Why Do Some Guys Nut So Fast?

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There are three things that every guy fears; being told by a woman that he has a small penis, experiencing erectile dysfunction or nutting fast. If you have ever experienced any of these you know how embarrassing it is especially when trying to explain to your partner why it happened.

Nutting in under 1 minute is even more embarrassing. How do you even start explaining why you nutted quick. Don’t worry, research shows that 1 in every three men has experienced premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is ejaculating within 15 seconds of intercourse.

However, the common understanding of premature ejaculation is ejaculating in under 2 minutes. It may vary depending on the culture and place.

Why Do Guys Nut Fast?

why do guys nut fast

Although the exact cause of premature ejaculation is unknown, doctors often associate it with biological and psychological factors. Until recently, the cause of premature ejaculation was thought to be psychological, now doctors are convinced that it’s caused by a complex interaction of both biological and psychological factors.

Some of the biological causes include:

  • Inherited traits
  • Abnormal hormone levels
  • Nerve damage or trauma
  • Thyroid problems
  • Abnormal reflex activity in the ejaculatory system
  • Abnormal levels of neurotransmitters
  • Prostate infection

Psychological Factors That Can Make a Guy Nut Too Fast

1. Depression and anxiety

This is the most common cause of premature ejaculation. Almost every guy has experienced anxiety or depression. If you are dealing with anxiety issues when having sex, chances are that you will not enjoy it and you will ejaculate early.

Anxiety during sex can be triggered by issues such as worrying too much about your sexual performance. The more you focus on your performance the more likely you are to perform poorly in bed.

Sex is more than just penetration, there is also foreplay and role play. Focus your energy in making the moment memorable.

2. Relationship problems

Most couples don’t like to admit that relationship problems are one of the leading cause of sexual problems. Learn to communicate with your partner. How hard is it to dedicate a few minutes for quality interaction with your partner?

Understand what your partner is going through and what you can do to help him/her overcome the challenge. You might experience premature ejaculation not because you have a problem but because there is an underlying issue.

Talk to your partner and together figure out a way to fix this issue.

3. Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction affects your ability to achieve and retain an erection. Logic dictates that if you suffer from ED, you will try to ejaculate as fast possible before your penis becomes soft. This means that you are likely to ejaculate before it’s over.

If this continues for long your body might develop a pattern of cumming quickly every time you engage in sexual intercourse, which will eventually become premature ejaculation.

4. Body image issues

Self-confidence could be the key to your bedroom performance. Appreciate and love your body just the way it is. It doesn’t matter whether you are fat, skinny or have a small penis. Be confident and it will reflect in your bedroom performance.

Having low self-esteem and/or body image issues will often result in premature ejaculation. Always remember that no one is perfect, so stop obsessing over your body image and give her some grade A pipe.

5. He’s inexperienced

We’ve all heard stories of guys who lost their virginity in less than 30 seconds. It probably happened to you too. The excitement of having sex for the first time combined with inexperience could be the reason you nutted fast. It happens.

Fortunately, the first time guys often have the energy to go for 3 or more rounds. From experience, I can say that the refractory period is almost non-existent in virgins. If I remember correctly, I came 4 times the first time I had sex.

How to prevent premature ejaculation

Women take longer to orgasm, they take a little bit longer to arouse and experience sexual pleasure. On the other hand, men just need to see their partner naked and boom! He’s got a boner. A man takes 5-7 minutes to orgasm while women take about 15-20 minutes to orgasm.

This difference will always be the reason women think men cum quick.

How do you fix this?

Extended foreplay

Talk to your partner and learn what turns them on. Incorporate what you’ve learned in your foreplay and use it to stimulate her body. Focus on her erogenous zones and by the time you penetrate her, she’ll be so close to her peak that a few strokes will do the trick.

Come up with new ways to explore; there is oral sex, use of the best sex toys for couples, anal play, role play, and rough sex. Discover new ways to intimately reconnect with your partner outside the realm of orgasms.

Condoms, creams and male enhancements

Raw sex may not be the best approach especially if you are overly sensitive. Wearing a condom coated with mild anesthetics will desensitize your penis thus helping you last longer.

Others suggest numbing creams. It might work but at what cost? If your penis is numb it means you will not feel anything, which beats the purpose of having sex.

There is also PrematureX– a male enhancement supplement whose sole purpose is to help you last longer. It is fast acting and you can take a capsule or two 30 minutes before intercourse. Not only does it prevent premature ejaculation but it also improves overall sexual performance and erection quality.

Squeeze technique

Acquired premature ejaculation can be remedied by squeezing your penis with your forefinger and thumb just below the glans. The squeeze technique only works if you time right. It has to be right before you ejaculate, a second later and you’ll ejaculate.

Apply pressure on your penis till you erection subsides by 10-30%. Release it for 30 seconds, stimulate it again and resume penetration. Repeat the procedure until you can last for 15-20 minutes.

The key to tackling premature ejaculation is open communication with your partner. Talk to your partner and together figure out the best approach to solve your problem.

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