Fleshlight Turbo Review

Fleshlight Turbo Review

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If you have been following my blog for a long time, you might have noticed that I am huge fan of Fleshlights. I am so lucky to have used so many of their products and it goes without saying that these guys are good at their work. Rarely does Fleshlight make a toy that disappoints; all their products are effective and consistently high-end. I can rant all day about Fleshlight but let me spare that for another day.

I recently managed to lay my hands of Fleshlight Turbo and as usual I have been molesting it like it owes me money. This plaything is a beast when it comes to blowjobs, I mean you will never get a girl who does blowjobs like this toy. At least I have learnt a lot about the Fleshlight Turbo and that’s why I am here to give you a comprehensive review of this sex toy.

If you’ve been contemplating on whether you should buy A fleshlight Turbo, this review is for you. I will give you a clear picture of what this toy looks like as well as how it feel like. I hope this write up will give you all the information you need about Fleshlight Turbo.


What Is The Fleshlight Turbo?

fleshlight turbo reviewIn terms of appearance, you might confuse the Fleshlight Turbo with a race car part or a heavy-duty flashlight. The front part of this fleshlight has a sporty look, in fact, Turbo is a perfect name for this toy.

Unlike other fleshlights, this one was designed with the sole purpose of giving you awesome blowjobs. It’s a good alternative to pocket pussies and other male masturbators you own.

This toy is a bit cumbersome just like all full-size fleshlights. This should not turn you away from buying it because you can hold it using one hand. Other than having a sporty look, this toy has a sleeve that is designed to mimic a realistic blowjob. I have tried a few toys of a similar nature and none can match the quality of the Fleshlight Turbo.

The fleshlight turbo has a clear plastic casing that holds the contents in place. The inside is fitted with a fleshlight sleeve that is made from non-toxic patented material. Fleshlight Turbo comes in two different designs: Thrust and Ignition. Each of them has unique characteristics including the features and colors.

The fleshlight Turbos have a total length of 9.75 inches but the insertable length is 8.5 inches. . Large men have always been reluctant to buy fleshlights because of their size. Good news is that the Turbos have enough space to accommodate small, average and big dicks.The Turbos have a small screw-on cap at the bottom and its main role is to control the suction and acts as a cum catcher.
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Unlike the material used in the Stamina Training Unit, the Turbos have a little sticky material. This means that you have to apply plenty of the best lube for fleshlights if you are looking to enjoy a sloppy blowjob. When using Turbos, you should use water-based lubes such as Sliquid. SIlicone-based lubes are not good because they will destroy the inside of your sleeve.

I loved the fact that insertion is pretty easy with the Turbos. All you need is some good lube for your Fleshlight and an erect penis. Although the orifice does not like a real mouth, you will experience the same feeling you get when you insert your dick in your partner’s mouth. The canals are designed to be soft and tight in order to stimulate your penis head and shaft.

The Fleshlight Turbo Sleeves

fleshlight turbo review 2019

As I mentioned earlier, The fleshlight Turbo has two different variations (Thrust & Ignition). Each sleeve has a unique pattern and features. The only similarity between them is that they both have a non-anatomical orifice, 3 points of stimulation and the regular Fleshlight features.

The 3 points of stimulation are designed to mimic the lips, tongue and throat. The good thing with the turbos is that they are designed in a way that you will feel each point separately as you slide your junk in them.

The top of each sleeve resembles a dome which creates the feeling of sliding your dick past the lips. This section has a very tight fit , but once your get past this dome, you will be greeted by the chamber that feels like a tongue. The ed of this chamber has a slightly tight hole for you to enter. This hole leads to a canal that gives you the feeling of a throat. Amazingly, the canal starts out wide and tapers as you go deeper.

Fleshlight Turbo Review: What I like about the Fleshlight Turbos

Being among the best sex toys for men, there is a lot to like about the Fleshlight Turbo Lineup. Below are some of the features that made me fall in love with these blowjob machines.

3 points of insertion

I would be surprised if there is a person who does not like this feature. It is what makes the Turbos stand out among other Fleshlight toys. The 3 points are suspended in a way that imitates the structure of the mouth. The first section feels more like lips wrapping around my cock, while the second chamber feels like a tongue sucking my shaft, and the third chamber has a texture and canal that feels like a deepthroat fuck.

Live Action

I am pretty sure that every man will fall in love with the Fleshlight Turbos simply because they have clear sleeves. The colors of the ignition and thrust models allow you to see what is going on in the inside. Imagine watching your penis as it maneuvers past each and every chamber. Isn’t this enough to provide you with a knee-weakening orgasm?

Balance Beam

Although fleshlights are a bit cumbersome in general, I found out that the turbos are weighted for balance. You can beat your meat for as long as you want without getting tired. The designers of the Turbos were able to make devices that can be used for long masturbation sessions.


When it comes to Turbos, I love the fact that they are available in two models. Besides, each is unique and intense in its own ways. Both of them will give you the best blowjobs of your life.

What I hate about the Fleshlight Turbos

Although there is so much to like about the Fleshlight Turbos, I cannot deny that there are some things that didn’t please me. Below are some of them:

Before you start using your fleshlight sleeve, you have to warm it with warm water. Of course you can use when cold but you won’t enjoy  the feeling. I hate the fact that I have to spend up to 5 minutes preparing this plaything. Well, who has all the time to do all this staff?

The other problem that I noticed is the the material used in the sleeves gets tacky especially if you fail to use enough lube. You have to apply lube during the middle of the session in order to ensure the blowjob remains sloppy. Moreover, the sticky nature of the material attracts dust, lint and hair. This means you will have to clean the toy before use.

Speaking of cleaning, I am not gonna lie to you, it’s really a pain in the ass. This can be explained by the fact that the fleshlight has so many crevices that are hard to reach during cleaning. This means that the toy will trap bacteria and dirt if you fail to clean it properly.

The other problem that I experienced when jerking off with the Turbo is that my dick was easily tangled up especially if I slipped out of the throat chamber. Well, the problem can be fixed easily but you can imagine if your dick gets tangled up when you are about to blow your kink off. On the other hand, this might not be a problem for guys with small and average dicks.

In case you feel that the Turbos are heavy for you, you can invest in some good fleshlight aids as they will give you the assistance you need.

Last Word For the Fleshlight Turbo Review

In my Fleshlight Turbo Review, it is crystal clear that I was blown away by the feeling provided by this toy. I had some huge expectations when I ordered for my Fleshlight Turbo and sincerely speaking, I was more than happy to use it. This affirms my claim that Fleshlights are really great at what they do. I didn’t imagine I could have a sex toy that sucks my dick better than my girlfriend does.

If I was to rate this product out of 10, I would give it a solid 8. For one, it is a great fleshlight that does a perfect job when it come to blowjobs. Although, I have some problems with this toy, I am confident that the minor flaws will be amended in the future. I can’t wait for the new version of the Fleshlight Turbo because I will fuck it like it owes me money. Generally, the Fleshlight Turbo is a great toy to invest in if you are a huge fan of oral sex.

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