Best Sex Lube Reviews- Which Personal Lubricants?

There are a wide variety of personal lubricants, from vaginal lubricants to prolong lubricants, to accommodate any sexual practice you’d care to mention. Here’s a whirlwind tour through some of the more common types of sexual lubricants.
Best Sex Lube Reviews- Which Personal Lubricants?

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Sex Lube. The perfect accompaniment to great sex. Prior to vaginal penetration, even if you’ve engaged in protracted, sensual foreplay, she still might not have produced enough natural lubrication to make penetration comfortable.

Anal sex introduces another issue altogether as the rectum doesn’t produce any natural lubrication at all. You want to ensure that entry is going to be as smooth and comfortable as possible, with no danger of discomfort or injury due to friction. Friction’s an unpleasant sensation on its own and it opens the door to creating tiny lacerations that give the agents of STDs an opening to get into the body’s bloodstream.

So how do you take friction out of the equation? By using the best personal lubricant, of course.

Personal lubricants provide a barrier between your skin and your partner’s skin, helping to make penetration and thrusting smooth and comfortable. Essentially, the greater the viscosity of your lubricant, the greater the barrier.

Friction is diminished and the comfort level during sex increases greatly. It’s a good idea to use lube even during masturbation, as the friction between your hand and your genitals can cause abrasions and calluses.

The Different Types of Sex Lubes

Sex lubricants tend to be either water or silicone based. Water-based lubricants tend to dry out faster than other sexual lubricants and have a more sticky feeling. On the plus side, water-based lubricants can be used with any condom or sex toy, making them ideal vaginal lubricants for any occasion.

Silicone lubricants have a silky feeling and are longer lasting than water-based personal lubricants. These sexual lubricants don’t dissolve in water, so they can be used in the bath or shower. Silicone-based lubricants are hell on sex toys made from silicone or its derivatives; these sex lubricants will erode the sex toys’ material over time. Both lubricants are effective in offsetting the effects of vaginal dryness, making both excellent vaginal lubricants.

Water-Based Sex Lubes

Many sex therapists, sensual aid manufacturers, and other assorted experts recommend water-based lube for sexual activity. Being water-soluble, they’re easy to wash away, unlike some silicone and oil-based lubes.

The downside of being water-soluble is that water-based lubes aren’t suitable for use in the shower or hot tub—they’ll dissipate in that environment. The residue they can leave behind can also be singularly unappealing.

Silicone-Based Lubricants

Silicone-based lubes tend to last longer and don’t need to be reapplied as often as water-based lubes. One word of warning – never use silicone-based lubes with silicone sensual accessories. The lube can eat away at the toy’s silicone, rendering it useless. Oil-based lubes are best left alone—they’ll eat away at the latex rubber of a condom with vigor and they tend to be messy.

Lubricants are your best defense against friction and the attendant injuries it can cause. Lube also makes your sexual activities more comfortable and pleasurable, making penetration smooth and easy. Lube. Use it generously.

Oil-based lubricants 

These are excellent for women experiencing the vaginal dryness and irritation that accompanies menopause. These sex lubricants don’t contain propylene glycol, an additive in most personal lubricants that can exacerbate vaginal dryness in menopausal women. Be cautious when using oil-based lubricants, though, as they can erode the materials of most condoms and many sex toys.

In using a lubricant to combat vaginal dryness, a few drops of vaginal lubricant around the labia, along with applying the sexual lubricant to the penis, tends to be sufficient for making intercourse comfortable.

If you intend to engage in oral sex as well, why not consider flavored lubricants? These sex lubricants come in a wide range of flavors, from strawberry to pina colada and almost any other taste sensation you could think to add to a personal lubricant. Flavored sex lubricants contain glycerin, though, so if a woman’s prone to yeast infections, these sexual lubricants should be avoided.

Prolong lubricants

These are ideal personal lubricants for men having problems with premature ejaculation or typical sexual stamina issues. These sex lubricants include a small amount of benzocaine or lidocaine, allowing the prolong lubricant to desensitize the penis just enough to prevent busting a nut too damn fast while retaining the sensory pleasure of their carnal activities of choice.

Prolong lubricants help men to stay harder for longer periods of time, making them choice lubricants for men with erectile dysfunction problems as well.

Lubricants are particularly important when using condoms, particularly condoms that aren’t manufactured with a sex lubricant pre-applied to the condom. Personal lubricants can help ensure that condoms are far less likely to break than if a sex lubricant had not been applied.

Sex lubricants are available that can enhance the tactile sensation of sexual activity. Warming and cooling lubricants give the desired sensation to the area upon which the sexual lubricant has been applied when the area is rubbed or blown upon. Warming and cooling lubricants are safe to use with condoms and for contact with the vagina, and these sexual lubricants can also spice up hand jobs and masturbation as well.

The wide array of sex lubricants available can do everything from making sex more comfortable to prolonging and strengthening an erection. Whatever the sensual experience you’re seeking, there’s a personal lubricant that’s tailor made for you.

How to Have Anal Sex with Anal Lubricant Perfection

So, you’re taking the plunge into anal sex or you’re a hardened anal veteran who might be less than happy with what you’ve been making do with for an anal lubricant. Since the rectum doesn’t generate a natural anal lubricant of its own, using plenty of the best anal lubricant for the job is essential.

Some water-based lubricants require so much reapplication that the rhythm of your anal play gets disrupted and the groove is lost. Some anal lubricants are just too damn sticky. So how to have anal sex with the best anal lubricant is a question worth delving into.

Let’s start off with what doesn’t work: water-based lubricants. Water-based lubricants are fine for vaginal intercourse; the vagina produces natural lubrication of its own, so the breakdown of a water-based lubricant isn’t going to be a big thing. With few exceptions, water-based lubricants dry up awfully quickly. Since you need continual lubrication for safe anal sex, most water-based lubricants such as K-Y jelly are simply not suitable for use as anal lubricants.

SO, Which are the Best Lubes for Anal Sex?

The best anal lubricants are silicone-based lubes. These don’t dry up nearly as quickly as water-based lubricants and they make the best anal lubricants for your anal adventures.

Silicone-based anal lubricants come with their own sets of problems, though. They can’t be used with any sex toy fabricated from silicone or Cyberskin as they damage the toy’s material and eventually degrade it to worthlessness.

Some folks are also particularly sensitive to the chemical makeup of these anal lubricants and experience painful irritation when these anal lubricants are introduced to the rectum. Before coming to a decision on whether or not silicone based lubricants are the best anal lubricants for you, put a dab on the inside of your forearm to make sure you don’t experience an adverse reaction. That should indicate whether you’ve found a lube suitable for use as an anal lubricant.

So what are the best anal lubricants?

There are lubricants specifically concocted for anal sex and these anal lubricants are the ones you want. Doc Johnson’s Spike Ultimate Anal Lube comes with an applicator that allows you to shoot the anal lubricant straight into the anal canal. It’s also one of the few water-based lubricants suitable for anal sex, due to its thickness and its propensity not to dry quickly. It’s also not nearly as sticky as many other anal lubricants.

Eros Bodyglide is also a long-lasting silicone lube that makes an excellent anal lubricant. If you want a water-soluble anal lubricant, consider Astroglide, an anal lubricant that makes the anal foray a pleasant and comfortable one.

Now for the burning question:

How to have anal sex.

You’ve probably realized that the mechanics are pretty self-explanatory, but here are some considerations beyond “tab A goes into slot B.”

Go slowly, particularly during insertion, and make sure that you’ve used plenty of anal lubricant on the member or toy that’s going to be penetrating the anus. The tissues of the rectum are very delicate and susceptible to tearing. There’s also a whole new variety of bacteria in the anal canal, so don’t insert your penis into your partner’s mouth or vagina directly after anal sex. The danger of infection’s too great to make this safe.

Now that you’re equipped with your tips on how to have anal sex and armed with the best anal lubricants available, you’re ready to take the anal plunge. Be safe, use lots of anal lubricant, and communicate openly with your partner while you discover how to have anal sex. Most of all, have fun. Bon voyage!

How Can I Keep My Vagina Wet Without Personal Lubricants

Natural vaginal lubrication is an essential component of good sex, even when you have access to artificial lubes. While changes in a woman’s hormone levels during menopause or other life changes can bring on vaginal dryness, there are things you can do to help you produce the natural vaginal lubrication you need.

The biggest contributor to natural vaginal lubrication is sexual arousal. When a woman becomes aroused, her vagina swells with blood and brings pressure to bear on her Bartholin’s glands. The Bartholin’s glands are squeezed, the natural lubrication they produced flows freely, and the lady in question gets wet.

So if a woman isn’t turned on, these physiological events aren’t going to take place, and her natural lubrication won’t moisten her vagina.

The moral of the story? Never skimp on the foreplay—it’s not just an enjoyable part of sensual togetherness, it’s essential for her comfort—and enjoyment—during penetration.

How Can I Keep My Vagina Wet Without lubricantsNatural vaginal lubrication isn’t completely contingent on physical stimulation, though. Other external stressors can inhibit or even stop the flow of natural lubricant. If a woman’s stressed from pressures of her job, aggravation with her family, or any other emotional pressure, her natural lubrication won’t flow as freely as it would if she were perfectly relaxed.

Again, foreplay goes a long way to bring about an enhanced state of relaxation, and a long, luxurious bath or a setting with candles and soft music can abate stress that’s brought on by a transitory event. If stress is a recurrent problem, women should talk to their doctor about what they can do to offset the physiological effects.

Of course, natural vaginal lubrication can also be augmented with saliva to make sexual activity more comfortable. It’s always best for women to ensure their natural vaginal lubrication will be on hand when needed by adopting good nutritional habits and managing their stress level. Of course, women who experience prolonged vaginal dryness should talk with their doctor about the problem. Be sure to take care of yourself and your natural lubrication will take care of you.

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