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One of the biggest issues / challenge’s faced by people who have made the smart decision to get a sex toy to try out is the worry that they will be seen going into the local sex toy store.

Also who knows, you could also see someone you know in their or find a counter clerk who tends to have a “big mouth” (though I doubt a store clerk would last long if this was the case as it would be bad for business). I know these issues were a real worry of mine the first time I bought a toy.

With the advent of the Internet however all this has changed for the better, you no longer have to worry about being seen in a sex toy store or about staff talking about you.

Once I realized I could order online I have never even thought of going back into a local toy store, the stores online have a far greater selection are easy to use and just make the whole process so easy.

Their are hundred’s of sex toy stores on the Internet and most offer discreet packaging, so your toys arrive in a plain brown box with no mention of the contents inside.

I have tested many of the stores available on the net and only one stood out from the rest due to their discreet packaging, super fast delivery and great customer support!.

It is a much better option to buy online and so much easier because I can recommend the most trustworthy store to purchase your toys from, these toys are the HIGHEST quality and also hugely discounted.

I have made it easy to choose a respectable and trustworthy sex toy site with prices and shipping options that make sense. This toy store has a secure site and has been around for many years, their after sales support is second to none.

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