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Today’s modern sex toys are mostly made from latex or a similar product such as Jelee or Cyber skin. We always recommend using a lubricant with all sex toys, however you must be careful with your selection of lubrications.

There are basically two types of lubricants; oil-based and water-based.

Never use an oil or petroleum-based product on a sex toy. Latex and petroleum don’t mix. The oils in these products will deteriorate the latex and reduce the life of that expensive sex toy.

So how do you know if it is a oil or petroleum based lubricant? If it doesn’t say water-based on the label it is an oil or petroleum based lubricant. You may be asking yourself why are there oil based lubricants then.

In the old days there were only oil based lubricants on the market. Slowly, something better came along.

These new water-based lubricants had some great features, they didn’t smell funny, they didn’t leave stains on sheets, and best of all they were non-greasy and cleaned-up easily with soap and water.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have the lubricating or lasting power of the more traditional oil-based lubes.

Today’s modern water-based lubes have changed all that. They have all the great qualities of the first generation products with the new ability to last longer and be even slicker and better lubricating than some oil-based ones.

If you all you have ever used is the old stand-by’s like KY jelly and Vaseline or something along those lines, you are in for a treat!

These new water-based lubricants are a vast improvement. You and your partner won’t believe the enhanced sensations that you will feel just from changing lubricants!

So why are there still oil and petroleum based lubes still on the market? There is a place for everything, there are still oil based lubricants that are superior to many water based lubes and some people still like the feeling of that old faithful oil lube.

One final note about lubricants. Remember with lubes you usually get what you pay for. Generally the more expensive the lubricant, the higher the quality, the less you need and the longer it lasts.

Don’t skimp on a cheap lubricant! We suggest you try a variety of smaller sizes until you settle upon a few that you like and then go for the bigger sizes where the value is.

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