Best Butt Lifters and Rear Lifting Shapewear

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There are a number of different rear lifting shapewear options available on the market. Some of the most popular brands include Spanx, Maidenform, and Assets by Sara Blakely.

When choosing a rear lifting shapewear garment, it’s important to consider the fit and style of the garment. You want to make sure that the garment is comfortable to wear and provides good coverage and support.

I would recommend selecting a shapewear garment that is made from high quality fabric that is designed to stretch and contour to your body. The fabric should also be breathable so that you don’t get too hot while wearing it.

There are different types of shapewear available for women with different body shapes. Some types of shaping underwear for the rear include: high-waist control briefs, low-rise briefs or hipsters, Brazilian butt lift underwear, tushy tamer panties and more.

The lift and compression power of these types of underwear is more than regular thongs and briefs, providing an extra push for your rear.

Before you make up your mind on buying a butt lifting garment, you need to understand that not all brands will deliver great results. Luckily, I have curated a list of the best butt lifters you can buy this year.

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Best Rear Lifting Shapewear to Buy

1. SAYFUT – Women’s Butt Shaper

best booty lifting shapewear

SAYFUT  is a butt lifting underwear that is designed to provide fast results. Amazingly, this garment does more than lifting your butt, it has a seamless tummy control that will give you a flat tummy. You will no longer have to worry about your tummy showing. Moreover, its high waist thigh trimmer will offer your body a sexy shape. These are the main reasons why this product made it to the top of our best booty lifting shapewear.

Unlike most butt lifting shapewear out there, this one does not have pads that are meant to create the impression of a big ass. SAYFUT only does one job, which is lifting the ass cheeks to achieve a natural shape. This is the main reason the product is loved by many.

This shapewear is made using spandex and nylon in order to give the user a comfy and smooth fit. Another awesome feature is that it offers full coverage to your butt hence enhancing your buttocks natural shape. The garment is available in various sizes which guarantees buyers that there is a size that will match their bodies.

SAYFUT was designed for women who are looking to have a well-proportioned body. This can be explained by the fact that, it comes with a high waist thigh slimmer, and tummy control which will give you a slim figure. I would recommend this butt lifting underwear for those women who are fond of wearing leggings. You will definitely notice the results of this garment once you start wearing it.

2. La Reve Butt Shaper Underwear

Have you been struggling with getting a perfect round butt that will blow men away? Well, La Reve is the product that will restore your hope of getting the booty you’ve been longing for. It has saved women a lot of misery and it will definitely work for you. This garment is made using nylon and spandex, which are known for their seamless and comfortable fit. In addition, this underwear features an impressive lace design that will boost your confidence when wearing it.

La Reve comes with very comfortable buttock pads that will stay in place when you wear them. Moreover, you can always remove the pads if you are not happy with their presence. The good thing about this pads is that they are great for women who have a small behind. They will create an impression of a big butt even when wearing dresses or jeans. Isn’t that just awesome?

What I love most about this piece of rear lifting shapewear is that it features a lightweight tummy control that will keep your tummy fat in place thus giving you a slim look.

Secondly, the pads are not exaggerated, therefore, your bum will maintain its natural shape such that, nobody will notice that you have some pads underneath. You will not have to worry about your behind appearing fake. Every man will be out there staring at your butt like hell just broke loose. The only complains I noted about the product is that buyers have a problem with the size. Just ensure that you check the size chart before you add the item to your shopping cart.

3. HelloTem Women Butt Hip Enhancer

best rear lifting shapewear

The HelloTem Butt Lifter was created for women who prefer short butt lifters rather than shapewears. At least the manufacturer had the interests of this group of women in mind. The product is available in different sizes to ensure that it accommodates all types of women. It does not matter whether your butt is small, average, large or extra large, you will definitely find something that fits you.

The good thing about HelloTem Women Lace is that it features a comfortable and soothing fabric. You will not be uncomfortable even when you wear the shorts for long hours. Other than providing comfort, HelloTem will give you that curvy shape you’ve been dreaming about.

Women say that it is the perfect garment if you are looking for immediate results. Moreover, it has been designed to control your tummy as well as, control your body’s movement by enhancing flexibility.

Just as you would expect, this butt lifting shapewear offers full coverage to the butt area. It is a great product to wear during the night or as daily routing undergarment. I would recommend this product to all the ladies who are not only looking to lift their buttocks but, to also those who want to get curves. Always wear this product in order to get rid of the unwanted fat dimples around your bum!

You will also fall in love with the lightweight butt pads since they will add some weight to your buttocks. They will transform your butt into something that your partner will always admire! The only issue about the product is that it is a bit tight but it will become loose with time.

4. LANFEI Shaper Panties (Best Shapewear Buttock Enhancer for Younger Women)

The LANFEI butt lifter is one of the best butt lifter shapewear that has incredible appeal for younger women. Why? This is because it comes with cutouts on the back thus allowing your butt cheeks to protrude out of the openings. The Cutouts are great especially because they offer relaxation to the butt muscles. This makes this butt lifter ideal for providing your booty with the best workout.

For women who have a curvier body, this underwear offers the perfect elasticity to accommodate your booty. Its elasticity has been achieved by combining 85% nylon and 15% spandex.

Apart from adding shape to our butt, LANFEI will also give you  wider hips and emphasize your wasp-like waist. Women who have thick upper thighs might not find this butt lifter comfortable. This is because the edges might lose elasticity and they might start rolling up your thighs. If you want to get something that will fit you comfortably, make sure you order for one size up from your normal size. For thick women, you should order two sizes up in order to get something that accommodates your thighs and booty.

LANFEI butt lifter will provide you with an hourglass shape by hiding unwanted fats around your butt and abdomen. The good thing about this garment is that it can be used with various  outfits. It is so comfortable such that you can wear it under tight jeans or shorts. Unlike most butt lifters, you will notice that LANFEI does not ride up as you move. As long as you choose the right size, this garment will stay in place all day!

5. SEXYWG Body Shaper

This rear lifting shapewear is a major contender in the body shaper market. My research also revealed that is has a lot of positive reviews from women. Why? Relax, you are about to find out!

For starters, SEXYWG booty lifter does not have seams around the edges, this makes it comfortable to wear all day. You can wear them with almost everything you have in your closet. Moreover, the product comes with a tummy control feature which helps in eliminating unwanted fats around the abdomen. Furthermore, it is made from a comfortable and smooth fabric thus allowing you to wear during all seasons. The smoothness and elasticity of this butt lifter is exactly what you would wish for.

This product is made from nylon which makes it comfortable and durable. Moreover, these shorts feature rear cut-outs that will provide your ass with the perfect boost. Your booty will definitely look plump and perky due to the circular cutouts.  Make sure you choose the right size otherwise, you might end up returning the item because of too much tightness around the thighs.

In case you are new to booty lifter shorts with butt out, you might find them a bit weird but once you start getting used to them, you will be dazzled by their amazing results. Moreover, what would stop you from buying such a product especially when it has been applauded by buyers for its quality and comfort aspects.

6. Beautyin Body Shapers Panties (Best Body Shaper Pants for Plus Size)

There is no doubt that most booty shapewear were designed for women with big butts. Does this mean women with a petite and slim figure have been forgotten?

Definitely not.

The Beautyin Womens Panties were created for those with a slim body, but are having a problem with their rear shape. If you have an average sized booty and you are looking to shape it, you should consider this booty lifter from Beautyin.

Most ladies applauded this product for its appealing color. Its color alone will provide you with the perfect undergarment to wear with any color of clothings. Customers also noticed that the shape of their butts changed immediately after wearing this booty lifter.

Having a small butt does not limit you from shaping it, this undergarment from Beautyin will boost the appearance and shape of your butt. Surprisingly, you can wear this butt lifter with tight leggings due to its extreme comfort levels. The other great feature you will like is that this undergarment does not have seams. This assures you that people will not see any underwear lines.

Just like most of the best butt lifters, I have reviewed, Beautyin comes with a tummy control feature that will shape your abdomen and also burn excess tummy fats. No more worrying about people trolling you on social media because of your shape. Ensure you use the size chart when ordering for your butt lifter.

7. Lowla Fashion Levanta Cola Shorts

Lowla Cola Shorts is our last pick on the list of best butt lifters; I could not afford to leave out these shorts due to their unique design. I noticed that the product was designed for women with large booties and thick thighs. This is because the short is well designed to give your thighs a slimmer impresion as well as provide a firm lift to your butt. The shorts are able to deliver impeccable results because they have longer legs. In fact, you might think they are bike shorts.

The long legs have more elastic bands that have the ability to slim your thighs. Despite this butt lifter having a strong compression, you can wear it all day without any complains. All thanks to the polyester construction that offer high levels o breathability and comfort.

You will definitely love wearing this booty shaper because of how discreetly it will sit under any outfit. There will be no seams or bumps showing on your clothes. Amazingly, you can feel a touch of femininity because of the unique lace details of this undergarment. This makes an ideal and stylish piece of lingerie you can wear at night.

Most women who tried this product noticed their butts become firm immediately. There were a few complains about the tightness of this product, but the problem fades after wearing it for a few days.

How Do Butt Lifters Work?

Butt lifters are undergarments that are designed is a manner that gives your birt a sexy shape by lifting in the upward direction. This implies that your booty will pop out when you wear a butt lifter. Butt lifters are a perfect addition for women who are on a healthy diet and a regular boot work out.

As you well know, your buttocks are mostly made of muscles, therefore, when you make a habit of wearing butt lifters they will maintain the nice shape. This is an indication that you must be patient in order to achieve long term results. You need to be in your booty shapers during most of the times.

You can choose a booty lifter shapewear depending on the kind of results you want. In case you want a butt lifter that covers a less area, gor for the short butt lifters or underwear butt lifters. For women who have small butts, they can try the butt lifter pads since they will add some weight to their buttocks. Others might prefer the long butt lifter s since it will shape their bodies from the hip area down to the mid-thighs.

Why is there so much hype about butt lifters?

As the name suggests, butt lifters are basically some special undergarments that are designed to lift your ass without undergoing surgery. I bet most women are afraid of surgical procedures because of the pain and its expensive nature. Fortunately, these undergarments will get the job done without getting involved in painful procedures.

You’ve probably heard ladies refer to this garments as bras for the buttocks. This is because the product works similarly as a bra by lifting your ass cheeks to create a perfect shape. The best butt lifter will work the same way a bra keeps your boobs lifted in order to achieve a big bust and a sexy cleavage.

Before you make up your mind on buying a butt lifting garment, you need to understand that not all brands will deliver great results. Luckily, I have curated a list of the best butt lifters you can buy in 2018.

Types Of Butt Lifters

Butt lifters have been designed in three different versions. These versions are suitable for different groups of women, you just need to know which one will suit your needs. Below are the three different versions:

1.Butt Shaper with Supportive Bands

As the name suggests, these are booty shapers that feature supportive bands around the legs and the waist area. These supportive bands are mostly made from a strong elastic material that can stretch according to your needs. This type of butt lifter is ideal for pregnant women or women who are aging gracefully; it will restore the shapes and curves of their bodies back to normal. It is known for giving outstanding support to the butt and hip area.

  1. Butt Lifter with buttocks out

These are the type of butt lifters that come with circular cutouts on the buttocks area. These shorts are popular for providing women with the best booty workout. If you are looking for a butt lifter that will give outstanding results, then you should buy one with cutouts. It will also provide your ass with the relaxation it needs at the same time lifting your butt cheeks. You will note that this product has a thong-like design that most young women love.

  1. But Shaper With No Cut-Outs

If you think that butt lifters with a cut out are not your thing, don’t worry, you can opt for this type. They will offer you the comfort you deserve plus some of the come with pads to enhance the size of your butt. This butt shapers use light fabrics in order to provide maxim comfort.

Benefits of Using the Best Butt Lifter

Butt lifters are garments that will offer a lot of advantages other than shaping your booty. Some of these benefits include:

  1. You can wear butt shapers on all occasions including workout sessions.
  2. It is perfect for women who have lost their weight and shape. In most cases, women have a difficult time maintaining the shape of their bodies when they are trying to lose weight. Women can use this product to maintain their body shape.
  3. For Women who have flat bodies, butt lifters might be your lucky charm. Apparently, these undergarments will give you a popping booty that you will be proud of.
  4. Butt lifters have been proven to work for women who do not fancy gym workouts but admire having big butts. Luckily, they can even buy  these products at the comfort of their homes.
  5. You do not have to go through surgery procedures in order to get a sexy booty. With a butt lifter, you will get a nice round butt without experiencing any side effects.
  6. They can be worn by anyone: whether you are career woman, nursing mother or housewife, you can wear it everyday.
  7. Butt shapers are a great addition to your wardrobe especially if age is catching up with you. It will support your sagging booty together to come up with a nice round tight butt.

Booty Types & Purchase Idea

Buying a butt lifters can be a daunting task at times. However, if you are familiar with the nature of your butt, it will be easier to choose the perfect booty shaper. Below are the 4 booty types that exist.

V Shape

The V-shape is the kind of buttocks that have a broadly narrow hip. This is because the fat is concentrated in the upper abdomen and the buttocks have the lowest concentration. People with this booty type are advised to refrain from purchasing butt lifters that have high-cut leg holes.

Heart Shape

Women who have a heart shape booty tend to have a wide hips, narrow waist, and thick thighs. This shape is considered more feminine than others. The most ideal butt lifter for heart shaped booty women are thong panties.

The Round Shape

This is the kind of booty that people refer to as a bubble butt. It has a wide length at the center of the hips Women with this booty should look for a butt lifter with buttocks out.

The Square Shape

A square shape booty is mostly common in women whose hips lack curves. The best butt lifter for such women are the short type so that they can create an impression of eye-catching curves.

When shopping for your butt lifters, make sure you are aware of your booty type and size. Also, do not forget to consider the design, material, padding and elasticity of the undergarment.

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