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My Top 9 Best Butt Plugs Reviewed

1. B Vibe Rimming Butt Plug

best butt plug reviews

If I am going to put anything into my butt hole, I prefer something that I can give me utmost pleasure, and B-Vibe’s vibrating and rimming butt plug offers just that. It’s the world’s first rimming butt plug with a vibrating tip. Without fear of contradictions, I would say that this is the most enjoyable butt plug that I have ever used.

Here are a few features that stood out to me when I first reviewed the B-Vibe Rimming Butt Plug

  • The rotating and rimming base, of course
  • An orgasmic vibrating tip
  • The B-Vibe Butt Plug offers both on-toy and remote-controlled wireless vibrations
  • It’s fully rechargeable
  • Total length is 6.1” with an insertable length of 4.8”

The only problem with this butt plug is they (B-Vibe) should come up with a larger model, and that’s only because I have been using butt plugs for a couple of years now and I crave for something that’ll give me a fuller feeling. However, if you are just starting out and looking for a butt plug that will give you all sorts of enjoyable sensations, the B-Vibe Vibrating and Rimming Butt plug is your thing.

If you’re ready to savor the newest trends in wireless anal plug pleasure, then you are ready for the B-Vibe Vibrating and Rimming butt plug. It’s available in black or blue and is constructed from some very smooth and seamless silicone, giving it a rather tantalizing high-end feel.

B-Vibe’s vibrating butt plug offers stimulation from two main points- The rotating beads in the neck and the vibrator at the very tip of the anal plug. The beads are an incredibly innovative idea in a butt plug and are worth trying. The feeling they give is so pleasurable that you won’t believe it took you this long to discover it.

The vibrations at the tip are incredibly intense.

I found the butt plug rather easy to insert partly due to its smooth finish and mostly from the fact that it feels heavier than many other anal plugs that I have used.

2. Je Joue Nuo Vibrating Anal Plug

best butt plugs

If you can forgive the quite a mouthful name, the Je Joue Nuo Butt Plug is an incredible anal plug with different amazing settings and speeds that deliver a lifetime of pleasure and anal fun.

I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed by your purchase of the Je Joue Nuo butt plug. The power and pleasure that comes out of this seemingly small toy is simply unbelievable.

However, if you’re the kind of guy that likes penny-pinching on your pleasure toys, you may want to skip the Nuo Luxury Butt Plug for this cheaper alternative.

The Nuo anal plug costs more than twice what your ordinary butt plug costs but it’s also twice as good as any toy you may have owned in the past. It’s made from better materials, has incredibly strong vibrations, a longer battery life, more functionality…  it steals the whole damn show!

I found the battery life on this butt plug quite commendable. The product advertises two hours of battery life after charging for an equal amount of time, and that’s exactly what you get. It’s not like other toys whose battery life would depend on the intensity of the vibrations. This toy will give you two hours of battery life regardless of the vibration intensities.

3. Real Vibes Anal Trainer Kit- Best Butt Plug Kit for Beginners

how to buy a butt plug

This is the best set of butt plugs that will enhance your sex life without any disappointments. Real Vibes deserves all the credit for making such soft, flexible silicone set of toys to provide us with intimate play.

The reason why I have named them as one of the best butt plugs is that they are sold as a set. The set contains 4 medical grade silicone butt plugs of different sizes. This implies that this set of toys is ideal for beginners who are looking to explore the world of anal sex.

At least Real vibes designed a brand of anal plugs that beginners can use to train for anal sex. You can start using the small sized butt plug and advance slowly to the next sizes until you get to the big one.

  • The small plug is 4 inches long and 1 inch wide at the widest part.
  • The medium plug has a length of 4.5 inches and a width of 1.12 inches
  • The large plug is 5 inches long and 1.25 inches at its widest point.
  • The x-large plug is 6 inches long and 1.5 inches at its widest point.

I love this toys because they are made medical grade silicone which is hypoallergenic and nontoxic in nature. This assures you that you will not get any skin reactions or rashes on your anal area. I also fell in love with the suction cups that are fitted at the base because they allow one to have a hands free anal play.

2. PALOQUETH Silicone Beginner Anal Plug Toy Kit

best butt plugs for men

If you’ve been reading through my sex toy reviews and guides, you might have noticed that Paloqueth is appearing in almost all of my posts. This is a clear indication that almost all products made by Paloqueth are awesome and high quality. I have definitely had a taste of their anal plug toys kit and all I can say is that they are legit.

For starters, I really like the fact that their butt plugs come with a large T-shaped handle that allows me to eject the the plug with ease. Moreover, the handle stops the plug from going so deep into the rectum. The other feature is that the toys have a superior quality. This is because they are made from a smooth FDA approved silicone material that is super flexible and firm enough to penetrate through the butt hole.

I also got to love the unique design of these toys; they come with narrow rounded tips that allow the user to push the toy into the anus without feeling pain. Moreover, each toy has contours that will give you an incredible feeling as you push the toy into your rectum.

When buying Paloqueth anal plug toy kit, you will have the option to choose whether you want a set of 3 or a set of 4.There is no doubt that these toys will give you the anal pleasure you’ve been looking for.

3. Hisionlee 4PCS Anal Plug set

what is the best way for women to use butt plugs

Whenever I am looking for a new type of butt plug, I tend to go for those that come in sets. I am yet to buy the Hisionlee Anal plug Set but I am definitely going to buy because it has some nice reviews from users. This particular brand of toys comes with 4 different butt plugs, a lubricant and 1 enema.

Just like most of my picks, this one has a tapered tip to facilitate an easy and smooth insertion. Most customers have praised Hisionlee butt plugs for their pharmaceutical grade silicone material.  Silicone is great when it comes to smoothness and flexibility.

With the right amount of anal lube, this sex toy will enter your ass smoothly without any discomfort. The plugs also have a powerful suction at the base which allows users to stick the toy wherever they want to. At least you can have anal fun without holding the toy every now and then.

Unlike some of the butt plugs on the market, these ones can be used anywhere because they have a waterproof design. Moreover, you will find that they are easy to clean with warm water and soap. You definitely have to try these anal plugs and see whether they will spice up your bedroom affairs.

4. Doc Johnson Mood

inflatable butt plug

Are you looking to explore the world of anal play? Well, I have something that might work for you before your ass starts craving for something large. The Doc Johnson Silicone toy will definitely work wonders on your butt hole and prostate gland (Also check our best-rated prostate massagers).

I find this toy ideal for beginners because it has an insertable length of only 3 inches and a girth of 0.8 inches. At least, this butt plug won’t tear your anal muscles.

Being one of the best butt plugs today, this toy will stimulate your p-spot and other erogenous areas. The toy is made of high quality silicone that is free from phthalate; you do not have to worry about skin reactions in your rectum. Unlike some of the butt plugs, the Doc Johnson has a narrow tapered base that allows the toy to stay in place without feeling uncomfortable. This butt plug is definitely a good companion for your solo sessions.

5. AKStore Wild Fox Tail Anal Plug

jeweled butt plugMmmmh, are you looking for a toy that is an unmatched staple of the kinky scene? Well, I am guessing the AKStore Wild  fox’s tail butt plug will be a good option for you. This one is definitely one of the best butt plugs especially for those who love roleplay. This toy comes with an awesome, life-like tail that is great for casual erotic roleplay.

The butt plug section is made using stainless steel which is easy to clean after use. Moreover, the material does not rust and won’t harm your skin. This butt plug is suitable for beginners because it is small and convenient to insert. The tail is available in different colors which include white, black, golden and black silicone. The appearance alone will have you craving to have this butt plug hanging from your asshole. Make sure to include this cute butt plug to your collection of anal toys.

6. My Mood Naughty Plug

I wish I could say there is something extremely special about this plug aside from the base, but I can’t. It’s a butt plug made of medical grade silicone so it is Phthalate free, hypoallergenic, non-porous and can be sterilized to share with the world.

My Mood Naughty Plug is the large version which gives you around 4.5” of insertable length and 1.25” diameter at its largest point, it’s tapered after all. I mention that 1.25” of the insertable length is for the neck and can’t really be felt. I feel that it’s a bit long and jips you of the experience. Not to mention that I found that my body seemed to put the neck out and pull it back in. This could have been fun if it had any real feeling, but it was just too small for me. A bad analogy would be pursing your lips slightly and sucking on a pencil like you’re studying for a test.  You feel it but you don’t.

This plug is good for anal play beginners due to its size. It’s small enough that insertion with water-based lubricant should be comfortable and large enough that it provides a “something in me” sensation without being uncomfortable. The largest point as I mentioned is 1.25” around. This is right at the very end of the taper which immediately drops off to the neck part of the toy. I recommend it more than other plugs of smaller size due to open C-shaped bottom, which I’ve made a huge point to drill into your skulls over and over.

However, if you’re a more experienced anal player and something that fills you a bit more, this isn’t for you. If you want something that only you know is in for the hotness factor then go for it. As for myself, I found it a nice change of size and something I’d use again for those days I want to feel naughty and walk around comfortably in public.

7. Nexus Silo

biggest butt plug ever

The Nexus Silo is packaged in a basic transparent plastic box. No trampy looking women or airbrushed six-packs. Thumbs up for that! One thing that I really liked about the packaging is that there is a seal across the top, guaranteeing that it has not been opened without your knowledge.

At face value, the Silo looks quite ordinary. The insert able length is slightly longer than 4″ and the width just exceeds 1.5″. While the Silo isn’t the largest anal toy I have used, it isn’t the smallest either…not by a long shot. I knew it wasn’t just going to pop right in. I wouldn’t recommend it as a first anal plug. You will have to work up to it.

Being silicone, you need to use water based lube. After applying a generous amount, I got to work getting it inserted. It went in a lot smoother than I thought. I attribute that to the smooth contoured shape, a definite plus. I did go pretty slow to avoid any discomfort and that seemed to help as well.

vibrating butt plug

This plug really gives you a full feeling. The weight of it adds to the sensation. The shape lends itself well to stimulating the prostate. My orgasm was definitely heightened with it in place.

first time butt plug

Due to the size, post orgasm, I did have a little bit of discomfort but it wasn’t unexpected. It slid out with almost no effort so it wasn’t an issue. This has been a concern with some of the other plugs of this size that I have used.

Overall, this is a very nice plug. The silicone is ultra-smooth and the quality is very apparent. If you are looking for a medium sized prostate simulator, the Silo is a good bet.

8. Fun Factory Bootie

Sometimes it is difficult to not have a preconceived notion about a sex toy. It can go either way. Some toys you “know” you are going to love. Others you “know” are going to be a dud. The amazing thing is that 90% of the time, I’m wrong. When it came to the Fun Factory Bootie, I was dead wrong.

best anal plugs

When I got the box from Babeland earlier in the month, I was totally blown away by the Icicle and underwhelmed by the Bootie. I hadn’t realized there was going to be such a size difference. After the Icicle, I didn’t think I was even going to be able to feel the Bootie(2-1/2” x 1”). Aside from being a bit under the weather, that was a big reason why it took me another two weeks before deciding to review it.

I finally decided I couldn’t put it off any more. Belle was out for the morning and since I’m unlocked until Christmas, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

best butt plug for beginners

After lubing it up with a decent amount of water based lube(it comes with a sample packet of lube but I didn’t use it), I inserted the plug. I was right about one thing. It went in a lot easier! That was the only thing I was right about. With the help of this tiny little plug, I was cumming in no time flat! It is just enough to feel without being distracting. This is the first toy that has ever given me a hands-free prostate massage. I couldn’t help but rock back and forth a bit to vary the pressure.

The shape of this plug is perfect. The base is small enough to fit snug and allow you to sit with no problem whatsoever. It is also very sturdy and I see no problems with it getting stuck. I walked around with it inserted for a very brief time. It wasn’t going anywhere. I definitely think this is one I could try wearing for a couple hours.

very small butt plug

Cleaning was very easy. Being silicone, you can clean it just about any way you like. Boil it, put it in the dishwasher, toy cleaner, or just use some good old soap and water. I highly recommend storing it in the package because the downside to toys made of this material is dust/hair/lint collection.

Packaging for The Bootie is basic and effective. You can clearly see the product so there are no questions about size or shape.

I would highly recommend this plug to anyone looking for some subtle prostate play.  I loved it and will definitely be using it again.

9. Icicles Glass Plug

To say that I was excited about the Icicles Glass Plug would be quite the understatement. Stainless Steel appears to be all the rage right now, and I must admit that I am itching to give it a go, but it is undeniable that glass toys have a ton of sex appeal of their own.

The first thing that I noticed when unwrapping the package was the weight.

“Oh my God, this thing is going to kill me!”

That was my first impression. The packaging is very sleek and sexy. There is a flap over the plastic window that is held closed by a magnet. A nice touch that I totally missed in my excitement. I open the thing up right away. I just had to see this thing and determine how much of that weight was the packaging itself. The answer is…not much!

Larger than I expected, I was starting to wonder what I got myself into with this one. That thought lasted about two seconds and was replaced with a crazy desire to have this plug inside me. It is a true work of art. Not a blemish to be found. Smooth as silk and extremely solid. Being hand-blown, I expected some imperfections, but I found none.

8 Best First Butt Plug Set for Your Wife or Husband 1

Length: 6″
Insertable length: 4″
Circumference: 5 1/2″
Diameter: 1 5/8″
Neck diameter: 7/8″
Weight: 7 oz

I have been unlocked since vacation although I was still orgasmless (almost 3 months).

When Belle and I settled in to use this beauty, I’ll admit, I was very nervous. As I’ve said before, we are not beginners when it comes to anal play, but we are far from advanced. Our experience includes fingers, dildos, strap-ons, beads, and a very small flexible plug. I made the mistake of not really paying attention to the size of this plug when I requested it. I was enamored with its beauty and that isn’t a mistake I’ll be making again. This plug is substantially bigger than all the others I have on my list of must-trys. None of this curbed my enthusiasm. I’m not one to back down from a challenge. After a fair amount of warming up, we were ready to go.

Belle applied a generous amount of water-based lube (the Pyrex is compatible with any type of lube you desire) and slowly started working the plug inside me. VERY slowly. In hindsight, it was a pretty intense process and I wasn’t ready for the size. In case you haven’t noticed, glass doesn’t have much give… The heat of the moment took over, however, and with a lot of patience and coaxing me to relax, the entire thing was inside me. As I took the last part in, I experienced quite a bit of discomfort for about 10 seconds. I was about to pull the plug (bwahahahaha) but my body relaxed and aside for a little aching, it felt great. Very full!

This whole time, I had no stimulation to my penis. It may have been a bit easier if I had stroked myself a bit while she put it in. Will have to try that next time. Now that it was in, Belle asked me if I wanted her to fuck me. You bet your sweet ass I did! She climbed on top and rode me hard. She then asked if I would like to cum with it in me sometime. I was intrigued to find out how that would feel so I replied in the affirmative. She told me to do it.8 Best First Butt Plug Set for Your Wife or Husband 2

She rode me harder and faster. Seconds later, I felt the sensation I had missed for a quarter of a year.

If you have read my other blog, you will know that my first orgasm after a period of chastity is typically too intense to enjoy very much. The second orgasm is usually pure bliss. Well when you add to the intensity a Pyrex torpedo in my rectum, it is a little more than I can handle. I’m not saying the orgasm wasn’t good, it was just a sensory overload that left me quite tender.

Another thing that took away from the moment was the instant fear of having to remove it. As soon as I came, that little predicament hit me. I shouldn’t have worried. It came out a lot easier than it went in.

So what about prostate stimulation? To be honest, it is a little fuzzy for me. I know it was hitting but the size was overwhelming me so much that I’m not sure how much prostate stimulation there actually was. Belle did comment that as soon as she got it all the way in, my cock started leaking like crazy. It had to have been hitting something good!

Cleaning couldn’t be easier! Since the glass is non-porous, it can be boiled, washed in a dishwasher, cleaned with toy cleaner. Hell, you could probably even strap it to the hood of your car and run it through a car wash! That may be a little extreme though.

Another property of the glass is the ability to change the temperature. A bowl of warm or cold water will totally change the experience.

This plug WILL be used again. Probably not for a while, however. I want to get some more plugs and work my way up to it properly. If you already have some experience with plugs, the size might not be as much of an issue, and in that case, you will love this work of art!

Before You Buy Your First Anal Plug

The first butt plug that I ever used was way too big for me. I was in so much pain trying to get the plug inside me that I figured I would give up completely on ever trying anything like this again. After that first time, and not being able to enjoy my anal plug like I had thought I would, I spent a lot of time thinking about what I was doing wrong. All that thinking led me to the Internet in search of a solution to my little problem.

The first thing I came across was a beginner’s blog to butt plugs for men. The top rule it listed was that I should find the smallest plug I can find. Since I figured that the smallest one wouldn’t give me any pleasure at all, I moved right on past it for something three times bigger. But reading that made me realize that I was going about this thing the wrong way. I was trying to jump in with both feet when I should have been toe-testing the water first to see what the temperature was and how deep it might end up being.

Once I started using a smaller butt plug, I was able to find the pleasure I had missed out on with the first one. That was almost five years ago and, after taking some time to get used to the plug, I was finally able to get that first one inside me. I realized that it went in a lot easier and there wasn’t any pain to be had from it. That was the moment when I realized that I was on the right track and this was indeed something I could enjoy. Now, I just have to find a bigger plug to see how far I can actually go.

best beginner butt plug

Now I use the best butt plugs for men quite often and I don’t have the same issues with them anymore. I can go on about my life even with the anal plug in place because I have gotten used to the size of the thing. I probably won’t be trying one bigger anytime soon, but I don’t have to purchase one that is smaller now, which is a good thing.

Butt plugs definitely aren’t for every guy to be playing with, but for those that want the experience, they are definitely worth the effort and time you put in to get used to them being inside you.

Why You Should Invest in the Best Butt Plug for Men

Are you bored of having the same kind of sex and you are looking to spice up your bedroom affairs? Well, I would suggest you try the best butt plugs and see whether they will work wonders for you and your partner.

I have been in the same situation you are today and ever since we started using butt plugs with my lover, we have never looked back. In fact, rarely do we have sex without bringing a butt plug into the mix.

Using A Butt Plug Doesn’t Make You Gay

Few guys in the world understand the aspect of using a butt plug for men without thinking that it will make them gay.

Of course, anyone that has ever used anal toys for men knows this isn’t true. That just seems to be what most straight guys will think when they start looking at them online. The funny thing about it is that having a gay experience with a butt plug doesn’t mean that you are going to have to give up your straight life at all. It just means that you have opened your eyes to the reality of enjoying your life the way you want to.

I have used some of the best butt plugs for men for quite some time now, and the experience has not turned me gay yet. I was one of those guys that thought anything anal would end up making me crave gay encounters, but I found out that isn’t how it works.

My girlfriend actually got me interested in anal play because she wanted to try out something different in the bedroom. She thought it would be interesting if I tried a butt plug just to see if I could handle it. The first one we got was definitely one that I couldn’t handle but that was because it was too big for me.

The only other problem I encountered when starting my journey was the difficulty of choosing a good anal plug. The market has a lot of types to an extent that you even get confused on which one to pick. I had to buy butt plugs three times before I learned how to pick a good one. Today I am an expert in this field and that’s why I am here to guide you through. Hopefully, my reviews and guides will help you to choose the best butt plugs for the money.

Shopping for The Best Beginner Butt Plug- 4 Considerations

If you’re searching for a unique butt plug, it might disappoint you to learn that there really aren’t any of those to be found.

The thing is, butt plugs can come in various sizes and colors, but the design tends to be pretty much all the same. There’s a reason for this, though. When butt plugs were first invented, they needed to be a certain shape in order to be inserted correctly and do what they were meant to do. So it was out of necessity for these devices to always look similar.

Now, if you’re one of those more adventurous men that like to experiment when it comes to anal pleasures, you can veer away from the typical butt plug options. In fact, you can probably go into your kitchen and find some useable food in there to help you out with your dilemma of being bored.

Carrots, cucumbers, and bananas have been known to take the place of dildos so why wouldn’t they work as butt plugs, too. All you would have to do is cut any of those food items into the size you need and slide it right into your tight little anus. Chances are good that they would work just fine.

On the other hand, if you’re not that creative in the kitchen or you don’t use a knife well, try looking at the various sites online that specialize in selling such items. It may astound you at the different types of butt plugs that will turn up. These can be ordered discreetly and delivered right to your doorstep. Even the postal carrier won’t realize what is being brought to you because of the plain wrapping. It’s definitely worth a shot if you’re really bored with the items you find in your local adult shop.

Most of you are probably asking what they should consider when shopping for a butt plug. Well, do not stress any more because I am about to give you some insights on the same. Below are some of the most important factors you should look for:

The Butt Plug Material

The construction of a butt plug is one of the key factors that should influence your decision. You will find there are so many types of materials that are used to make butt plugs.

In case you are looking for something flexible and durable, you can go for a skin-safe silicone model like the Real Anal Trainer Kit from Real Vibes. On the other hand, if you are looking for something rigid and fancy, you can consider buying one that is made from glass or metal.

What Features Kink it for You?

The features of the butt plug are important because they determine the level of fun you will have. For me, I prefer something that will give me mind-blowing orgasms. This is the reasons why advocate for butt plugs that have ridges, contours or those that are a bit long and thick. I Understand that some people are just looking for something simple without so many features. In this case, you can opt for the simple manual butt plugs.

Size of the Butt Plug

Butt plugs are available in all sizes so it is not difficult to find the size that you need. The more difficult part of this process is most likely trying to figure out what size you need. As these are not items that you can try on before you buy them, there will be other ways to ascertain what size an individual will need.

If you are trying to figure out what size butt plug you will need, you might try the fingertip method. Insert the tip of a finger into your anus and use that as a guide in choosing the best size for you. Start with your smallest finger and work your way up through all of them until you find the one that feels good rather than uncomfortable. Then compare the size of the correct fingertip with the sizes of the plugs. This has worked for a lot of men, especially when they were first starting to venture into the world of anal play.

Something else to remember about buying a butt plug is that getting one too small or too large can cause some very unpleasant experiences. You see, a plug that is too small might simply disappear into your anus and you MIGHT never manage to locate it again without the help of your doctor.

On the other hand, a butt plug that is too large can cause quite a bit of pain and damage to the anus. It may stretch it to the point of tearing and bleeding. If it is too severe, you could also end up at the hospital for assistance. Both of these things can be easily avoided, however, when you pay attention to the correct size.

You will agree with me that the size of an anal plug matters a lot. If you are used to using anal toys, you will definitely want to go for something that is large in order to satisfy your urges. On the other hand, anal sex beginners should start with small-sized plugs so that they are not overwhelmed by the pleasure.

What are People Saying About the Best Butt Plugs?

For you to find the best butt plugs, it is important to do a research and read what people are saying about certain products. Most online stores allow customers who have bought products to give their opinions. You will definitely get to know a lot in such platforms and this will help you land on a good anal plug.


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