Best Anal Toys For Guys: Choose Your Pick- Vibrators, Beads or Butt Plugs

Best Anal Toys For Guys: Choose Your Pick- Vibrators, Beads or Butt Plugs

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The best anal sex toys for guys are designed to be inserted into the anal cavity and stimulate the nerves surrounding the anus. Although being “Taboo” many people will find the use of anal sex toys to be extremely stimulating and with patience time and a relaxed environment they can bring great pleasure to your sex life.

Either gender can enjoy specific anal sex toys designed for easy fitting rectal penetration. It’s even become acceptable for straight men to enjoy a ‘backdoor boyfriend’ anal experience with a girlfriend. There are large numbers of sensitive nerves to pleasure in the anal area, but you have to be careful, and use the right sex toy equipment in combination with the best anal lube.

For the purposes of this review, we are going to discuss the best anal toys for men.


Best Anal Toys for Men Classified

1. Prostate Massagers (Best Male Anal Toys)

best anal toys

A good prostate massager is our number one recommended anal toy for men who want to try backdoor pleasure.

The best prostate massagers are specially designed for the prostate gland, the gland in men responsible for producing seminal fluid and intense orgasms. The prostate gland can be somewhat tricky to reach without a good prostate massager, as trying to stimulate it from the outside isn’t nearly as effective and fingers often come short of touching it.

While there may be several prostate massagers on the market, it is recommended to do some research to make sure the one you may be interested in has been proven to be both safe and effective. Always keep in mind that choosing the wrong prostate massager could result in doing your body more harm than good. The Nexus Revo 2 is one of the most popular and most recommended prostate massager for beginners.

Below are the top 5 prostate massagers that we have personally tested and would recommend you to buy:

Top 5 Prostate Massage Toys

How it LooksName
best anal sex toys for menNexus Revo 2
best anal vibratorLelo Hugo Sense Motion
best anal sex toysAneros Vice Vibrating Prostate Massager
male anal sex toysNjoy Pure Fun Stainless Steel P-Spot Butt Plug
best male anal toyJe Joue Nuo Luxury App Controlled Rechargeable Dual Motor Butt Plug

A quality prostate massager is a hygienic anal toy that also ensures sufficient and safe pressure is applied to the prostate. A prostate massage that becomes too aggressive or vigorous can be harmful to the prostate, as well as become uncomfortable. The relaxing and contracting of the sphincter have proven to be a beneficial exercise in toning up the body’s genitourinary tracts, which both improves performance and provides better health.

The tip of most prostate massagers perfectly curve up into the “male G-spot,” and its unique shape reaches the prostate like nothing else can. Repetitive, direct stimulation of this gland leads to amazingly powerful orgasms. This anal toy is suitable for use by individuals or couples. More people than ever are finding out for themselves that the introduction of a prostate massager can be an exciting addition to the bedroom.

In addition to the sexual benefits, those who use prostate massagers experience health gains. Prostate massage has been used for hundreds of years to aid the body. It promotes relaxation and regular ejaculation, improving erectile function. Studies have shown that regular ejaculation is beneficial in reducing the odds of prostate cancer. A prostate massager can increase blood circulation, better muscular tone, and cleanse the prostate.

Care should be taken while using this product because of the sensitivity of the prostate gland. It is a good idea to pair this prostate massager with quality lubricant and to use a gentle or medium motion while massaging. It is also very important to clean this tool with toy cleaner or antibacterial soap and warm water afterwards and to properly store it.

2. Vibrating anal beads

With 3 flexible beads, 2 powerful motors and 1 tapered shaft, these luxury anal beads might just vibe you to new heights of pleasure. Remote controlled and crafted from seamless silicone, they’ll give you hands-free thrills from up to 30 feet away.

Explore 6 intense levels of vibration and 15 different patterns as power pulses from the two powerful motors within the larger beads.

This innovative technology works at a distance of up to 30 feet, so hand the remote control to your partner to add an exciting dimension to your foreplay.

USB rechargeable and perfect for new or experienced anal players, this premium toy comes with a magnetic charging cable for use worldwide. Use the discreet and sleek travel case provided for fuss-free travel with your b-Vibe.

Caution! Use of vibrating anal stimulation beads may result in extreme pleasure, some orgasms may occur. The natural way to improve on the string of bum beads was to add a vibrator component.

The clearly defined balls are not actually beads, in this case, but rather round nodules on a slim shaft that is made to be inserted rectally.

This way the vibrations can be transmitted up and down the length of the highly textured anal probe.

There are not as many types of vibrating beads in the shops as the inert kind, maybe 12 or so. The materials vary from plastics to firm traditional rubber, and softer jelly rubbers found in many regular vibrators and anal sex toys.

s with any kind of rectal penetration, the use of caution, and some anal lubricant, is highly recommended with anal beads, whether they vibrate or not.

Persons messing about with their bums should always be gentle with any kind of vibrating sex toy, finger or penis going in there. You only have one ass!

Make sure these anal vibrating beads are cleaned after each use, using warm, soapy water or some sex toy cleaner.

3. Traditional Anal Beads

What are anal beads?

Anal beads are one of the most common anal toys for men. They come in many sizes, colors, and shapes. It is generally accepted that the main pleasure people derive from beads is the opening and closing of the anus as the beads are removed.

Whether it’s going in the anus or popping out, beads feel excellent for men and women alike. Looking almost like a beaded necklace, this is a wonderful and inexpensive way to have a great time.

Some of the fanciest beaded sex toys were once made with pearls, but today several types of plastic, acrylic or jelly balls are strung out on a nylon string with a pull-ring on the end. The ring part is so that you don’t lose the last bead in your rectum. The rectum beads on a string can vary in size, from a 1/2 up to 1.5 for the brave of heart.

How to use anal beads

  1. To use your sex toy, gently push each knob into the anus one-by-one, until you reach the last bead.
  2. If you feel discomfort before reaching the last anal beads, you should stop.
  3. This may require some anal lube.
  4. You can leave the beads inserted during intercourse or masturbation, then pull them out of the anus slowly – repeat as desired.
  5. Most anal bead sex toys usually have 6-7 beads (or various shapes) connected by a thin cord.
  6. They’re used by gently inserting the string, bead by bead, into the anus.

Don Juan Review for GoodVibes

Some people on the internet appear to think anal toys are just for Best Anal Toys For Guys: Choose Your Pick- Vibrators, Beads or Butt Plugs 1men. (Or, worse, just for gay men.) Some websites even have anal toys exclusively under a “for men” section. They’re silly and misguided, and the Don Juan from GoodVibes is one toy that proves why.

The Don Juan is a 100% silicone, boilable, smooth little toy. It’s firm but has enough flex and give to be completely comfortable. The base fits nicely between my cheeks, and is also completely comfortable. My Don Juan is a rich, glossy burgundy color, with lovely swirls, but it also comes in black.

Besides its safety and comfort, there are two important things about the Don Juan.

  1. The bloops. They feel really nice as K slides the toy in and out of my posterior.
  2. The curve. It hits my g-spot. Because of this, it gave me my first orgasm that originated entirely in my rear.

I can’t recommend this toy as a plug. The Don Juan doesn’t stay in during dildo use or while I move around, but it does stay in while I’m lying down. K used this to his advantage last night. He had me lie down on my stomach, slid the anal sex toy into me (with plenty of lubricant), fucked me with it for a little while, then told me to stay there while he went and did other things.

I played with the toy while he was gone. When I squeezed against it, I could feel the bloops. By pushing on the base just a bit, I stimulated my g-spot, and that’s when I had my first anal orgasm. It wasn’t as huge and overwhelming as g-spot orgasms originating in my vagina, but it was still an amazing experience.

By the time K came back, I was incredibly aroused. We found a new position in which it’s possible for me to give him a blowjob with the Don Juan still inside me.

K’s warming up to the idea of anal toys, and it’s likely this is the first one he’ll use on himself. If that happens, I’ll update the review with his experiences.

The Don Juan is safe, comfortable, and it feels amazing. A good first toy for your butt, it’s also good for the experienced.

Even advanced players should find it valuable as a warm-up toy that stimulates exactly the right spots. And since it’s only $22, I feel I can recommend the Don Juan to everyone.

Butt Plugs

Best anal sex toysButt plugs, whilst sounding strange, describe this toy definitively as it plugs into your rectum. Again, just like beads butt plugs are available in all sizes and shapes. They have a wide, flat base attached to a thinner shaft. Most people enjoy feeling full like when a woman has penetration with a male from the use of “Butt Plugs”

Big butt plugs

Big Butt PlugsYou should all know from looking at them, butt plugs of this size are not for people who aren’t SURE they can handle them. To use a large butt plug this size, you have to be already capable of inserting big things into your rectum.

You can tell that once you work your arse hole past the tip, these are immediately big butt plugs, and not to be trifled with.

OK, so you are an anal penetration veteran, you been there, screwed this, that him, him, him and that, and him again. You should still use gobs and gobs of anal specific lubricant for the kind of bum plugs that are as wide as a beer can. Can you imagine a beer bottle up your ass? That’s how big butt plugs would feel by the time you got to the base of a butt plug this large.

Anal Vibrator

best anal vibratorAn anal vibrator has a narrower shaft designed for comfortable penetration of the sphincter, and can expand sexual horizons, for those willing.

Whether it’s for masturbation use alone, or with your bedroom partner, these anus specific vibrators can bring your orgasm to a new level.

You can see from these 90 pictures that anal style vibes are defined visually by a slimmer, narrow shaft.

Normal vibrators for women are designed with the vagina in mind, and the vaginal muscles have more ‘give’ than rectal muscles.

You should always make caution the rule when using any anal sex toy, dildo or vibe.

Some are made using a gentle and soft jelly that gives a smoother, more flexible vibrator feeling when inserted in the bottom.

Using lots of lubrication with any anal toys is a must.

Should Straight Men Use Anal Toys?

So many people believe that if a man wants to use an anal sex toy it means he’s gay. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Heterosexual men can and do engage in many types of anal play, they are not gay at all.

Whether homosexual or heterosexual there is nothing wrong with enjoying anal sex toy pleasure as long as it is kept safe and it’s consensual. Anal play is about adults playing with each other for sensual pleasures and there’s nothing unnatural about it.

There are many anal sex toys on the market, sizes, shapes, materials, vibrators, colors etc. Whatever your choice, always begin using your toy very slowly. A common mistake for first-time anal toy users is being too hasty and buying a toy too large.

Always remember, never rush. Penetration is much easier and more pleasurable when muscles are relaxed from being aroused. Don’t forget plenty of your favorite anal lubricant as the rectum does not produce its own lubrication.

The best anal sex toys for men can aid in very strong orgasms. The anus is a muscle and using anal toys can strengthen your muscle. Sex toys referred to, as anal plugs or butt plugs are designed to be inserted in the rectum or anus for sexual pleasure. They are similar to a dildo but shorter and have a flared end to prevent loss in the rectum.

It is never a good idea to use a standard dildo anally as it may get stuck and require it being removed medically. Users of butt plugs include men and women of all sexual preferences. Those having anal sex should use large amounts of sexual lubricant and a slow, very gentle approach inserting and removing a butt plug.

Many use condoms for hygiene and allows for the ease of disposal of any feces. It is not a good idea to share them with other people, because of the risk of HIV. A butt plug is sometimes used in other ways rather than the anus, being rotated to and from the rectum, vagina, and mouth. This is an unsanitary way to engage in sexual stimulation and should be avoided unless precautions are made.

Butt plugs are available in different shapes, sizes, textures, and colors, and are also made from a variety of materials, the most common being latex. Those made from silicone is a good choice, as it can be sterilized in boiling water. There are vibrating butt plugs, those that can inflate and expand, and even those that ejaculate by squirting water into the rectum. There are some adult anal sex toys that are designed for stimulation of the prostate. Use and enjoy your sex toys.

The Ins & Outs of Anal Sex

Anal SexAnatomy:

Before you begin any anal sex play, you should understand the basic anatomy of what’s hiding in your derriere. The ass is divided into multiple parts, but the two pieces you need to focus on are the anal canal & the rectum.

The anal canal is about two inches long and contains the two sphincters you may have heard about. The first (external) sphincter is the muscle you feel when you tense up (feel free to play the home game and squeeze). This area of the body contains multiple nerve endings which can be quite pleasurable when the muscles are tensed and then relaxed. The second, internal, sphincter cannot be consciously controlled, however, the more relaxed you are, the easier it will be to pass this gateway. Once the external muscle is relaxed, the internal one should follow suit.

The anal canal then opens up into the rectum, which is about six inches long, but can vary. Within this s-shaped structure, you can potentially directly stimulate the p-spot in a man, or indirectly, the g-spot in a woman. Due to the musculature, sensations felt within the rectum can be experienced in the penile or vaginal regions.

The vagina lays in front of the rectum, and has thin walls that allow sensations to reverberate through. The bulb of the penis is also located nearby, and prostate stimulation can lead to arousal. However, our structures are all unique, so we all feel various amounts of pleasure at different spots. [Editor’s note: We’ll be writing a post about more specifics later, so stay tuned!]

A common concern with anal sex is unexpected & unwanted (unless that’s your thing) fecal matter. The rectum is a holding spot, and unless you feel the urge to use the bathroom, it will be fairly empty. There may be a scant amount of debris left, but if it’s been a few hours since you’ve evacuated, you should be fine. There are of course steps you can take in case you’re concerned, or if it would help you feel less conscious and more relaxed–and that’s the aim! [Editor’s note: If it’s not fun, why do it?]


In most cases, a warm shower or bath before any anal exploration will suffice. It’s normally a good idea to use some soapy water and a free hand to clean the anus, just like you would your other genitals. You can use a finger to clean just inside as well. [Editor’s note: Avoid harsh soaps, essential oils, coffee, alcohol, & astringents, as these will burn and can cause your body serious damage.]

If you’ve been keeping count, you’re at 8 inches of clean space. If you’re going to be playing with something (or someone) longer, then you may want to consider an enema/douche. Once you clear the rectum, you’re starting to play in the colon which does house fecal matter. If you’re planning on being railed or are in for some intense sex, then you may also want to consider something more thorough as this sort of activity can sometimes cause slippages from the colon.

Anal douching uses water to clean out the anal canal and rectum. You repeatedly introduce body temperature water to the rectum, and hold until you feel an urge to release. This process is repeated until the water rinses clear.

An enema is based on the same principle as a douche, but the water goes into the lower intestines as well. It can take a little longer since the water is going further, but can give you more reassurance.

With either an enema or a douche, avoid any play for a couple of hours. Your body does have a natural lubricant that lines the rectum, protecting it from irritation or nicking. You’ll want to allow time for this moisture to form again. You also shouldn’t use either of these cleansers too frequently so as not to disrupt the natural balance of chemicals and flora.

If you are the giver of anal joy, clean yourself or the chosen toy with warm soapy water or as per instructions.

Preparation & Lubrication For Anal Sex

If you’ve never experienced any anal stimulation/play/sex before, you should investigate by yourself, if only to learn how to relax. For example, I learned to ease into things by playing around in the shower. During your normal washing routine, slide a pinky finger in and wash around, just to get accustomed to the feeling of having something there.

You should notice at first than your asshole flinches; that’s the external sphincter kicking in. The more you relax, and see the experience as a pleasurable one, the more your reflex will ease. If you rim the anus with a warm and wet finger, you should find that you can more easily slip that finger inside.

Once you’ve learned to relax, you can either keep using your handy dandy digits, or you can use a toy, like a butt plug. Either way, you’ll need to use lubrication. I mentioned before that there is some moisture in the anal canal, however, it is not like vaginal or penile liquid which increases with arousal.

A lot of people will say to load up on the lube, however, in my personal experience, you will need more than other intercourse, but you don’t need to go crazy. If there isn’t enough, add some more. It’s a lot easier to add more than to take off.

It will come down to personal preferences as to what type of lubricant you use. As always, find something that is safe to use with your condoms, and something that you like. Different consistencies can have different results. You may want to include different lubes in the time you experiment, that way you’ll have a good idea as to your own preferences.

[Editor’s Note: If you are using toys for anal-play, make sure your lube is compatible with your toys! Oil-based lube is not compatible with condoms. Silicone lube can harm lower-quality silicone toys. When in doubt, use water-based lubricant. Have a specific lube question? Ask us in the comments, email sexymagic8ball AT bombshells-and-rockstars DOT com or ‘cause we’re always more than happy to help!]

As with all sexual activities, don’t push yourself to explore until you’re ready, and only go as fast as you’re comfortable with–it’s about you and your pleasure. When you get through the first sphincter, hold your hands/toy there and let yourself adjust to the feeling, and then push through the second one. Feel free to take some time in between these steps and hang out for a while, or walk away and come back to it later. (This shouldn’t be a chore!)

Some people need a lot of prep while others don’t, so figure out what works best for you. While I was always curious about my ass, I didn’t do much more than probing a finger there before I had anal sex, and I was just fine. If you do decide to use a toy, make sure it is one with a flared-base (like a butt plug). You don’t want to have to go fishing for something. If you use a dildo, make sure it is one that has some give and can adjust to the contours of the ass, as well as having a handle that serves as a flared-base to keep it from slipping too far inside and getting lost.

If this is your first time giving anal sex, you should also acquaint yourself with your anal space. Get to know the feelings and sensations so that you can relate to the person you’re planning on pegging. Try using a toy to feel what different speeds and intensities are like.

The giver can also ease the receiver into it; play with the ass, get the person used to you being there. From there you could use your finger to rim and tease the ass hole. If you’re comfortable, you could add in your tongue. If you’re on a familiar basis with each other, verbal arousal can go a long way too. Fantasize together; send e-mails/texts about how good things will feel. The mind is the biggest sex organ, don’t overlook it! If you don’t have the luxury of time, throw around some dirty talk between the sheets, create some anticipation and excitement. If your partner thinks s/he is going to enjoy it, chances are, s/he will.

Anal Sex Condoms

For safe sex, obviously, always use a condom. The tissue in the anal cavity is quite fine, and if it were to tear, any diseases or infections could be easily transmitted.

If you are particularly worried about fecal matter as well, a condom can be easily removed without much embarrassment. There are no particular styles or brands that are better than others for this type of sex, just go with personal preferences.

[Editor’s Note: Obviously, it’s important here to be aware of any latex allergies or sensitivities that you or a partner may have. There are non-latex condoms available. Nitrile gloves are also great for anal play & safer sex! And they come in sexy black or purple. Yum!]

Do keep extra condoms on hand if you’re a female and want to switch it up between anal and vaginal sex. The bacteria that is naturally in the anal canal is not meant to be introduced to the vagina, and doing so could cause an infection.

For the giver–if you’re with multiple partners in one session, or are switching between different orifices, make sure you keep a stash of condoms on hand to switch out.

Penetrative Anal Sex:

When you decide to have penetrative anal sex, there are a few things to keep in mind. By now, you should be adjusted to having something in your ass and you should feel as clean as you need to be comfortable. You are in control & need to stay aware (as giver or receiver); don’t rush or push too quickly.

Communicate what feels good and what doesn’t; otherwise, your playmate(s) will never know. I recommend starting off slow and steady, then speeding up and going deeper when you feel comfortable. Keep the lubrication on-hand, in case you need more. I would also stick to the basic positions like doggie style. This probably isn’t the time to be busting out the Kama Sutra. Most of all, enjoy!

If you decide you like anal play, there are more things you can do, such as rimming, fingering or ass-to-mouth. Play around with things, and figure out what you like.

If you have any resources you’d like to add, let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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