget, AutoBlow 2 supports hands-free use which is an added advantage for lazy sex gluttons! Thanks to its powerful motor that is able to maintain a mind-blowing BJ sensation without having to place your hands on it. Guess what! The motor is strong enough to suck your dick for 3 weeks straight without stopping; that is if you can last for that long 😉 .

7. Cobra Libre II

While I’ve seen a lot of great men’s masturbation toys, it’s become clear that, largely, they fall into two categories: full-penis-length stroking sleeves meant to enhance the usual jacking-off motions or anal toys meant for prostate stimulation.  That’s why the arrival of the Cobra Libre, Fun Factory’s new vibrating men’s toy meant for relaxing, luxuriating stimulation to the glans (the penis head) was extra exciting for me.

Did it live up to my expectations? Find out below!

best masturbation toys
This little race car encourages you to lay back and enjoy the ride

  • Toy:  Cobra Libre II
  • Type: Men’s toy, vibrating masturbation sleeve, rechargeable
  • Manufacturer: Fun Factory
  • Material: Plastic body, silicone sleeve
  • Price: $129-$139
  • SMT rating: N/A

The Cobra Libre 2 has a hard plastic body with a soft stretchy silicone sleeve that is designed to resemble a race car. The insertion end has a 2 1/2 inch length for comfortably inserting the end of the penis ranging from 1 1/2 to 3 inches in diameter.

The Cobra Libre 2 was really popular with our reviewers. The easy-to-use control buttons are embedded along the top of the rechargeable vibrator, which should run for an hour and a half on high, and last even longer on a lower speed, offering plenty of time for stimulation.

Unlike the most male masturbation toys with stroking motion sleeves, this attractive vibration action toy is meant to sit on the end of your penis, stimulating the most sensitive parts all around the head and tip areas, and does the work for you.

It is so quiet that you can’t hear it in use.  Using a water-based lubricant, exploring with a gentle rocking motion, adding a bit of pressure or trying various positions inside the sleeve offers satisfying ways to kicking back, relaxing and enjoying the brand new vibration sensation.

For people who are sensitive to the stroking sensation, the vibrating motion can be a wonderful choice. Sex toys are often recommended by outreach and treatment programs for helping men with identifying their own body signals, so they can have a better understanding of themselves and what they can offer their partner.  This is also a great unit for folks in the disability community, having a big grip for easy handling.

The Cobra Libre 2’s uniqueness, the easy to wash, vibrating men’s masturbation toy offering a delightful departure from the standard stroking toy by vibrating the top and end of his penis all by itself.  This new toy gets a thumbs-up from us, and we are excited to see men’s masturbation toys exploring new directions.


8. Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly

male masterbation toys

If you are a fan of sex toys and still haven’t found something new to add to your collection, the Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly might interest you. I haven’t bought one yet, but I am planning to get one soon. Once you set your eyes upon this fake butt, you will obviously want to bust a nut in it.

This monster fake round butt weighs about 15 pounds and the good thing is that its design is enough to make your jealous girlfriends and wives protest!

Pipedream Extreme features a fuckable pussy and anus that really look better than what our ladies have. Both canals are highlighted by a supple feeling material known as the Fanata Flesh.

Although the Fuck Me Silly features dual canals, one cannot tell the difference since they feel similar in size and texture. The internal sleeves are good but they would have been better if they had a self-heating feature and a vibrator. It is a sex toy for men who are just looking for something to chop wood without asking for much.

This awesome sex toy for men is made using synthetic material to enhance its durability aspects. It is definitely a good visual aid for men who are bored of chopping wood the old way.

Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly will definitely provide you with an impressive and solid grip on your man muscle. It has enough space to accommodate a 7-inches dick. The only issue I have with this toy is that it is too pricey.

9. Tenga 3D

The Tenga 3d is one of the cooler looking and best male sex toys out there.  I had wanted to review one when they first came out but missed my chance.  The next time I saw them available, I jumped on it.

Having had such success with the Tenga Egg Twister, I was eager to see what the company could do with something reusable.  The Tenga 3d caught my eye.

The model that I received was the Polygon.  I had really been hoping for the Spiral or the Zen, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers.  This thing looked like it was going to be fun!

My first impression was that it was much smaller than I was expecting.  I was thinking it would be similar in size to the Fleshlight.  It isn’t nearly that big.

These things are really cool looking.  They look like art.  Actually, the Polygon version looks like a fancy candle.  I left it out on my kitchen counter for about a week and every time I would glance at it, it never registered in my head that it was a sex toy.  Throw a wick on it and someone will try lighting it.

One of the things that makes the Tenga 3D line unique is the fact that it is stored inside out.  That’s right.  All those awesome textures that you see in the product pictures are a stretched out view of what you are going to be sticking your lubed up penis into.  Exciting right?

When I first plunged into the Polygon, my main fear came to life.  The texture just wasn’t doing it for me.  I prefer something firm.  Something with ridges.  The texture of the Polygon wasn’t like that.  This texture is more like shallow bumps.  No pattern to be found.  Perhaps if the bumps had more of a point to them they would have been better.  This is why I was hoping for the Zen or the Spiral.  They appear to be something that I would enjoy a bit more.


Besides the texture being a bit blah, I did enjoy it.  It felt a lot sturdier than the egg due to the added thickness.  I had no fears of tearing it.  My orgasm was pretty run of the mill, but again I think the texture is to blame.

Cleanup is where this thing shines.  If you read my Fleshlight review, you know that my biggest complaint was that it was a pain in the ass to clean.  Not the case here.  Because the Tenga 3D is meant to be stored inside out, all you have to do is turn it inside out and clean it as you would anything else.  Toy cleaner, soap, and water, whatever floats your boat.  When it is clean, shake it off a bit and put it back on its stand to dry.  I did take it back off the stand an hour or so later to shake out a little excess water that was inside as well.

Overall, the Tenga 3D is a nice quality masturbation sleeve.  The texture wasn’t my cup of tea but YMMV.  I would love to try one of the other textures and see if it suits me a little better.  If so, I would have no qualms recommending the Tenga 3D to others.

Best Masturbation Sex Toys Buying Guide

If you have disturbing questions about toys then our guide will provide tips and advice on how to find the best sex toys. In addition, I will provide insights on how to use them and clean them after use. Once you show your love to sex toys, then they will definitely reciprocate it!

Men’s sex toys are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. The toys are divided into two broad categories.

  • The first category consists of toys that are designed to enhance your sexual performance, this includes penis pumps, penis enhancers and penis rings.
  • The other broad category consists of toys meant to increase your pleasure. These includes prostate massagers and male masturbators.

Now that you have some knowledge on the two different categories of best sex toys for men, I am going to take you through the factors to consider when shopping. You do not just add items to the cart without evaluating the factors below.

Check Out the Materials

If you are a smart sex toy shopper, you definitely know that the sex toy material plays a huge role in your buying decision. Nobody wants to purchase a toy that is uncomfortable to use, or one that will wear out fast. I always recommend guys to buy toys made from silicone, TPR or TPE since they are soft and flexible. If you want something firmer, you can go for plastic or rubber sex toys.

The Cost

When it comes to sex toys, you will agree with me that, ‘you get what you pay for’. Do not imagine that you will get a perfect male masturbator or cock ring for a few dollars. Nah! It doesn’t work like that. If you really want to unlock the door to your kinkiest fantasies, prepare to part with a considerable amount of money.

In fact, there is no need to buy a cheap sex toy only to find out that its cheaply constructed and has nothing to add to your life. Why buy a cheap sex toy from China and wait for a whole month for it to ship! It doesn’t make sense to me. Go for quality and have a happy sexing time!

The Source

If you are intending to purchase something that will always fulfill your sexual fantasies without fail, you have to check its source. Why?

It’s quite simple! Knowing the source will help you know whether it is a legit or fake product. There are a lot of players in the male sex toys industry and most of them are not even legit. Aim at buying well-known products from popular companies.  

Another reason is that you will be in a position to ascertain the quality of the product. It is obvious that quality is guaranteed when you buy a Fleshlight or Kiiroo product. This is because these companies have a track record of producing the best sex toys for men in the world.

Size of the Male Sex Toy

Size is one of the most important factors when it comes to men’s sex toys. This can be attributed to the fact that men have different dick sizes and they all need something that is comfortable enough.

Nobody wants to get stuck with a masturbator that is too small to use. This is why it is important to purchase a sex toy that is stretchy so that it accommodates your penis. You can check the size of the sex toy on the product description or specifications before hitting the Add to Cart button.

What Features

Before you make any decision to purchase a male sex toy, it is imperative to consider the features of a product. Long gone are the times when a sex toy was just a piece of plastic. Today, things have changed thanks to the latest trends in technology.s

Make sure the features of your favorite toy will tickle your fancy. Purchase something that is automatic, bluetooth compatible, lightweight, rechargeable and most importantly something that will offer unforgettable orgasms.

Using the Best Sex Toys for Men- Do you Know How?

It’s time to unpack your new sex toy and dig the hell out of it! In case it’s your first time, below are some tips you should know before you start working on your penis.

Get Ready

Once you unpack your new sex toys, it is always important to clean it before you start digging it out. The second thing i to find a cool and comfortable room where nobody will disturb you. It’s always great to watch some porn content or an adult movie to put you into sex mood.

Get Set

It’s not time to insert your dick yet, you need to apply some lube on your shaft and the toy as well. Ensure that your masturbator is well lubricated so that you have a comfortable session. I am sure you would not want to hit a dry patch when you are about to release your daddy sauce.

It’s time bro!

Once the toy is ready for use, slide your ding-a-ling inside the toy. Gently pump the sex toy up and down and slowly adjust your stroking speed depending on your preferences. You will definitely start feeling awesome on your shaft. Fuck the hell out of the masturbator or sex doll untill you cum.

How to Clean & Care for Men’s Sex Toys

Cleaning a male sex toys is more difficult than women’s toys. All in all, you still have to clean them in order to avoid bacteria and grim accumulating in the inside. You will still need the masturbator for your next session, so why not show it some love? Below are some rules to help you out.

  1. Clean your toy before and after every session

Ensure that you spray your toy with antibacterial sex toy cleaner and then dry it using lint-free towel.

  1. Wash your masturbator out

Masturbators are so hard to clean, however, you  can ease the process by holding it up to a faucet and flushing its contents with water. This method is ideal for open-ended masturbators.

  1. Use water-based lubes

I always recommend people to use water-based lubes on their sex toys because they are non-reactive. Some lubricants trigger chemical reactions when used with certain sex toy materials.

  1. Store your fuck puppy safely

You might have noticed that most toys are made from plastic or silicone materials. These type of materials can be damaged easily hence the need of storing your toy in a case or somewhere safe.

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  1. The BEST device on the market right now is the Rubjoy, it is a next gen robotic pleasure machine. There is nothing like it available. The user has total real time control, hands free with a stand, nothing to hold onto.

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