Best Dildos

The best dildos are designed for use in penetration. They are not designed to move or anything else just to be inserted in any orfice of your choosing.

Dildos come in a huge variety and you can choose the best shape, size, color etc to what ever suits your own personal taste.
Realistic Dildos
Realistic dildos are often cast from molds created from real penises they look just like the real thing.

Like all best sex toys, realistic dildos are usually made from rubber, jelly or silicone because these material closely resemble the feel of human skin.

Near the high end of quality, there are dildos available with realistic details that mimic a real penis. Advanced molding processes, and in some cases hand painting, add detail to a rubber cock that is usually cast from a real man.

There are many examples of this kind of realistic penis dildo with different skin tones, lengths curves and girths, there’s no shortage in variety (just like in nature).

Some have life like variation in color, from the veins to the head, and every wrinkle and vein stands out.

Other models available have some of the veins and balls detail, but without the fine coloring, and these are usually cheaper dildos to buy.

Like any realistic sex toys, these cocks are sometimes made with materials like Futurotic™, CyberSkin™ and UR3™ (to name a few).

These simulate the texture of skin, while other rubber or jelly dildos might have veins and such obviously won’t. Which you prefer is a matter of personal choice.

Another matter of choice is cut or uncut, as there are several uncircumsised penis dildos available, for women who prefer the extra girth.

Lots of adult film stars have cast dildo versions of their cocks, including Peter North, John Holmes 12 incher, and every bodies favorite, Ron Jeremy.

You can even make your best dildo based on a penis you have access to (your boyfriend/husband/partner or your own). Of course there are vibrators with this kind of penis detail also.

Like with many non-vibrating dildos, these simulated penises can have a suction cup base, stability is always a plus for vaginal or anal penetration where you are bearing down on the cock.
G-Spot Dildos
These dildos usually come in two main shapes, long, smooth shafts with a tilted tip, and stubby, knobby thick shafts with wide midsections. No matter what you prefer both are designed to stimulate a woman g-spot.

Women point the knobby or tilted end upward, toward the g-spot, and apply pressure. Many women say say G-Spot dildos are incredible. If have ever been interested in finding out if G-Spot stimulation is for you then the use of these toys are a good way to begin play.
Jelly Dildos
When you are looking for a dildo that’s soft, non-threatening, and fun, a jelly dildo is hard to beat. These are usually affordable (if not downright cheap), and vary in shape, size, color, detail and scent. That’s right, some of these jellies have scent added to the rubber, most of them use some kind of sweet smelling fruit.

This nicely detailed penis shaped jelly style dong is realistic in many ways, but has a soft pink translucent color.

The jelly material itself is very smooth, flexible and yet firm more so than spongy. It’s kind of like a solidified gelatin or medical shock absorbing gel.

The jelly that’s used in this type of dildo can also be used in vibrators, cock rings and pocket pussy masturbators for men. It’s very slippery and slick with some lubricant added to the dildo’s surface, and to the orifice (vaginal or anal) where it will be inserted.

It’s common to find these dildos shaped like a penis, or with fancy knobs and ridges, or in a simple straight shafted dong. Double dildos up to 17 inches long can be found made of this jelly as well, they leave a good portion of the dildo to use for a grip if you use one solo.
Cheap Dildos
Though they aren’t always in it for the long haul durability wise, a cheap dildo can be useful.

Some people would rather have an array of inexpensive vibrators than 1 more elaborate one, others loose or break things often and just don’t want to cough up the clams.

There’s many different cheaper dildo permutations on the market, some with vibration. This article on tech-tv mentions a dildo made of camel dung, now that’s cheap.

A plain and inexpensive jelly dildo is very versatile in it’s ability to go anywhere. All you need to do, in practice, is clean the dildo with each usage.
Other Dildos / Dongs
Their are so many other types of dildos available far to many for us to list here, to look at the other types, click on this link to browse the products in the store we recommend.
Double Dildos
These are designed to be used by two people, they are simply 2 dildos joined together with a bit of extra length.

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