Quick Extender Pro Review- Does it Really Work?

quick extender pro review

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According to Quick Extender Pro, their penis traction device is designed to offer greater comfort and faster results than the competition. The design is made by Innovatech Designs Inc. a company based out of New York.

Penis traction devices work by slowly stretching out the skin of the penis. Over time this constant stretching causes microscopic tears to form along the shaft, this allows the cellular division to occur and allow the penis to increase in length and thickness.

When using a properly-designed and medically approved device, this process applies a gentle level of tension that is completely painless.


Within the short term usage of the first month, Quick Extender Pro reports that users can achieve an increase in the length of about one-quarter of an inch. In the second month of regular usage, some man report adding up to half an inch in length and girth.

The majority of the gain in penis size, however, is expected to occur within 3 to 6 months of consistent usage. During this time, men have reportedly gained anywhere from three-quarters of an inch to an inch and a half in size. To get maximum results, users are encouraged to wear the device for as many hours as possible throughout the day.

Ease of Use

The Quick Extender Pro will arrive fully assembled and just requires adjusting the tension to get the proper fit. Users have been less than satisfied with the fit and design of the Quick Extender Pro. Multiple users who have tried Quick Extender Pro have complained that the product is extremely poor in quality and breaks after less than a few weeks of use. Some men have complained that the device is extremely uncomfortable and has caused cuts and scabs on their penises.


According to the Quick Extender Pro website, their traction device has been clinically proven to correct penile curvature in 100% of cases by acting as a brace on the penis to counterbalance the curve. The design incorporates two silicon tubes at the glands to increase the level of comfort experienced while the spring-loaded system is thought to increase the level of tension.

Quick Extender Pro Review: Picking Your Package

does quick extender pro really work

Quick Extender Pro sells three-levels of systems.

#1. Value Edition – The standard basic kit is the cheapest model available and costs around $120. The device will fit penis sizes of up to 7 inches and delivers 2500 g of spring force.

#2. Deluxe Standard Edition – The deluxe edition of the Quick Extender Pro delivers 3000g of spring force and costs about $180. The package also contains a free one month supply of Rizer XL, enhancement pills designed to increase sexual performance and prevent premature ejaculation.

#3. Deluxe Limited Edition – This penis traction device comes along with an entire kit of extras. The penis extending device delivers 3500 g of spring force and provides a free 3-month supply of Rizer XL. Extra equipment pieces and several sex-related DVDs are also included. The total package costs about $350.

Final Verdict

The reviews of the Quick Extender Pro from medical professionals and users who have purchased the product tend to be mixed. Some customers have made complaints about being unable to reach customer service or being treated rudely when they do. Of all the products that we have tested, the Quick Extender Pro just does not come out on top and we can not recommend this penis traction device over more highly-rated and medically approved devices on the market.

Quick Extender Pro is an American based penis enlargement company that produces the Quick Extender Pro penis extension device. This one of a kind apparatus is referred to as a penis enlargement device that can be used to permanently increase penile length and circumference.

Similar to SizeGenetics, another very reputable P.E. Company, Quick Extender Pro stands out by using an advance attachment method to work both effectively and safely.

It is available for purchase in three different packages – the ‘Value’ package, the ‘Deluxe Standard’ package, and the ‘Deluxe Limited’ package. QEP can be combined with a booster pump and a supply of male enhancement pills to optimize overall results, all of which is featured in the Deluxe Limited package. Known more for their high quality penis extender, Quick Extender Pro provides men with the perfect opportunity to lengthen and thicken erection size, while capitalizing on minimal effort and effortless operation (practically).

The highlights of this device include:

  • Double Strap System Support Piece (DSS Technology)
  • Swivel Base For Easy Adjustment
  • One Click Multi Stage Adjustment Precision Trac™
  • Various Medical Grade Components
  • Tension Springs That Are Highly Calibrated (Borderline Dangerous)

The highlights of their premier package include:

  • The combination of a high-quality P.E. device, set of male enhancement pills, and penis pump
  • The highest calibrated tension stretching springs on the market
  • Medical grade support components and deluxe comfort components
  • Spare parts

While exact details are not featured on the official manufacturer website regarding component creation and manufacturing, live chat support is available for clarification or the lack thereof. The end result of the Quick Extender Pro extender is very clear: effectivepermanent penis enlargement.

What Makes Quick Extender Pro Better Than The Rest?

In just a few paragraphs I’ll explain why Quick Extender Pro is one the best options for you if you are considering this form of penis enlargement and why you should compare it so you know exactly what you’ll get if elect this brand to help boost your confidence, enjoy sex more, and live life like a stallion.

Quick Extender Pros’ Quality Build & Ease-Of-Use

No one telling you the truth will tell you that penis enlargement can happen in a few short weeks. The process can take 6 months – 18 months depending on the degree of results you are after. With such a long time frame involved in making your penis bigger, you’ll want a penis extender that is durable and ready for use that requires minimal effort and is very easy to set up. Quick Extender Pro nails all of the details precisely.

It’s built is constructed from high-quality materials that last and can be relied upon to not bend or break when the conditions in your daily life become active. It is very easy to set up, customize, and strap on, since its unique 2 in 1 support system allows for comfortable attachment and effective stretching.

The notable qualities that make it a worthy device are its ‘Double Strap Support’ technology30-second quick setup, and effective levels of stretching tension.

2 In 1 Gets The Job Done

Most other penis extender brands use one fastener to strap to your penis. This then allows a penis extender to apply stretching tension. Quick Extender Pro’s double strap support allows you to use either one or two fasteners to attach the device and permit it to stretch your penis.

Why is this important or even relevant for that matter?

Only one method of attachment can cause more than the needed strain on your penis, requiring you to remove your device for a few minutes to allow blood to recirculate towards the head of your penis. This also makes it so that stretching tension is applied to just one area of your penis, meaning that tension is not distributed proportionally.

Using Quick Extender Pros 2 in 1 fastener system allows the device to grip your penis with less grip along to spots of your shaft and exerts stretching tension more proportionally along the length of your shaft. This is return produces better gains that are faster, require less effort on your part, and is safer all around.

Quick Extender Pro Is Easy To Setup

You’ll only know this once you do it yourself and because of video reviews/guides of this device, you can watch how easy it is to set up and put to good use. No matter how many times we tell you this, the only way you’ll know for sure is if you order your own. You can assure your purchase with Innovatech Designs’ 6-month guarantee – if you do not produce gains as specified, typically measurable gains, you can request your money back for a full refund after 6 months.

The just of setting this device up is as follows:

Inserting your penis through the base ring and resting it on the front piece. Then using either one or two of the noose fasteners, tightening the fastener(s) around your shaft so that the device it in place and ready to stretch.

After these steps are performed, angling the device to a degree that is comfortable under clothing is next. Loose fitting clothing is best when wearing Quick Extender Pro, so be sure you r tight clothing stays at bay.

Why Quick Extender Pro Is Safe

Remember how I mentioned the ‘Double Strap Support’? This technology allows for more proportionate tension stretching and less grip.

This removes the hindrance of insufficient blood circulation and allows for max stretching since this device can exert large amounts of stretching tension at your leisure (over 3000+ grams depending on the package). This also goes along with the fact that lesser penis extender brands have been clinically tested and verified to work very well for penis enlargement in a safe manner.

Its DSS technology. First generation extenders use a single strap support system, meaning that one fastener is used to attach the device to your penis. QEP’s DSS support uses two fastener attachment components to secure the device comfortably to your penis. Most device lack effectiveness because of their proneness of falling off or becoming to lose and not exerting stretching tension in the right way.

Plus you have the option of choosing their deluxe memory foam pads if you opt for the high-end QEP package.

Combining comfort and effective operation makes this penis extender one of the best. Keep in mind however QEP does push the limits of safety by using highly calibrated tension springs to exert stretching tension along the length of your shaft.

More tension means faster results or if you would rather be safe you will need to extend for a longer period of time to produce worthwhile results. If you want a truly safe, comfortable, and effective device, X4 Labs might be right for you.

Why Should You Consider The Quick Extender Penis Extender?

quick extender pro before and after

We know the penis extender sector inside and out. Among the dozens of brands out there, most of which are difficult to find any information on, Quick Extender Pro explains why you should want a bigger penis using penile traction, not why you need it or have to have it.

Firstly, stretching tension exerted using a penile traction device, QEP being a fine example, is proven to be both safe and effective. You can read more about this by searching the open directory project’s penis enlargement resources.

We have an awesome write-up all about penis enlargement if you really need convincing proof that P.E. Is right for you.

Believe us when we say this – Quick Extender Pro is well worth the time and effort just to consider. There are a few sites referenced in the right sidebar for more info on this truly unique device.

Quick Extender’s DSS

does quick extender pro really work

The Double Strap Support system pioneered by QEP is as seemingly simple as it is sophisticated & effective. It’s the penis extender equivalent of the jet engine.

By carefully implementing a second strap the QEP people managed to distribute the pressure across a wider area of the neck of the penis solving two problems simultaneously: uncomfortable strangulation & slip-reduction.

The trickiest part to the problem of designing a penis extender is how to get a grip on the penis to exert steady, comfortable, unchanging tension for hours on end.

All aim to grip below the glans (head) of the penis and pull it away from the body, but QEP’s DSS system perfected the craft.

While effective, other brands often have to be continually readjusted during usage periods, leading a user to wonder if he’s not doing a good deal of the job manually when it should be left to the device.

In addition to reducing slippage and discomfort, another knock-on effect of the DSS is an increase in effectiveness.

Not only can you wear a QEP device longer than the other brands, increasing the rate of growth results, but the distribution of pressure across a broader surface area also utilizes half the necessary tension to invoke the same amount of growth.

Add to this consideration that QEP provides top-of-the-industry strength spring tension (above 3500g in most current models) and you’re getting at least 200% effectiveness for every minute you wear a QEP.


For all the reasons stated above, it’s not hard to see why QEP gets our Top Pick for penile extension devices. If you’re concerned about your budget, QEP is at the front of the pack for value and discounts. If you’re a conscientious buyer, QEP is made and shipped from the USA.

If you need strict and easy-to-understand instructions and documentation, QEP has that covered. Looking for fast service and 100% privacy? QEP delivers like a ninja.

The best design, greatest comfort, most longevity, broadest options, and highest overall quality all belong to QEP. The only downside is that, with their current dominance over their competitors, there is a chance they might be sold out of stock if you wait too long to buy.

Where Can You Buy Quick Extender Pro?


Purchasing it from eBay, craigslist, or another popular third-party website could be a complete ripoff or cause devastating, irreversible results.

Would you wear something that was attached to another man’s penis? What if he has HIV?! Don’t buy ANY P.E. Product unless it is from the official manufacturer. The official site is linked over on the right in the sidebar.

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