Male Edge Penis Extender Review- How I Achieved Incredible Before & After Results

Male Edge Extender Review

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MaleEdge is one of the newer penis extenders to hit the market but it is already incredibly popular and has added thousands of inches on men worldwide.

The reason that Male Edge became so popular so quickly is because it is made by the same company who developed Jes Extender, the very first medical penis extender ever made.

When you buy Male Edge, you are getting the great reputation of Jes Extender, a medical grade device, and a 200% guarantee – all at an incredibly low price!


How The Male Edge Extender Works

With some penis extenders, you have to worry about spare parts to adjust the length. Not with MaleEdge!  This penis extender was designed with ease of use in mind.

All you need to do is put your penis into the device, make sure the device is snug around your groin, and attach your penis in place.  Thanks to the comfort strap system, you can wear Male Edge for hours without feeling a thing.

You can even sleep in MaleEdge or wear it under loose-fitting clothes.  Since it is so convenient to wear Male Edge almost anywhere, you will be able to get faster results.

Just because there aren’t any spare parts to keep track of with Male Edge, it doesn’t mean you are missing out on quality or options.  The tension of the penis extender is completely adjustable just by spinning the little knobs around the base. You can keep the tension low for comfort during long sessions or up the tension to get faster results.


What Results You Can Expect With Male Edge?

MaleEdge went through rigorous testing before it was released onto the market.  During the trials, men using MaleEdge experienced incredible results of 28% increase in length and 19% increase in girth.

Male Edge can also be used for treating Peyronie’s disease, a condition in which the penis curves during erection.  Many men using MaleEdge also get harder erections because their penis cells become healthier and hold more blood!

Male Edge is so sure you are going to get results from their penis extender that they offer 6-month double money back guarantee!


male edge pro reviewValue for Money

When it comes to price, you aren’t going to find a cheaper medical-grade penis extender than MaleEdge.

Do keep in mind that the device is mostly made out of plastic though.  If you plan on using a penis extender for long periods of time (such as growi2-inch inch penis to 6 inches), then MaleEdge may not be the best choice (look at our other picks for best penis extenders!).

If you just want to grow an inch or two, then Male Edge is a great budget penis extender and even has a two-year warranty.

Pros and Cons of Male Edge

+Lowest price!

+Made by a reputable company

+Double money back guarantee

+Easy to use, no extra parts

-Few extras

-No free shipping

Male Edge Extender Review in Details

Male Edge extender Peview 2019

For clarification, the Male Edge Extender comes in 3 packages. I chose the Pro Package.

The Male Edge Extender is more like the newer version of the Jes Extender, which was the very first penis stretcher in the world. This model comes with several smart features that enable it to stand out from the crowd.  Unlike most penis extenders that are made from metal, Male Edge is made using plastic. This feature makes it a comfortable device to wear.

Male Edge Pro has been designed in a way that it will assist you to elongate your penis. I know most men with small dicks have self-esteem issues. Fortunately, this device will give you a long lasting solution when used properly. It has enough tension to enhance cell division in the penile muscles.

One of the impressive features of the Male Edge is that it has a variety of settings, which enables it to accommodate dicks that measure between 2 inches to 11 inches. This is definitely the best range you will get in the market. Besides, this traction device comes with ergonomic straps that help in boosting efficiency and comfort.

The manufacturer has a lot of confidence in the Male Edge extender since they offer a double money-back guarantee if the product fails to deliver. I bet this is a fair deal considering you will have to part with more than 200 bucks to get this extender.

Click here for details about the double money back guarantee.

Male Edge Extender Review: Contents Of The Package

Even before I highlight what’s inside the box, I was impressed by the appearance of the box. It is a sleek red box that has some nice curves on the corners.  It is so hard to get a device that comes in such an eye-catching box. Anyway, let’s jump straight to what is in the box.
male edge extender review

  • -The Male Edge Pro Penis Extender
  • -A travel bag
  • -The Official training routine
  • -A ruler
  • -Two protective pads
  • -Four spare rubber straps
  • -An instructional DVD
  • -Cohesive gauze
  • -Training diary
  • -Access to the Male Edge Online Community & Forum
  • -Access to an online instructional video

How Does The Male Edge Penis Extender Work?

As I mentioned earlier in this Male Edge Extender review, this penis extender can fit men whose penis sizes range from 2 to 11 inches. This shows that most men can use this traction device comfortably.

Statistics show that men who have used Male Edge are able to gain 19% in girth and 28% in length. There is a big likelihood that you will gain up to 2 inches after using this product consistently for 6 months.

Read more about how Male Edge Pro works here

Just like the SizeGenetics extender, the Male Edge Penis Extender works on the same principle of cell division and multiplication. From the little biology knowledge I have, Cell division is crucial for penis growth. Almost every part of the body depends on cell division to grow.

Once you start using the Male Edge Pro Penis Extender, the tension that will be applied on the penis will cause cells to split, thus allowing room for the production of new cells as the older ones heal. The new cells will occupy the spaces that are created in the tissues so that the penis to grow in size. This is the same principle that is applied in bodybuilding. You will have to use the device regularly to achieve permanent results.

Just like all other best penis extenders that I have reviewed on this website, you should not wear this device for longer than the recommended period. I understand some guys are looking for quicker results but this is definitely not the right way to achieve them. The Male Edge Extender is designed to increase the length and girth of your penis only when used on a longer period of time.

This extender should be worn for two or so hours daily for around 6 months. You might not see any changes in the first few weeks but as I said, you need to be patient and consistent. Besides, we all have different bodies and some will show results within the first month while others will take time.

Male Edge Extender Models

Male Edge is available in three different models but they all function the same. In fact, the only difference is the number of accessories in each. The basic version is the cheapest, followed by the Extra model and then the Male Edge Pro. Basically, you will get more accessories and spare parts when you purchase the Male Edge Pro.  Besides, it provides more comfort as compared to the other two.

Male Edge Review: My Experience with The Male Edge Penis Extender

I had been using this penis extender for three months in order to come up with an honest review. I am sure you guys want to know my experience with the Male Edge Pro extender so I will briefly touch on that.

Basically, this extender has a base that sits on the pelvis area and a headpiece that holds the penis head in place. These two parts are connected to each other using spring-loaded rods in order to provide a slight amount of tension. Using this device is quite simple as you will only need to adjust the length of the device to match your penis, and then adjust the tension force by turning the knobs located at the base.

male edge pro results

Wearing and using this traction device is pretty easy especially when you watch the DVD. You will get the hang of it after using it for at least two times. I can recommend the Male Edge extender because it is designed with the safety of users in mind. Unlike the other devices that are made using metal parts, this one is pure plastic and it won’t hurt your skin in any way.

The Male Edge Penis Extender is one of the most comfortable extenders you can wear under loose-fitting clothes. I also tried sleeping with the device and I didn’t experience any discomfort. Additionally, it is one of the easiest penis enlargement devices to train with. I am saying this because the product comes with a simple training system that will guide you through the entire process. Moreover, the DVD also offers additional guidance on how to use the extender for the best results.  

Other than elongating your dick and increasing its girth, the Male Edge Extender helps to correct penis curvature. Men who have curved dicks will enjoy all the benefits of this device because it will the penis size and straighten the shaft. As you well know, straightening the penis will take time and should be done consistently.

The other impressive feature about the Male Edge is that its made using medical grade material. The plastic material used in this device does not contain any traces of phthalates and latex. At least, you can use this device without worrying about safety issues. Persons with sensitive skin can use Male Edge without encountering allergies.

What I Didn’t Like About Male Edge Pro

With all the advantages highlighted in this review, it is crystal clear that Male Edge is a high-end Penis enlargement device. However, I encountered a few minor issues that are worth mentioning. Firstly, Users might experience some discomfort during the first few days of using this extender. You can reduce the possibility of discomfort by wearing it for shorter durations until you get used to the stretching.

Secondly, you must stay committed to the routine for at least 6 months to gain significant lengths. Unfortunately, there is no solution to this issue, you will have to obey the routine to achieve good results.

The other issue is that you will have to take the training kit off during pee breaks. I am sure this is a bit of a hassle because you have to put it back again.


From my experience, I can vouch for this product because it has the most efficient traction adjusting mechanism. I really liked how easier it was to adjust the tension. Most of the traditional penis extenders use complicated mechanisms which are hard to understand.

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