Best Anal Dildos

Best Anal Dildos

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Even for the best couples out there, normal sex gets boring with time, and this is why you need to get adventurous and explore other forms of sex. It might sound weird but you will quickly get hooked to bum play because of the intense orgasms associated with it.

Are you planning to start out on you journey towards anal play? Well, I am here to give you insights on how to use the best anal dildos and also inform you on the different types of dildos available. Before you make any purchasing decision, make sure you read my reviews on the best anal dildos as you might find the perfect one for you.

Best Anal Dildo Reviews

1. Paloqueth Realistic Ultra-soft Dildo

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Paloqueth is among the world’s leading designers in the sex toys industry. Paloqueth is behind the creation of this realistic dildo that will transform your sexual relationship. The Paloqueth dildo is among the best anal dildos you will ever get on the market. Below are some of the nitty gritty details I love about this anal toy.


For starters, the dildo has a suction cup base that allows you to have fun without necessarily holding the toy. You can stick this erotic toy on the floor or wall and bounce on it like a porn star. You will also note that it has a bulging head and veiny shaft that will provide you with all the stimulation you’ve been longing for. Lesbians can also use this toy because it is harness compatible.

Unlike some of the anal dildos in the market, this one has a very soft material that will provide you with high levels of comfort. Moreover, its material does not contain phthalates and latex which are known to cause skin reactions. I also love the fact that the Paloqueth Realistic dildo is easy to clean and maintain.

2. Shequ Dildo

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When it comes to anal play, the Shequ dildo is a major contender. Yes, this toy has all what you require to get an anal orgasm.

First and foremost, it has 8 inches of insertable length and around 2 inches of width. It’s actually longer than the real thing you are used to.

This is the kind of dildo that will do a good job banging your butt hole. Moreover, it comes in handy when you want to use it in your pussy because it will rub and glide your g-spot until your squirt.

The Shequ dildo also comes with a suction cup that works well whenever you want to enjoy a hands-free anal play session. The cup will work extremely well on most surfaces especially if you wet it first.

In case you love a dildo with a big head ridge and veiny shaft, then Shequ might be your best shot.  Users also commended the product for not being too firm or too bendy. Being one of the best anal dildos, you can use it in the shower, bath tub or swimming pool because it is 100% waterproof. I hope you will fall in love with this toy once you start using it for anal play.

3. Anfei Hyper realistic Dildo

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If you are looking for a dildo that owns the most realistic appearance, then the Anfei Hyper realistic dildo will definitely be a good choice for you. The makers of this dildo did a good job in terms of imitating a human structure design. Its comfort alone makes Anfei one of the best dildos you can buy.

This dildo is made of liquid silicone which is popular for its realistic texture. I also love the fact that Anfei comes with a powerful suction base that allows you to stick it on the wall, chair or floor.

The realistic balls and veining will give you a visual boner before you start inserting the dildo in your ass. The fact that this dildo has a silicone construction allows it to perform well under all conditions. This is why this dildo is ideal for adventurous and experienced users. Anfei has an insertable length of 6.32 inches, which is great for women who are looking for an anal toy that will give them knee-trembling orgasms.

4. Icicles Glass Massager

The Icicles glass massager is a modern piece of art. My partner ordered for one early this year and I was dazzled by how beautiful this toy is. I also liked how the product was packaged in a minimalist but high end box. We have been using this toy during intercourse and I definitely know she masturbates with it when I am not around lol!

As we molested this device, I noticed that it is so smooth and weighty. This is exactly what the best anal dildos should look like. I also love the fact that this product comes with awesome ridges that will provide you with the stimulation you need in your butt hole.

I was surprised by how this dildo is friendly to the skin which is a good thing having in mind that my partner is extremely sensitive. This is a clear indication that this dildo is made using a high quality glass material. Moreover, the glass is nonporous meaning that it will not absorb any body fluids.

The Icicles glass massager will serve you for years as long as you take care of it. You should clean it after every use and ensure that you do not drop it, otherwise it might chip or break. Make sure you use plenty of lube when having anal fun with this dildo.

5. Beaded Sensual Glass

In case you didn’t like all the anal dildos I have reviewed above, then you can go for the Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo. It features a non-porous and hypoallergenic glass material that makes it safe and hygienic to use.

It is one of the best dildos you will find out there and I am pretty sure you will love its design. This toy does not retain any smells or stains once you clean it with a good toy cleaning agent.

Being a glass dildo, I noted that it requires less lubrication than most types of surfaces. My partner has used this anal dildo on me and I must admit that it does a good job when it comes to stimulating the prostate. For the few times we’ve used this toy, we often get many orgasms. This toy is definitely something you might want to add to your anal toy collection.

Type of Anal Dildos

The most amazing thing with anal dildos is that they exist in various types. This means that you will get the opportunity to explore a wide range of pleasures, since every type has a unique feel. Below are some of the common types you can get on the market.

Glass Dildo

Just a the name suggests, this dildo is made from glass material. Glass dildos are available in different colors but  most of them are transparent in nature. What I love about glass dildos is that they are non-porous meaning that fluids from your anus will not find their way inside the toy. Moreover, unlike most sex toys, glass dildos allows you to use silicone based lubricants.

Realistic Dildos

This is the type of dildo that you might confuse with a real dick. Most of them are made from silicone material which makes them flexible. Some of them are made from cyberSkin which is a unique silicone blend.

You will also note that realistic dildos have a pair of ball attached to the shaft. I love the fact that these dildos are extremely detailed to mimic a real penis. For instance, you will find lots of veins and ridges that will give you with unforgettable pleasure on your nerve endings.

Inflatable Dildos

At first I didn’t know that inflatable dildos exist, but to my surprise, I found that they are very popular. These dildos have a hollow interior and an exterior that is made using silicone. Inflatable dildos come with a hand pump that is connected to it via a thin tube. Those who like using inflatables say that they love the fact that they can increase the girth of this toys.

Double Ended Dildo

I am pretty sure you’ve seen this type of dildo in stores or adult movies. Double ended dildos are incredibly exciting for couples or threesomes. They are similar to realistic dildos only that they are double ended. Lesbians prefer this type of dildo because they can use it to pleasure their butt holes simultaneously.

Tips to remember when using Anal Dildos

Before you proceed to use any anal toy, you should discuss with your partner about introducing them to your sex life. In case they agree to it, you should start with a small dildo and advance to big ones as you get used to having bum fun. Below are some of the few tips you should consider:

  • Use plenty of lube

Anal play requires you to use plenty of lubrication because the butt hole is more sensitive than your pussy and Its muscles are more prone to damage. You do not want to tear your walls in the name of pleasure. This is why it is always important  to use lube when having fun with your dildo.

  • Clean the Toy

This is so obvious because the toy is used in an area that holds faecal matter. Unless you are a fool, you should wash your tool immediately after anal play. Furthermore, you should also make a point of cleaning and sanitizing it before you insert it to your anus. Some people prefer using condoms on their sex toys because you will just have to throw away the condom after use.

  • Avoid Dildos if you have health problems in your butt

Even though anal sex is fun, there is no point of using toys if you suffer from hemorrhoid in the anal area. Always talk to a doctor before you use anal toys so that you are on the safe side.

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