Anal Sex Toys

Anal sex toys are designed to be inserted in to the anal cavity and stimulate the nerves surrounding the anus.

Although being “Taboo” many people will find the use of anal sex toys to be extremely stimulating and with patience time and a relaxed environment they can bring great pleasure to your sex life.

Either gender can enjoy specific anal sex toys designed for easy fitting rectal penetration.

It’s even become acceptable for straight men to enjoy a ‘backdoor boyfriend’ anal experience with a girlfriend.

There are large numbers of sensitive nerves to pleasure in the anal area, but you have to be careful, and use the right sex toy equipment in combination with the best anal lube.
Butt Plugs
Butt plugs, whilst sounding strange, describe this toy definitively as it plugs into your rectum.

Again, just like beads butt plugd are available in all sizes and shapes. They have a wide, flat base attached to a thinner shaft.

Most people enjoy feeling full like when a woman has penetration with a male from the use of “Butt Plugs”
Big butt plugs
You should all know from looking at them, butt plugs of this size are not for people who aren’t SURE they can handle them.

To use a large butt plug this size, you have to be already capable of inserting big things in your rectum.

You can tell that once you work your arse hole past the tip, these are immediately big butt plugs, and not to be trifled with.

OK, so you are an anal penetration veteran, you been there, screwed this, that him, him, him and that, and him again.

You should still use gobs and gobs of anal specific lubricant for the kind of bum plugs that are as wide as a beer can.

Can you imagine a beer bottle up your ass?

That’s how big butt plugs would feel by the time you got to the base of a butt plug this large.
Anal Beads

What are anal beads?
Anal beads are one of the most common anal toys. They come in many sizes, colors and shapes.

It is generally accepted that the main pleasure people derive from beads is the opening and closing of the anus as the beads are removed.

Whether it’s going in the anus or popping out, beads feel excellent for men and women alike. Looking almost like a beaded necklace, this is a wonderful and inexpensive way to have a great time.

Some of the fanciest beaded sex toys were once made with pearls, but today several types of plastic, acrylic or jelly balls are strung out on a nylon string with a pull-ring on the end.

The ring part is so that you don’t loose the last bead in your rectum. The rectum beads on a string can vary in size, from a 1/2 up to 1.5 for the brave of heart.
How to use anal beads
To use your sex toy, gently push each knob into the anus one-by-one, until you reach the last bead.

If you feel discomfort before reaching the last anal beads, you should stop.

This may require some anal lube.

You can leave the beads inserted during intercourse or masturbation, then pull them out of the anus slowly – repeat as desired.

Most anal bead sex toys usually have 6-7 beads (or various shapes) connected by a thin cord.

They’re used by gently inserting the string, bead by bead, into the anus.
Vibrating anal bead
Caution! Use of vibrating anal stimulation beads may result in extreme pleasure, some orgasms may occur. The natural way to improve on the string of bum beads was to add a vibrator component.

The clearly defined balls are not actually beads in this case, but rather round nodules on a slim shaft that is made to be inserted rectally.

This way the vibrations can be transmitted up and down the length of the highly textured anal probe.

There are not as many types of vibrating beads in the shops as the inert kind, maybe 12 or so. The materials vary from plastics to firm traditional rubber, and softer jelly rubbers found in many regular vibrators and anal sex toys.

s with any kind of rectal penetration, the use of caution, and some anal lubricant, is highly recommended with anal beads, whether they vibrate or not.

Persons messing about with their bums should always be gentle with any kind of vibrating sex toy, finger or penis going in there. You only have one ass!

Make sure these anal vibrating beads are cleaned after each use, using warm, soapy water or some sex toy cleaner.
Anal Vibrator
An anal vibrator has a narrower shaft designed for comfortable penetration of the sphincter, and can expand sexual horizons, for those willing.

Whether it’s for masturbation use alone, or with your bedroom partner, these anus specific vibrators can bring your orgasm to a new level.

You can see from these 90 pictures that anal style vibes are defined visually by a slimmer, narrow shaft.

Normal vibrators for women are designed with the vagina in mind, and the vaginal muscles have more ‘give’ than rectal muscles.

You should always make caution the rule when using any anal sex toy, dildo or vibe.

Some are made using a gentle and soft jelly that gives a smoother, more flexible vibrator feeling when inserted in the bottom.

Using lots of lubrication with any anal toys is a must.

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