The Best Penis Extenders Reviewed

Hello guys, today I am going to give hope to those dudes who are not contented with the lengths of their penis. I have been there before, and I understand the shame and lack of self-confidence that comes with having a small dick. You do not have to get a penile surgery in order to reverse your situation. There are more natural and safe ways to increase the length and girth of your penis. One of these ways is using the best penis extender.

I was able to increase my manhood using a quality penis extender and today, I am a witness that stretchers work. For this reason, I have decided to share with you some of the best penis extenders on the market and how to use them. Additionally, I have compiled a detailed guide on the things you should look for when shopping for one.

Best Penis Extenders Reviews

Are you looking to impress your partner with an enormous meaty baseball bat? Stick with me and I will show you some of the best penis extenders in the market. I have tried every product in my list so you can be assured that I am giving you an honest opinion about them.

The reason I decided to write a post on the best penis extenders is because I had a difficult time looking for a resourceful website about these devices. I felt the need to help guys choose the right products with ease. Hopefully, my reviews will come in handy when shopping for a penis stretcher.


After testing various devices over the past few years, I can vouch for SizeGenetics as one of the best penis extenders around. I can rant all day about the comfort of this awesome device because I don’t think there is an extender that can match the comfort levels of SizeGenetics. Thanks to its 58 way comfort system that allows you to use the device for long hours, without any kind of discomfort.

SizeGenetic is not the type of extender that you buy and hope that it will work. It’s a stretcher that has been clinically tested and endorsed by health experts. Most probably, a lot of women can recommend this product too. Amazingly, you will get the chance to see the before and after pics of guys who have used this product on the SizeGenetics official website.

SizeGenetics is constructed from medical grade materials that are hypoallergenic. Yes, the device will not cause any form of irritation when it come into contact with your penile skin. Moreover, the material is known to be durable, you can use the device for long without any signs of wear and tear.

I appreciate he fact that the traction adjustment is super fine and it requires little efforts to adjust it to the right amount of traction force. SizeGenetics is a no nonsense device, it does what is supposed to do; that is why it has always been featured in various magazines and tv shows.

I would also like to applaud the manufacturer because of maintaining its quality and efficiency ever since it was first introduced in the market. Moreover, the traction technique that is applied in this stretcher has been proven to be safe and effective. The results of using this penis extender always vary depending on consistency, intensity and whether one using other penis enlargement routines.

X4 Labs

In case you have read my article on the best penis pumps, you will note that the pump by X4 Labs is featured in that list. This implies that the company is one of the giants in the penis enlargement industry. So, if you’ve tried other extenders and they seem not to work, I can confidently recommend you to try X4 Labs. It’s one of the best penis extenders that you can own. What’s so special about X4 Labs?

For starters, I am one person who likes using products from a company that has a proven track record. X4 Labs happens to be one, and I couldn’t resist the temptation of trying this product. I found out that the company was offering a variety of packages to suit the needs and budget of every individual. Beginners should opt for the starter kit and upgrade to more advanced packages with time. Good thing is that the advanced packages come with a variety of accessories that will assist you to achieve quick gains.

One of the accessories I like is the universal upgrade kit. The kit can be used with other penis extender brands. X4 Labs has a unique comfort design ensuring that you will be comfortable wearing the device for long hours. I have used this device for around 3 months and I didn’t experience any kind of irritation or soreness.

Just like the SizeGenetics extender, X4 Labs is clinically tested, therefore, you will be using a device that has been verified by doctors. This means that the product lives up to its claim or enlarging your penis.


In case you are serious about your penis enlargement journey, you can opt for the complete package and pay 50% upfront fee and then pay the balance in two or three installment plans. Come on! You should be having this extender hanging on your penis like yesterday. It’s the best deal you’ll ever get for an extender of such quality.


PeniMaster PRO


PeniMaster Pro happens to be the newest penis extender in my collection. Having tried several penis stretchers, I was still curious to know whether PeniMaster PRO was legit or, just a piece of junk. To my surprise, I found out that it was a top contender in my ranking of the best penis pumps. Guess what? PeniMaster is made by a company in Germany. Now you can imagine the quality of this device, it’s superb to say the least!


Once you order for the PeniMaster PRO, it will be delivered to you in an anonymous box. Nobody will know the contents of the package unless, he or she opens it. I was very paranoid that my extender would get stuck at customs because of the strict rules in my country. I thank God my stretcher was delivered without any problems.

This device comes with an appealing case where you can store the extender and its accessories. Everything has its designated spot for storage which makes it easy to arrange. The package contains the PRO basic systems, colored sluices, a ball pump, hoe, rod expander, diaphragms, guides and a belt.

I notice that the manufacturer paid a lot of attention on the comfort aspects of this device. Unlike most extenders that use sponge systems to secure your glands for traction, the PeniMaster PRO uses a medical latex diaphragm and special cream. This makes PeniMaster PRO more secure, comfortable and hygienic to use.


There are so many positive aspects to talk about this device. However, I always like to be real with you and that’s why I will also inform you of its negatives. For starters, I encountered a difficult time putting this penis extender on; It took me around 45 minutes to figure out how to use it correctly. Good thing is that I became accustomed to it and it’s no longer difficult to use. The other problem is that you have to when you want to move, you can only do it when your cock is pointing upwards.


Phallosan Forte

I am one of the lucky guys who have tried the Phallosan Forte penis extender. Ever since I set my eyes on this device, I was curious to know how it works since it had a unique design. BTW, I am huge fan of this company because they are always committed to serving customers with utmost professionalism. Customer service remain to be a top priority for me and when I get a company that treats customers well, I always want to try their products.

Phallosan Forte comes with various parts packed in a white box. Some of these parts include:
Suction bells- They come in different sizes (S, M & L). It is therefore important to measure your flaccid size so that you get to know which bell fits you best

Elastic belt- it is meant to hold the device in place. You should strap it around your waist and connect it to the suction ball using an adapter.

Tension clip with tension spring attachment- This one shows you the amount of tension so that you are able to understand whether your penis is elongating.

Stretchable protector cap- It is designed to be very powdery so as to provide protection and comfort to your glans.

Suction ball- it comes with a 3-way valve and each of them ha its purpose. One is meant to attach the tension clip, the second one secures your penis inside the suction bell and the third one locks it.


Other things that you will find in the package is a girth measuring template and an instructional DVD to guide you on how to use the device.


MaleEdge Penis Extender


Male Edge is one the best penis extenders that I got a chance to try. I didn’t use it for quite a long time but I learnt alot about this product. I was even surprised that it was designed by the same company that makes Jes Extenders.

The reason why I feel that this device deserves a place in my list of the best penis extenders, is because it is medically approved. You do not have to undergo a penile surgery when you can use the MaleEdge penis extender and achieve the same results. Good thing is that the company offers you with a 200% money back guarantee if you fail to get the expected results .


I also love the fact that you can wear this device under loose pants without anyone noticing. MaleEdge extender is available in 3 different versions (MaleEdge Pro, MaleEdge Extra & MaleEdge Basic). Each model has a different price depending on the number of accessories present.


MaleEdge has an effective routine that you should follow in order to get the results you are looking for. As you well know, you have to be disciplined and consistent so that you reap the benefits of this device. Moreover, MaleEdge works wonders for guys who are suffering from peyronie’s disease.


Jes Extender

The last product on my list is the Jes Extender, it is described as the original and best method to enlarge your penis. Is this true? Yes, the company has been a leading producer of the best penis extenders, and with its 20 years of experience, there must be something good about them.

The Jes extender is made from the finest quality materials so as to give it a longer life. I like this extender because it does not cause erectile dysfunction after use. In fact, it is not only designed to increase the length and girth of your penis, but also to improve the quality of your erections. How? Well, the Jes Extender penis traction method will increase blood flow and increased cell activity in your penile shaft.

Jes Extender is designed to offer you with utmost comfort. Moreover, the materials used in the construction of this device are hypoallergenic. This means that you will not develop any kind of skin allergies after using this device. Jes extender is available in the following models:


  • Jes Extender Light
  • Jes Extender Original
  • Jes Extender Titanium
  • Jes Extender Silver
  • Jes Extender Gold
  • Jes Extender platinum


Penis Extender Buyers Guide


I understand that most men find it difficult when shopping for their first penis extender. Most of them do not have a clue on what to look for. I was in the same position as you are today and things were a bit worse for me. The first extender I bought was just a piece of junk that caused pain on my ding-a-ling, yet it had nothing to offer. I would not like anyone to go through the same ordeal. For this reason, I have come up with a buying guide that you can always refer to when shopping for the best penis extenders. I will cover the basics of what to look for in an extender so that you choose the best one. Basically, my list of the best penis extenders includes functional and well-established brands. All of them are effective only that they have different packages.


Attachments and Replacement Parts

Before you add a penis extender to your shopping cart, it is always imperative to check whether the package includes attachments and accessories for enhancing comfort. You should perform a background check to confirm whether  the product comes with silicone straps, comfort cushions or pads, and nooses.

When I am shopping for an extender, I always confirm if the manufacturer offers replacement parts for the device. As you well know, most of the accessories are bound to get damaged when heavily used. Does this mean, you will have to buy a new device? No, you order for replacement parts and continue with your quest to increase the size of your penis.


Availability of extra parts


This is one of the areas that plays a major role when making a buying decision. You need to buy a product that comes with extra parts or accessories. Such parts makes the extender more flexible so that you can use it for a long time.  Always choose a penis extender that comes with extra extension rods of different lengths. These rods will allow you to use the device for further growth. Moreover, they come in handy when you want to make an extension device that fits any flaccid length penis. I like the extra extension rods because, I can always adjust them to fit my lengthened penis.


A device that comes with extra rods is a bit expensive but it’s worth every penny. I would not recommend anyone to buy a penis extender that only has one built-in rod. You might think that it is the best option for you but the truth is that your penis will outgrow it within a short time.


Perfect Fit Adjustment


As much as its hard to achieve the perfect fit when using a penis extender, you need to ensure that the device you choose has fit adjustment. This will help you to apply the right traction force to your penis. Traction force is what makes your penis longer when using an extender.

Most penis extenders will offer a minor increment in adjustments so that you achieve the tension that is perfect for your dick. These devices feature calibrated springs that are attached to visual markers engraved in the rods. This enables you to perform easy tension adjustments. This is the reason why you get to see some calibration on penis stretchers.


Detailed Instructional Guide


If it is your first time buying a penis extender, you need to choose one that is accompanied by a user guide. WTF do I need a guide for? Son, you will need a guide to help you assemble the Penis extender in the right way. Remember, this product comes with numerous parts and attachments, therefore, you might have a difficult time putting them together.


Using a Penis extender is not a walk in the park especially for rookies. You must use the device properly so that you can achieve desirable results. For this reason, you need to make use of the DVD instructional videos, so that you have an easy time using the device. You might own one of the best penis extenders, but if you don’t use it properly, it will end up to be useless. Most manufacturers are kind enough to include a written guide and an instructional video to help you use the device.


Warranty & Money-back Guarantee


Buying a penis extender from a company that has a money-back guarantee policy assures you that the product is of high quality. Good thing is that most of the products I have review have a money-back guarantee. Some companies also offer warranty which mean you will get replacements for parts that are damaged. Note , not all parts are subject to warranty, also, replacements can only be done for parts that break due to wear and tear.


Tips on How to use a Penis extender


Well, if you are looking to reap all the benefits of a penis extender, then you have to follow the tips that I will give. People who use the device improperly tend to develop complications such as penile pain. Why should you have to go through pain because of ignorance and negligence? Below are a few tips that will come in handy during your penis lengthening journey:


Have a well-planned Routine


When you are on a mission to accomplish something, you tend to get better results when you follow a certain plan. The same case applies if you want to increase the size of your anaconda with a penis extender. I have been using SizeGenetics penis stretcher and I have gained 0.5 inches simply because I always follow their recommended routine.


Once you stick to your plan, everything will fall in place. Do not be tempted to wear the stretcher for a longer duration thinking that you will achieve quicker results. In fact, you will be destined for failure because you will end up injuring your penis, or causing discomfort and pain to your penis.


Experts recommend users to cease from using the device once they start feeling pain. In fact, you should only resume after the pain subsides. As much as you want to impress with a big dick, go slow on the extender otherwise , you might end up harming your manhood.


Be Consistent


Whoever lied to you that you can get your penis length increased overnight should go to hell! If this was possible, we could all be having gigantic dicks. Enlarging your penis is not an easy task, it requires consistency and discipline in order to get great results. In case you are not that patient dude, then you should not try an extender.


If you want permanent results, you have to be consistent and patient with the device. You just have to stay at a comfortable stretch and wear the device not longer than the recommended time. You should only increase the tension gradually once you are ready for the next level. This way, your will achieve the penile length you’ve been longing for.


Avoid Overstretching

I understand that you are trying to increase your penile length but the fact is, there are rules to follow when using an extender. Do not use your stretcher as if you had borrowed from a friend. It’s your device bro, go slow on it and it will reward you handsomely.

When using this bad boy, you should avoid over-stretching your penis at all costs. Nothing positive comes with over-stretching your dick except pain and discomfort. Just use a stretcher the right way for fucks sake!

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