Penomet Penis Pump Review: What Kind of Results Can You Expect?

penomet review

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penomet review penis pump

The male penis is one organ that has fascinated men and women for generations. It is used for pleasure as well as procreation.

However, most men, unsatisfied with the size of their penis have tried to increase their size through many methods.

Some of these penis enlargement methods include use of pills, surgeries, penis enlargement creams as well as unconventional methods. But fortunately, Penomet, the water penis pump is back in stores, and it guarantees to help you get your desired size every time.

So what is Penomet?

This is one of the most popular penis enlargement devices in the world. It was invented by experts who, together have over 100 years of experience in penis enlargement industry. You can use this penis enlargement pump in the washroom or bathtub to help you attain the penis size that you have always dreamed of.

The Penomet is made from highly durable parts. Besides, it comes with a lifetime warranty as well as a promissory note that if you are not satisfied within the first year of use, then you can take it back and claim your money back.

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How can Penomet help you grow your penis?

Penomet works by enlarging both the penis’ girth and length over time. It comes with an interchangeable gaiter that allows you to achieve any size you want. In a sense, it does not restrict you to any size.

The bigger your penis grows, the more intensity you will require to keep it growing and strong. This is made possible by the pump’s five gaiters, which provide the intensity you need to grow your penis.

Even with a single use, this pump can help your penis grow bigger. After your first use (usually 15 minutes before sex), you may notice that a growth of up to 1 inch in your penis’ length and thickness.

While an inch from the first use sounds great, most men, after using this pump for a while, tend to witness a growth of up to 3 inches in length with an expansion width of up to 50%!

penomet review

You will also notice harder and firmer erections after using this penis enlargement pump. This it achieves by drawing fresh blood to your penis by its strong suction power generated by the lukewarm water. This translates into stronger and firmer erections for you and your sex partner to enjoy over time.

Generally, penis size tends to reduce when it is flaccid. However, after using Penomet, you will notice that your flaccid penis will grow in length, width and weight. You may notice your penis, when flaccid, doubling in size after using this device.

Penis head is usually the most sensitive area, providing men with lots of pleasure during sex. It is also the most focused on part of the penis during intercourse as well as in adult movies. Thanks to Penomet, you can achieve a bigger, larger and rounder penis head.

Everyone hates nutting too fast. It leaves the man embarrassed and the woman dissatisfied in bed. You can kiss goodbye to this problem. Penomet can help you control your ejaculation and last longer in bed, which will be wonderful news for you and your partner. This device can help your penis get comfortable and accustomed to high pressure stimulation, which means that you will be able to last longer during sex. This, in turn, will be good news to your wife as she will be the one begging for more sex.

penomet before and after

You have probably had that moment when you and your partner were finished, yet both of you were ready to go for another round, but you couldn’t just get your penis back up regardless of the amount of stimulation and determination. Thanks to Penomet, that too can be history.

This pump can actually bring back your erection immediately after an ejaculation. Thus, instead of rolling over for the night, you can consider pumping it back up for yet another round. Penomet can pump back your penis to a large, firm erection in five minutes or less.

If your penis has a significant curve to it, fear no more. You can use Penomet to correct penile curvatures. With repeat use, you can it can bring your penis to a straight position. And there is no pain involved. It achieves this by gently using the suction force to straighten the erectile tissue. The curvature can be completed corrected by using this device for a long time. You can also use this pump to treat and correct Peyronie’s disease which results from regular bumps on the penis.

penomet before and after

Most men do not have perfectly shaped penises. It is not uncommon to find an uneven penis when it comes to width. Some penises tend to be too thick at the top, bottom or even middle rather than being even throughout the girth. Penomet can help you fix this. Its suction power ensures that blood flows evenly throughout the entire penis length thus providing an even width from top to bottom.

Most men take pride in their “nice” organs. However, they do not have the power levels they need to satisfy their women. That too can be fixed. Penomet not only makes your penis larger in every possible way, but it also helps exercise to release more ejaculation; not only that, but it also lets you shoot further distance thus providing your woman with stronger orgasms.

All these sound perfect; but, how does Penomet work?

Penomet acts as a penis weight training tool. It works to by exercising and strengthening your penis and pelvic muscles. Using its different gaiters, it applies pressure to maximize results. It uses water to create the pressure which works out your penis, rather than an external pump that you have to operate manually by hand.

However, just like with any other type of workout equipment, you need to be committed if you are to realize any result using Penomet. To realize a permanent large penis size and notice a change in your sex life, you need to exercise your penis on a weekly basis using either the, “advanced” or “quick” routine.

Before any workout session, you need to start off by stretching to avoid injuries; and your penis is no exception. When you check through the manual, or website, you will notice a section dedicated to teaching you how to stretch your penis and get erect using your hands before introducing this pump. You can use this pump while dry. However, most people prefer using it in water because of the excellent pressure it applies.


The instructions in the pump’s website or manual are very straightforward, making it very easy to use this device. Each gaiter is labeled for each week, and you can choose to work out from 15 – 30 minutes for the first six weeks.

The following page has it planned for the following six weeks using higher gaiters, and you can opt to work out for 20-30 minutes.

After working out using the chart on the manual or website, you should be free to use the gaiter of your choice to help you continue achieving the best erections. The manual also explains what you should do when the suction is too strong, or if you feel discomfort while working out.

In summary, Penomet works by pressure, stretching and persistence as well as actual workouts to help you achieve stronger penis and pelvic muscles.

penomet reviews

Does that make Penomet the best penis enlargement solution?

You have probably seen hundreds of infomercials claiming that they have the best penis enlargement products in the market. You have, probably, also seen ads about the best penis pumps you can get at “John Doe’s Adult Shop”. Keep in mind that there are also surgical procedures that you can undergo to enlarge your penis. Finally, chances are you’ve heard of those unconventional penis enlargement methods in Arabic countries, Asia as well as Africa.

Still, chances are, you remember the Extenze commercial with a very excited Bob along with other dirty commercials that tickled you rather than get you to buy their pills. Or the hundreds of spam emails that promised cheap penis enlargement.

penomet results

Most of these products have been tested by reputable scientists, with results showing that they are not effective at all. Instead, most penis enhancement pills have been found to be harmful, usually transmitting pesticides, causing year infections, mold ingestion, E. Coli, and even ingestion of heavy metals like lead. Besides, most of these drugs tend to be very expensive.

Next, you might want to know a thing or two about penis pumps that you can buy online or from the local sex shop. The benefit of these pumps is that they can help you gain a few inches. Besides, they are low cost, and if used over time, can yield permanent results.

However, most of these pumps do not come with any inbuilt safety measures, which make them a bit risky to use at home. For instance, they can cause blisters and burst the veins on your penis. Testicles have also been reported to be pulled during pumping sessions resulting in severe pain.

In addition, a severe injury to the testicles while using these pumps can cause infertility. Incorrect use of these pumps can also cause Peyronie’s Disease. This disease causes severe deformity to the penis.

Some of the unconventional penis enlargement methods involve walking around with weights tied to your penis. Or lying on your belly with your penis hanging down with a weight tied to it, or even consuming beetles and certain rock types. All these unorthodox methods have not been proven to work. Besides, they can cause severe harm to your penis and overall health.

Penomet testimonials

Next is penis enlargement surgery. This procedure enlarges the penis by bringing out the hidden 30% of the penis from the body. The surgery targets 2 ligaments that attach erection to the pubic bone. Next, the surgeon uses a device to stretch the penis before splitting the ligaments close to the pubic bone.

This enlarges the penis by about 1-1.5 inches. However, this procedure is considered high risk and unsafe because most men have reported experiencing erection difficulties afterwards without help. Besides, there is a high risk of becoming impotent after this procedure. In addition, penis enlargement surgeries tend to be very expensive, and can leave you with more problems than you had going in for one.

Then there is Penomet that has significant variations than the traditional penis pump. Most of these variations are in the design and functionality of the device. There are no tubes coming from the device, and no pumping mechanism on the outside.

Compared to other penis enlargement pumps, Penomet is safe to use and is made using sturdier and softer materials to provide comfort during use. Penomet helps you gain the same amount of inches as you would using the regular penis pump, with 95% satisfaction instead of 30% satisfaction.

Penomet has been thoroughly tested by researchers. In addition, it has been endorsed by major pharmaceutical companies, and has gained an incredible amount of reputation throughout the world. Needless to mention, it also corrects the effect of Peyronie’s Disease, which is caused by traditional penis pumps. Better still, it is cost-effective, costing nearly as much as the regular penis pump.

Penomet Penis Pump Review: What Kind of Results Can You Expect? 1

Penomet Hydro Pump: Loved by many and talked about throughout the world

Certainly, Penomet has made news headlines a number of times and even appeared in a good number of blogs. The pump has been featured in In addition, the device has received an international award, which read about on the Penomet website. While on the website, you will find a link to a blog that talks about this device in a humorous, yet, very serious way, talking about the results the author witnessed while using it.

penomet testimonials

Penomet has also won several online competitions held by men’s websites. In these competitions, Penomet was compared with other penis enhancement products, to which Penomet came on top most of the time as voted in by author or viewers’ comments and votes. Besides, thousands of men around the world have endorsed Penomet as the best male enhancement product they have ever used.

Are Penomet reviewers real people?

Certainly yes. There are hundreds of reviews online of men who believe this device saved their marriages. These men attest to how they have become irresistible to their wives. These men talk about the amount of confidence they have been able to build since they started using this device as well as how excited they were being able to attain the penis size they desired to perform the way the wanted in bed.

Some men even mention the other enhancement methods they have used before and the pain and damage they suffered until they discovered and started using Penomet. They also talk about how this device helped them get their libidos back. These testimonials come from men from all over the world.

In addition, if you read through the FAQ page, you will see discussions of thoughts, opinions as well as concerns of men from around the world, as well as the feedback they received back to tone down their worries.

What if I want to buy the Penomet Hydro Pump anonymously?

Yes, you can! You can order Penomet online from their website. All you need to do is fill up a short form and provide your credit card details for billing purposes. And you can have the peace of mind that your information will not be shared with third parties.

Upon approval, your package is delivered to your doorstep in a plain box. No bold letter names screaming what you have purchased. Shipping is done the same day the payment is processed, and you can expect your purchase within a week.

In conclusion

The Penomet was designed with the average Joe in mind. If you want to fix your love life and please your partner, then Penomet is for you. Before release for sale, it was tested by experts and consumers from all over the world and has been proven to be effective. It is endorsed by a great number of pharmaceutical companies who have put their trust into this product and even invested in it, because they can tell when something is really worth their money and time.

News articles, consumer reviews and comments have all endorsed Penomet as the best penis enlargement product. If you are looking for a permanent solution to growing your penis length, weight and girth, and help you satisfy your partner in bed with powerful orgasms, then look no further than Penomet. In addition, it can help you get ready for round 2 and 3 in no time.

Penomet is one of the safest penis enlargement device in the market, which should be the most important thing. It does not rob you of your ability to produce, deform or cause infection. Instead, it helps you correct deformities, is pain free and helps you correct erectile dysfunction.

The product comes with a lifetime warranty in case an accident happens, resulting in your device’s breakage. In addition, it is discreetly shipped on the same day the payment is processed. Plus, you can upgrade to express shipping.

This is one of those purchases even if you have doubt while paying for, you will forever be glad you made the purchase because of the result you will find, or forever regret because you failed to grab the offer and acquire a product that forever change your outlook on life as well as self-esteem. With the guarantees and promises, all you have got is gain. You have nothing to lose by purchasing this device.


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