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Vagina tightening is something that many women from around the world wonder about.  Unfortunately, many women don’t know a lot about their love muscles, but we’re here to change that. The process is not too difficult, and it can dramatically enhance your sex life and pelvic floor health.

In one of my recent posts, I mentioned that having the desire to have a tighter pussy can make women go crazy. I know of women that can literally spend a heck of a lot of money on surgeries and complicated procedures in hope to get that tight pussy they once had when they were young.

The matter of fact is that

  1. If you a celebrity that has a ton of money, and it doesn’t make a dent in your money then go ahead
  2. If you are crazy about having a tight vagina overnight you probably need the surgery to keep you sane.
Update - 2018.11.07

Just a quick update today because I am getting a few emails lately regarding how often to do kegel exercises to get a tighter vagina:

To be honest, not that often at all so don’t worry, I don’t do Kegel exercises daily, I just do them whenever I can remember, sometimes, once a week, sometimes twice a week or sometimes only on weekends when I can be bothered.

However, please remember that I also use the V-Tight vaginal tightening cream so I believe that if I wasn’t using the cream, you would need to do hundreds of kegel exercises per week.

How To Tighten Vagina- How & Why It’s Possible

  • Your vagina itself is a muscular pathway. When you have an orgasms your PC muscle, which is part of the pelvic floor, contacts. The key to amazing orgasms is strengthening the PC muscle. If you make this muscle stronger, your orgasms will be stronger. It’s that simple. And if you PC muscle is weak? Well, then you can expect weak orgasms!
  • Tightening the vagina is possible because your vagina and the surrounding pelvic floor is composed of various muscles. Some of these muscles, like the PC muscle, determine sexual pleasure. Others, however, play supporting rules. Literally. Your urethra is supported by a muscle, and so is your uterus. A muscle also wraps around your anus as well. The point is that all of these things are muscles. This means that all of them can be strengthened with exercises.

Doing vaginal exercises to tighten both your PC muscle and pelvic floor muscles.

How To Tighten The Vagina

We know it’s possible, but how exactly is it done? It’s done with very effective vaginal exercises that specifically target these muscles to make them stronger. Some of the exercises are as simple as locating the PC muscle and contracting it, while others are more difficult and require locating specific pelvic floor muscles. Purchasing a good guide is highly recommended.

The Benefits of Tightening The Vagina

By tightening your vagina you will be promoting awesome pelvic floor health. This means that you are not likely to suffer from conditions like stress urinary incontinence or uterine prolapse. These things DO occur, however, when you do not keep your pelvic floor strong.

Most exciting is the improvement to your sex life that you will undoubtedly see. You can buy the most expensive and exciting sex toys on earth, but if you do not have a strong PC, you will never reach your full orgasmic potential. You may have orgasms, but they will NEVER be as strong as they could be if your PC muscle were conditioned. Strengthening your PC muscle is a sure-fire way to have toe-curling orgasms night after night!How to Tighten the Vagina

How Long For Making Pussy Tighter?

If you went for surgery, it would be possible to make your vag feel tighter almost overnight.

However, for the normal everyday woman, like you and me, I don’t really find surgery necessary. Like I have already mentioned, one of my older friends who is a mom of 2 and is 38 years old, has recently started electrical vaginal stimulation in hope to regain intimacy after having her second child as she feels she needs to tighten her vagina.

When it came to my vagina, I wanted something natural and really, I wanted to be able to do it myself, I really didn’t want to have to see a nurse or doctor about it.

What solved my vagina problems was the V-Tight, but we will get to that later. Let’s first discuss some other natural ways you can try to help the process along.

How to Make Your Vag Tighter- The DIY Way

how to make your vag tighter1. Ben-Wa Balls

Not a favorite of mine and I wasn’t really going to include them here but my friend did try these and we had a laugh about them so worth inserting them here just to acknowledge the fact that I have seen them with my own eyes.

I just find Ben-Wa-Balls to be too complicated and the fact that you need to use them every day is too much of a hassle, for me.

That’s why I can’t say it enough, if you want an easy option, you need to try out the best vagina tightening creamV-Tight Gel. It beats any other method I’ll mention here. It’s the safest, most hassle-free, most non-invasive, most cost-effective and it’s made from natural ingredients, Witch Hazel and Manjakani Extract.

2. Orgasm Baby

When you orgasm, your pelvic muscles are contracting. Practice makes perfect. The more contractions and releases that your pelvic muscles do, this should naturally start tightening your vagina. And like have said before, by tightening your vagina, your orgasms become stronger!

For women particularly concerned with tightening their vagina to better their sex lives, pc muscle exercises will do wonders. The reason is very simple: stronger muscles are more powerful. When you climax, your pc muscle contracts; doing exercises that target the pc muscle will help strengthen the muscle significantly.

As you strengthen your PC muscle, you will notice that you will feel tighter and that your orgasms are becoming stronger by the day. More blood will be delivered to your pelvic region, which will cause increased sexual sensitivity to your entire vagina.
Moreover, you will find that you will develop intimate control over this muscle over time. Many women use this in the bedroom, and this is indeed why many women want to do pc muscle exercises. While your man is inside of you, you can clench and milk his penis with ease, causing him to explode like he never has before.

Not only are you making your entire vagina healthier and stronger, but you can really heat up your sex life by working out your PC muscle. Remember, stronger muscles are healthier muscles, and this is particularly important for women, as weak vaginal muscles can cause pelvic floor related disorders later on in life. While you are working out your pc muscle, you can also work out all of the other muscles that make up your pelvic floor.

how to tighten your vagina3. Kegels

To me, Kegels sounds like a breakfast cereal but apparently, the exercise is named after the scientists who invented them. That’s a quick fact for you.

Anyway, Kegel exercises should be done every day to maintain strong pelvic muscles and tighten your vagina. Because it is the easiest home remedy to tighten your vagina, they must be done regularly. When we say regularly, to help treat a loose vagina, you need to do 3 sets of 10 reps each day. They truly are muscles that need work!

They are free, they are natural, they are painless, they can be done in your own time and they do work, eventually. The downside with Kegal exercises to tighten the vagina? They take ages to tighten up the vagina muscles and they need a lot of repetition. To get some sort of what I’m talking about here, to get any sort of increase in vaginal tightness, you will need to do a minimum of 30 Kegels every day for 3-4 months to notice any difference.

The most effective way I found to tighten my vagina was by doing Kegel exercises in combination with the V-Tight Gel.

A question that I get regularly is whether it is necessary to do Kegel exercises if you use the vaginal cream? I believe the occasional use of this cream and some kegel exercises here and there (not mandatory, but recommended) is all you need to get a tighter vagina. Like I’ve said many times, I use the vagina tightening cream in combination doing my kegel exercises because I believe that both the cream and exercises have really made a difference to my vagina.

This is just my opinion. Some women think that just the cream is fine.

The impractical thing about kegel exercises is that you need to do alot of them, you need to do them daily and only then will you start noticing your vagina to tighten after several months.

how to make vagina tight4. Using V-Tight Gel

I’ve already hinted that V-Tight is natural and by skipping all the other methods, it really was the best way to tighten my vagina.

No matter how loose your vagina is, you would want to become familiar with V-Tight. It will solve your loose vagina problems.

If you really want the best way to tighten your vagina, try a combination of Kegel exercises and using V-Tight. It’s safe, effective, cheap and really is the most natural way to tighten your vagina.

» It really is quite cheap – for a limited time, you get at least one bottle free (you can get more bottles free, the more you buy) Click Here to get the deal

VTightWhat’s more is that you don’t need to spend a fortune on any surgery, there is no ‘healing’ time, V-Tight gives you results quickly and it’s made from natural ingredients, something that is really important when you apply a gel to your private parts.

Whether you tell your partner or husband whether you are using it or not, they will notice the difference, and you will too! I told my boyfriend I was using it, but I am sure a lot of women feel embarrassed to tell their husbands, that is understandable. It’s not the easiest thing to deal with as a woman. But if you get onto it quick enough, your partner or husband will surely mention how tight you are from using V-Tight.

My boyfriend was skeptical, to begin with. How could a gel which is made from natural ingredients and that is so readily available online to purchase, be able to tighten the vagina? Sure enough, he was surprised at how tight my vagina had become (and so quick it worked as well). We were both quite surprised as we didn’t have such high expectations of it, to begin with.

Keeping your vagina tight is not only a concern for the sexual pleasure of your partner but for yourself! Without a tight vagina, sex can become boring and sometimes, un-pleasurable. This leads to other emotional factors like trying to avoid sex and can cause relationship problems.

My savior to keep my vagina tight is V-Tight Gel (duh if you are here reading this you will know that I swear by this product). I am a bit of a hippy so no-wonder I support a natural vaginal tightening cream :)

Just a final note, sticking to a natural vaginal tightening cream was really important for me when I was selecting which one I wanted to use. Remember, ladies – this is your private area that you are applying cream to, avoid using any heavy prescription creams or potions that may do any further harm (unless prescribed by a doctor for serious medical reasons). For everyone else, this is an excellent option.

Find out more about V-Tight Gel or read my experience with V-Tight here: best vaginal tightening cream

how to make your pussy tight

5. Surgery is The Most Elaborate Way to Tighten Your Vagina

Whether or not you call it surgery, the closest encounter I have come to something quite this expensive and invasive is that my friend is currently undergoing electrical vaginal stimulation. Apart from this, there are other actual surgeries that can tighten your vagina called vaginal rejuvenation surgery.

To be completely honest, I am not an advocate for vaginal surgery nor am I going to spend the time and bore you about it. I personally think it’s a waste of money and there are better, more natural ways to tighten your vagina overnight, not to mention more affordable too.

I find vagina surgery completely unnecessary unless something drastic really has happened to your vagina. Not only it is painful, but it’s also expensive and you need healing time. To me, there are so many other natural ways to tighten your vagina, it really isn’t that necessary. It really should only be looked at as a last resort and only if you have given all the other more natural and safe ways to tighten your vagina a go.

Why I Wanted to Get a Tighter Vag

I guess I started this site because I am neither of what I have mentioned above, I don’t have a tone of money, I am not crazy addicted to getting a tight vag and opting for expensive and invasive surgeries to get it (nor do I think I need it). I am more of the belief that no woman really needs expensive, invasive surgeries anyway.

However, what we do need is a little assistance, vaginal loosening is a problem that A LOT of women face, and believe me from my experience, not just women in their 50’s.

Vaginal loosening affects our self-esteem. It affects our confidence and affects our sex life and our relationships if it is not dealt with properly. However, all women can find a natural way to tighten their vagina, whether it be kegel exercises or the V-Tight Gel, there are ways to tighten vagina naturally.

So my quest for a vaginal tightening cream first came about, like I said, 6 months ago when I started noticing a slight difference in my sex life as I was finding it a little difficult to reach an orgasm. I slowly started losing little self-confidence and I started avoiding having sex with my boyfriend, this also created a little bit of tension.

Hence, this whole process has taught me a lesson. If I felt emotional, confused and lacked confidence and starting losing my desire to have sex, I knew that other women would feel this too. This is the reason I started this site so I could share, in an open way, my experience so maybe 1 or 2, heck maybe even 20  or 30 women may relate to my experience and have the confidence to do something about it.

After all, if you don’t feel entirely comfortable talking to your boyfriend or husband about it, men don’t always understand a woman’s point of view, at least there is other women out there, like me, who understand what you are going through.

how to tighten your vag overnight


Trust me, I’m 26 years old, 2 years ago, I was laughing at colleagues at work about how their vaginas were loose and I was all chuffed that I had no problems because I hadn’t had kids. There goes that, maybe that is karma?

Whether I deserve it or not, it happened but at least I was proactive about it and didn’t let it destroy me. I’ve found my solution on how to tighten my vagina and I found it naturally, that was the most important thing for me. The fact is that V-Tight Gel really is the best natural vagina tightening cream and if you have problems down there, you really should look into this as well.

I’ve already mentioned that the topic of vaginal tightening isn’t the easiest for a woman to deal with, especially if you haven’t had kids yet. But if you have kids, I guess you kind of expect it to happen.

When I started Googling there wasn’t a heap of information out there that was reliable. There were plenty of sites trying to sell me expensive machines and/or vaginal tightening gadgets and expensive vaginal tightening surgeries. Not interested. Should I say more than I got the feeling that the sexual gadgets machines were more than just plastic aimed at something else? Not sure but I just wasn’t convinced. I just hadn’t hit the spot, or should I say G-Spot…wink wink.

Let’s Get A Lil’ Technical Now

There are many muscles that make up your pelvic floor. They make up a sort of hammock-like structure that supports your organs. There are muscles that support your urethra and uterus, among other things. You must keep these muscles strong, or you will end up developing disorders such as urine leakage or even uterine prolapse later into life.

The key to vagina tightening is learning how to isolate the correct vaginal muscles.  This is a difficult task, as you will initially want to clench your stomach, thighs and but as well, but with practice you will be able to target your love muscles very well.

If you want to spice up your sex life, the key is to strengthen and tighten up your PC muscle. When you climax, this muscle contracts. Working it out will make it far stronger. Like all other muscles, a stronger muscle produces more power, and this translates into more intense orgasms.

Vagina tightening works quickly. Once you start doing exercises, you will feel tighter and have better orgasms within a week or two.  What’s more, is that you will learn to  clench your love muscles with incredible ease, and you can use this skill to make your man explode with passion.

Vaginal Tightening Exercises

Vaginal tightening exercises are done by women all over the world for many different reasons.

Some women have children and simply feel loose. They lack the friction that they once had before they had their child. This makes their love making less intense and pleasurable.

Other women don’t feel as tight as they’d like to with their partner, or they fear that they’re loose and unappealing. For whatever reason, vaginal tightening exercises can make you tighter and stronger, resulting in increased friction and thus, pleasure.

Your pelvic region is much more complicated than most women think. Scientifically, your entire pelvic region is called the pelvic floor. This is a group of muscles that supports your organs, including your urethra and uterus, among other things.

There are tightening exercises that target all of these muscles in order to ensure that they stay healthy. Not keeping these muscles strong can cause stress urinary incontinence and other pelvic floor dysfunction as you age. In fact, it is estimated that over 60% of all women experience some sort of pelvic floor dysfunction in their lifetime.

Tightening exercises are the best way to tighten up and be stronger. In fact, it’s the only way besides expensive elective surgery. Doing exercises will make you tighter within a few weeks. The most difficult part is learning to only clench the specific muscles in your vagina.

Typically, women will clench their butt, thighs and tummy, which makes the tightening exercises much less effective. With time, though, you will become very good at just working out specific love muscles. This is when you will see the most progress. You will feel much tighter and stronger, and your man will notice, too.

In addition to a better sex life, you will be working to prevent problems that occur later in life. Should you work out your vaginal muscles regularly, you should dramatically decrease your chances of stress urinary incontinence and uterine prolapse, while increasing the power, strength and intensity of your orgasms. You can’t go wrong!

While working out your vaginal muscles is effective, if you want to surprise your boyfriend or husband with an incredibly tight vaginal almost immediately, you should check out V-Tight. It’s an incredible product that has changed my sex life.

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