SizeGenetics Extender Review (2021 Update)

SizeGenetics Extender Review (2021 Update)

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SizeGenetics Extender Overview

size genetics instructionsSize Genetics is the most well-known penis extender throughout the world.  In the 15+ years that it has been available, Size Genetics has helped more than 500,000 men increase their penis size.

The penis extender not only has a great reputation amongst its users but also in the medical community.  Size Genetics is a Certified Type 1 Medical Device and is endorsed by doctors.


How it works

The SizeGenetics penis extension device uses the proven system of traction tension to produce permanent penis enlargement.

When the device arrives, the first thing to do is to watch the instructional video which will show you exactly how to assemble and put on the device – though it is simple to figure out even without the video.

Size Genetics comes with various lengths of extension arms so you can adjust the device to fit your exact size.  As your penis grows larger from using SizeGenetics, just switch to the longer extension arms.


Size Genetics is a superior penis extender because it offers adjustable traction tension.  You just spin the little rods on the penis extender to make it put more or less pull on your penis.

The more tension you use, the faster the results you get.  You won’t ever have to worry about Size Genetics being uncomfortable to wear because the device gives you 16 different ways to secure your penis.  You won’t have to rely on the older system of silicon loop, which isn’t nearly as comfortable for long-term wear as a strap.

What Results You Can Expect With SizeGenetics?

Size Genetics is the most-used penis extender and gets results for almost all men who use it properly. On average, Size Genetics users experience a 29% increase in length and a 19% increase in girth.

Results vary amongst men; if you are young, healthy, and do the penis exercises, you can expect even better results. Other benefits from Size Genetics include straightened penis and harder erections.


If you are apprehensive about investing in Size Genetics, have confidence in the fact that Size Genetics has a 6 month 100% money-back guarantee.

If you don’t experience growth, then you get your entire purchase amount back!  Few men take advantage of this guarantee because Size Genetics gives such good results – and here have been well over half a million users in counting!

size genetics instructionsValue for Money

A medical-grade penis extender is never cheap.  Considering the competition, Size Genetics is a very good deal.

To make it an even better value for your money, you get lots of extra bonuses with the SizeGenetics Ultimate System, including spare parts, a leather carrying case, a travel case, device wipes, and DVDs.

Pros and Cons of Size Genetics Extender

+16 way comfort system

+Great reputation; used by over ½ million men

+Guaranteed results

+Lots of bonuses

+Adjusts to fit all sizes

+Easy to use, including adjusting tension

-Not all devices have comfort system included

-Not best choice for Peyronie’s syndrome

Brief Overview Of SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics has been in the market for a very long time. It is one of the most popular penis extenders you will find out there. The company behind this product has been working tirelessly to improve its quality.  You can easily spot the difference of the ancient model from the current one.

The other thing worth mentioning is that SizeGenetics is an FDA approved penis stretcher. This device has been subjected to various tests to ensure that it does what it claims to do. SizeGenetics has been rated to be a high-end device that is safe to use. Research shows that this extender provides approximately 2800 grams of tension to achieve the desired results.

SizeGenetic is a device that is manufactured under high standards to allows users to use it on a daily basis. If you’ve tried some of the cheap extenders, you definitely know how uncomfortable they are. Most of them will end up injuring your penis instead of elongating it. The product was developed under a joint partnership of USA and Denmark scientists.

SizeGenetics is popular for its advanced comfort system which allows users to wear the device easily without discomfort. This device can be used by men who have penis sizes that range from 3 inches to 9 inches. Although I doubt, I would want to use a penis extender if I am 9 inches already.

sizegenetics review

Okay, so What Is Sizegenetics?

Sizegenetics is a penis extender, but not just any penis extender. Sizegenetics, unlike most other penis enlargement stretchers on the market, promises a lot more in terms of sophistication.

  • Smart Approach. Instead of trying to manipulate an extremely complex physiological system in just the right way to make the penis grow, Sizegenetics takes what you have and makes it better.
  • Easy to Use. Sizegenetics doesn’t rely on weird dosing patterns or eating regimens to work. As long as users stay consistent, they can be sure they’ll benefit from using it – period.
  • Fast Results. Sizegenetics can make for a bigger penis in as little as two weeks, with maximal results apparent after six.

So in short, Sizegenetics is a penis pump that trains your penis to be harder, thicker, and longer, in as little as two weeks, with no weird use schedules or dosing regimens. It’s not so powerful it can turn a 1” penis into a snake, but it can definitely make a “reasonable length” into a formidable one.

(Warning: NSFW)- Check Out Real, Non-Exaggerated Sizegenetics Results

SizeGenetics Review: Is it Legit?

I am pretty sure that most people who have tried various male enhancement products have been through a lot. Most products do not deliver their promises despite spending huge amounts on them. So, how does the SizeGenetics fair? Chill bro, you are about to find out!

First and foremost, you need to know that this device has been manufactured by a reputable company. It is completely different from the cheap Chinese junks you’ve been using. I can tell you for sure that SizeGenetics works! I know it sounds weird that one can increase penile length using extenders. You only need to take a step of faith and try it out. I also had my doubts but my opinion changed when I saw the consistent gains.

As you well know, the penis consists of muscles and just like other muscles on your body, you can train them. In fact, SizeGenetics was designed using this principle. This device will offer a steady and gentle stretch along your penile muscles. How does stretching help anyway?

SizeGenetics will stretch the the penis muscles in a way that the cells will split. This means new cells will form thus enlarging the size of your penile muscles. Moreover, once the muscles enlarge, they will be able to accomodate more blood during an erection.

The good thing about SizeGenetics is that it offers a whooping 2800 grams of traction tension. This implies that this traction device provides massive and quicker results than other popular penis extenders.


How Exactly Does Sizegenetics Work?

best sizegenetics review 2019As mentioned above, Sizegenetics trains your penis to be bigger. How does it do this? By forcing your penis to maintain an erection.

When you put the chamber over your penis, you drain the air out to create a vacuum. This is done to force blood to enter the penis, resulting in an artificially induced erection. Ordinarily, your body opens blood vessels and closes outflowing veins chemically, here, what we’re doing is literally pulling blood in without any mind to chemistry.

This results in an extremely thick, maximally long, incredibly hard erection that you ordinarily wouldn’t achieve in response to normal stimuli. This is because your body would, under normal circumstances, “forget” to fill certain vessels, or allow blood to flow out as quickly as it flows in at some parts. This would result in a softer penis and a smaller erection, neither of which is desirable for anyone worried about penis length.

When you use Sizegenetics consistently and correctly, however, your body learns to “remember” those vessels and to close off the parts it’s keeping open. This means you’ll achieve ridiculously hard erections and notice a much, much thicker penis as your body fills every vessel in your flesh.

How Long Does It Take to Kick In?

Since Sizegenetics effectively requires your body to learn how to force a significantly harder erection than normal, you won’t notice it working immediately. In fact, it will probably take at least 14 days to see results in size.

Within a week, however, you should notice a much harder erection every time you get it up, and within two, you should definitely see some increases in thickness. A month is usually required for significant changes in length, but after six weeks, you’ll be dropping jaws (in more ways than one) with the changes in length, girth, and hardness.

Many men who use Sizegenetics also see increases in their ejaculatory volume. This is probably due to the fact that Sizegenetics encourages better circulation to and in the penis, making it a far healthier organ after the use of the pump than before. Even if you’re not in it to bust bigger loads all over the place, you can bet you’ll be able to do a lot better and shoot a lot further after Sizegenetics than before.

What Should I Keep In Mind When Using Sizegenetics?

It’s important not to overuse Sizegenetics. We all know it’s a bad idea to take a whole bottle of pills for whatever purpose, but we might not have the same intuition for using a pump excessively. If nothing else, keep this in mind: Follow the usage guidelines. They’re there to help you get what you want, but you have to listen to them!

Aside from that, you should keep in mind that a bigger penis will change your life. Insecurity over penis size is usually not debilitating in regard to most day-to-day tasks, but when it comes to sex, it can be overwhelmingly problematic. Sizegenetics frees you from this insecurity, opening doors you’ve never seen before.

sizegenetics before after results

SizeGenetics (SG) is a penis enlargement device that is known for keeping the potentially complex side of penile extension at a minimum. It is packaged and accompanied by a one-of-a-kind support system designed to work in a manner that comfortably helps lengthen your penis from regular use.

This unique device is one of the elite few medical apparatus in the PE sector that is endorsed by medical specialists, doctors, and surgeons as a non-invasive treatment intended to naturally spur penis growth.

It comes with 58-way comfort technology along with medical backing and clinical data that proves this device works as described.

You’ll come to understand through this SizeGenetics review why this system is one of the best options for you if you are looking to add inches to your penis in a comfortable and proven way.

This SizeGenetics review will go over how the device works, an evaluation of the four packages it is featured in, as well as the many benefits of using it.

The chart to the right summarizes the key qualities that make SizeGenetics such an excellent option for penis enlargement. Alternatively, you can also watch my video review of SizeGenetics.

I meant to say 2.1 inches in LENGTH, not girth. I gained over an inch in girth. Sorry for the confusion if you caught that!
SizeGenetics review

How Does SizeGenetics Work?

SG works by applying a force known as traction, which lightly pulls and stretches the penis outward. The intent is to expand penile dimensions, helping your penis become longer and wider. Once the device is comfortably positioned, the strap is fixated just behind the penis glans (head) and the base of the device is pressed against your pelvic region.

The extension bars are then set to apply a precise amount of traction, durable enough to hold strong for multiple hours on a daily basis. As the penis starts to react to the effects of traction- the signes of lengthening begin to occur, the amount of traction will need to be gradually increased until the device has reached its limit or you are content with the gains it has produced.

Best Penis Extender Package~ SizeGenetics can lengthen the penis up to 4 inches if you use the device regularly and choose to utilize the free penis exercises from penis health that are included free with the purchase of a premium package. ~

The device is available starting at $199.95. This is ridiculously cheap compared to the average price of a penis extender of this stature five years ago.

Yes this price is still steep, but well worth the investment if your are truly wanting to increase the size of your penis. If you’re inclined to keep reading, you’ll notice why this price is close to $200… It has a lot of potential…. There is a reason why it is regarded as one of the best penis extenders…

SG Is Medically Certified & Clinically Verified

As mentioned earlier, this system has a medical backing to support its results. Surgeons use this system and now you can get the same results they see every day right in the comfort of your own home, with no surgery involved!

Through official clinical studies, SizeGenetics has been proven effective when it comes to lengthening and enlarging the penis. When you purchase SizeGenetics, you also get free penis exercises as an added bonus. These exercises will help you to get the most out of the SizeGenetics system. With free penis exercises, you can begin to see results from SizeGenetics quickly.

58 Way Comfort Technology – Exclusive to SizeGenetics

Only the SizeGenetics device comes with the 58-way comfort grip technology that makes this device one of the most comfortable penis extenders on the market.

The comfort grip strap comes exclusively with the Ultimate System from SizeGenetics and you can now get $50 off the Ultimate System. When you purchase the Ultimate SizeGenetics System, you get everything you need to start using and seeing results from the device right away, including: a luxury leather case, a subscription to Penis Health Online, Revita Cream to keep your penis supple, Traction Plus Powder to help the device work better, Device Wipes to keep the device clean, as well as online DVDs to help you get the most out of your love life.

The Ultimate System is definitely the way to go if you are contemplating whether to use the SizeGenetics system as a way of extending your penis.


SizeGenetics Exclusive MDA Comfort Technology

SG is better in quite a few ways that no other penis extender can match. One of the more notable and distinguishing qualities that separates SizeGenetics from its competition is its exclusive MDA technology. This stands for Multi Directional Angling and basically allows you to wear SG at an angle that feels more comfortable based on your shape and size.

Extenders in the past and even some device you can buy today can only be worn via a specific angle. This is not fair since many of these device will not be as comfortable as possible.

Another reason this is technology is perfect for SizeGenetics is because it is a durable type 1 medical  device. You are going to have to take it off and on quite regularly on a day to day basis to let your penis rest and recuperate.

Even cheap device that possess similar multi directional angling technology  are burdened by the tendency of breaking. So with SizeGenetics you know you are getting a device that won’t break and ultimately this will encourage to wear it longer thus producing visible gains in a faster amount of time.

Not just a generic feel and fit penis extender meant for everyone will work for you. If you want the best results, only a device like SG can make the most of your penis enlargement treatment.

Discrete Billing and Shipping- 100% Privacy

Something that keeps many people from ordering other devices is that they don’t know if the shipping will be fast and discrete – even free. That’s not something you have to worry about with SizeGenetics. As this SizeGenetics review confirms, your online order of SizeGenetics will be discretely shipped to your home so no one has to know what you’ve ordered.

The shipping is fast so you can begin using your penis extension device as fast as possible. You’ll see results faster than you thought possible with the SizeGenetics device once you receive it. If you don’t see results within 180 days, you can get your money back with the SizeGenetics money back guarantee.

Anticipated Results

The device can produce results very similar to this data taken from previous users of the device. After 8 weeks of use, you may notice a 13% increase in size. After 16 weeks, a 19% increase, 20 weeks, 24%, and 24 weeks, 29%.

Penis ExtendersThe increments are progressive over time and are guaranteed with a 180 day satisfaction policy if you do not succeed in portraying visible gains.

If you are not satisfied with these kinds of results, you have the option of returning the product for a full refund. It doesn’t get much better than this. People that we know of that have personally used SizeGenetics have gained a considerable amount in length and girth, so we can confirm these gains are accurate.

Overall, as you can see from this SizeGenetics review, this system is proven effective and does exactly what it says it does: extends your penis in a comfortable manner.

The medical backing that proves this device is effective which is derived from surgeons and other medical professionals who use or recommend this device themselves. The added bonus material and the extra perks for purchasing the Ultimate SizeGenetics System make this device even easier to use so you can get results even sooner. You know you are getting a quality product from a company that stands by their technology and research when you have a money back guarantee to fall back on. So stop searching for another SizeGenetics review and order your new SizeGenetics system today – you and your partner will be glad you did!

It’s hard to believe that I have gained a whooping 2 inches in length using the SizeGenetics Extender.  This was my first legit penis extender to use and I am glad I invested my money on this beast. It has changed my sex life and saved my marriage at the same time. There are so many men who can’t keep their relationships simply because they have short dicks. I am here to assure you that SizeGenetics works miracles! I will provide you with the details on what you need to know about this device.

My Impression of The SizeGenetics Extender

sizegenetics extender review

After ordering for the SizeGenetics Extender, it was delivered in a totally discreet box. Nobody could guess what was in the package because the box was anonymous. As I was unboxing my long awaited training device, I was welcomed with a nice smell. Honestly, that was a complete surprise! After opening the box, these are the contents I found inside:

-SizeGenetics Device (2800g Tension)
-Elongation bars
-Comfort Pad & Strap
-58 Way Ultimate Comfort System
-Luxury Leather Case
-Traction Plus Powder
-Revita Cream Moisturizer
-3M Advanced Comfort Plasters
-Seduction and Fitness Ebooks

Reasons Why You Should Buy The SizeGenetics Extender

sizegenetics device

Why should you choose SizeGenetics, while, there are so many devices out there that claim to enlarge dicks? First, SizeGenetics is the only device that has received uncountable medical endorsements. Secondly, the product was created after lengthy clinical studies and scientific research were conducted. All sizegenetics devices have been manufactured using medical grade components. Besides, they are made in high-end facilities and under strict supervision.

This is a clear indication that the SizeGenetics Extender is safe to use. If used properly, this device will rarely cause pain or discomfort. There is no need of picking a device that is cheaply manufactured as it might cause pain or fail to achieve the desired results. Thousands have used this device to increase the lengths of their dicks and most of them have one or two positive things to comment about it.

The other reason why SizeGenetics is worth buying is because it can help to rectify curved dicks. You do not have to worry about the bent penis syndrome anymore. I know it’s hard to rectify the curvature, but SizeGenetics will help you to achieve the straightness you’ve always desired.  Dudes with the peyronies disease have praised this device for successfully straightening their penises. Most people who have suffered from this disease have low self-esteem due to the appearance of the penis. Besides, they always complain of discomfort during intercourse.

How To Use The SizeGenetics Penis Extender

Once your purchase the SizeGenetics Device, you will get a DVD that will guide you on how to use the product. Some people make the mistake of ignoring the instructions provided thus increasing the chances of failure. To be on the safe side, it is imperative that you follow the instructions to a tee. Anyway, let me brief you a little bit on how to use this trainer.

I always recommend my friends and readers to start slow when using extenders. You can wear the device for around 45 minutes for the first few days. This will help your penis adapt to the training sessions that you will be subjecting it to. You might experience minor discomfort during this time, but it will fade when you get used to the device. Experts recommend that you should wear your penis extender for 2 to 3 hours daily. You can choose to divide those hours to 3 sessions of 40 to 60 minutes each. This means that your penis will not feel sore or pain.

When wearing the SizeGenetics Extender, it is imperative to set the elongation bars to match the flaccid size of your dick. This will allow the device to provide the right amount of tension on the penile shaft.

When adjusting the bars, you can use trial and error to find the right tension. Just ensure that it is not too tight to cause discomfort. Below are some of the simple steps you should follow when using the SizeGenetics Device.


  1. Insert your penis through the base ring
  2. Fit the elongated bars
  3. Gently insert the penis head into the headpiece
  4. Pull the bands that are fitted on the comfort straps
  5. Adjust the elongation bars for a comfort fit
  6. Start slow as it may take time to get used to the device
  7. Make sure you give yourself breaks to avoid soreness.


Tips To Remember When Using The SizeGenetics Penis Extender

Now that you know how to use the SizeGenetics Extender, it is important that you follow these tips in order to achieve awesome results. I was able to gain 2 inches after following the same tips.

Follow The Recommended  Routine

If you are really serious about adding some girth or length, then you better have a well-planned routine. At least, SizeGenetics has its own routine that you ought to follow everyday. Do not be tempted to modify the routine thinking that you will get fast results. You might end up hurting your manhood instead of achieving good results.

The only time you are allowed to stop using the extender is when you start feeling pain. Experts recommend that you give the dick enough time to recover from pain or discomfort.


There is no way you will achieve massive growths overnight. Penis enlargement takes time especially if you are looking for permanent gains. Do not think that wearing your extender for only week will make the cut. Stretching your penis is similar to working out, therefore, you need to stay dedicated to the routine for great results. If it says 6 months, then it should be strictly 6 months. If you feel that you can’t be consistent, then SizeGenetics is definitely not a good choice.


It is evident that SizeGenetics is the best penis extender in the market. The quality and efficiency of this traction device is undisputable. If you are serious about increasing the size of your manhood, SizeGenetics is the device to go for. It has worked for thousands of men and it will definitely work for you.


9.8 Total Score
SizeGenetics Review

The SizeGenetics Penis Extender is truly the best product on the market right now; it has proved to be durable, comfortable and very reliable. These are the traits you look for in a penis enlarger because you need to trust that it will work, and work comfortably without breaking on you. The penis extender is a remarkable breakthrough in penis enlargement systems because of its unique one of a kind 16 way comfort strap and it is equipped with a multi directional angling technology, which makes it the most comfortable penis extender ever. Size genetics is also medically certified and recommended by doctors and surgeons, and it is the best alternative to surgery and other male enhancement methods. With size genetics, you are guaranteed to have a bigger penis in almost no time, and increase your confidence in the bedroom. It is truly a magnificent product.

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