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Vigorelle is an awesome natural cream that allows women to experience new levels of pleasure during sex. It promotes healthy circulation, it promotes and returns hormonal balance and has beneficial effects on the chemistry inside the body and mind, all of which leads to women experiencing new heights of pleasure while indulging in sex.

Vigorelle Ingredients

In this article, we would like to talk about the ingredients that have been used in creating the Vigorelle formula and that are responsible for the amazing beneficial properties of this cream. These are all natural ingredients of the highest quality and they are the safest aid you might get in boosting your sex life.

The first of the most important ingredients in Vigorelle is L-arginine HCl. It is an amino acid whose mechanism of action is stimulation of release of nitric oxide, which as a result has dilation of blood vessels and enhanced circulation in the genital area. This way, the tissue becomes more responsive to outside stimuli.

Gingko biloba is another ingredient in Vigorelle and it was used due to its ability to improve vasodilation and circulation. It increases the strength of arterial walls and aids in overall circulation of blood, as well as oxygenation. It is also a powerful antioxidant and it has multiple beneficial effects on the female pleasure during sex.

Wild yam is an incredible natural ingredient which can do wonders for the hormonal balance. Hormonal balance is essential for the sexual energy of a woman and it can significantly improve the sexual desire when applied in Vigorelle.

Damiana leaf is one of the most commonly used natural aphrodisiacs and its action as a stimulant of progesterone has been scientifically proven in the late 20th century. It balances out the brain chemistry and it also aids in maintenance of healthy reproductive and urinary systems. It is also an invaluable natural ingredient for promoting vaginal lubrication.

Vigorelle ingredientsSuma root is a relatively newly discovered natural ingredient  which is packed full of compounds that can boost the production of estrogens that will further increase the sexual desire and the functioning of the female reproductive system. In addition it acts as a hormonal balancer, endocrine balancer, antioxidant and an enhancer of the immune system.

Peppermint leaf has also been included in Vigorelle and it plays several roles. It helps the other ingredients pass the skin more rapidly and efficiently and it also stimulates lubrication. It also acts as a mild anxiolytic and provides you with extra relaxation that will enable you to enjoy sex even more.

Vigorelle is also packed full of vitamins and other ingredients that will further improve the health of your vagina and that will enhance the responsiveness of its tissues.

This blogsite has one goal and one goal only. The goal is to provide you with all kinds of information on Vigorelle, the most amazing new product on the market for women’s sexual pleasure. We wanted to share with you all of the amazing findings we encountered when we looked into this fantastic product. We will share all this information with you on this blogsite that will deal with the effects you can expect from Vigorelle, the ingredients that make it so powerful and we will answer some of the questions we have found to be of most interest to women who are considering using Vigorelle. This article is here to provide you with the basic info and to actually introduce this product to you.

In case you are researching Vigorelle, it is probable that you have certain issues in your sex life that you would like addressed. You might have become disinterested in sex for a variety of reasons or you might have always been less than enthusiastic about sex. The biggest problem about this is that most women think they are alone in this. The reality is much different. There are thousands of women who have lost their enthusiasm for sex for different reasons and who are looking for ways to spark things up once again. There are also plenty of women for whom sex was always more of a chore than something they looked forward to and Vigorelle is here to help all these women. In fact, it has already helped thousands of women start enjoying pleasurable and active sex lives.

Vigorelle is a cream that is applied directly to the vagina. It is applied under the clitoris and on the outer walls of the vagina. This way, the cream can enter the body via the skin which is much superior to ingesting similar products orally. Namely, the digestive tract is very harmful when it comes to natural products as it destroys the vast majority of the ingredients’ beneficial properties. Also, this way, Vigorelle acts instantly and provides the benefits at once. Finally, it is much more comfortable to apply it this way and it can even become a part of your sex life.

First of all, Vigorelle lubricates the vagina. This will be of particular interest to women who are suffering from vaginal dryness due to any reasons. However, this is not all. In addition to this, Vigorelle will stimulate the natural process of lubrication and the natural lubrication will even reignite the effects of Vigorelle. And the beneficial effects of Vigorelle are simply stunning. Namely, through the amazing formula that was developed especially for Vigorelle, the responses to external stimuli will become much stronger than before.

Vigorelle – basic factsAs a result of this, any contact that your vagina will have with the penis, or any other part of your partner’s body will be felt much more intensively. The tissue in your vaginal walls and on the clitoris will become more responsive to the stimuli, which will result in such an increase in pleasure that you will finally experience sex the way you were entitled to. You will experience orgasms in such a way that you will have problems believing that this is happening to you.

This will also result in increased desire for sex and in further improvement of your sex life. The effects of this on your relationship will be more than substantial as you will feel the desire for sex more often than before. In fact, you will not be able to live without sex once you experience what sex is like when you use Vigorelle. Furthermore, Vigorelle is made using only natural ingredients and there are absolutely no risks to your health or any side effects that might occur.


Question #1: Does Vigorelle produce any side effects?

Answer #1: No, it doesn’t. None of the women who have used this natural cream have reported any side effects. This was achieved by using only the most beneficial and highest quality natural ingredients and by avoiding the use of propyl paraben and propylene glycol. There are no side effects that have yet been reported and it is safe to say that you will experience none whatsoever.

Question #2: How long do I have to wait for the effects?

Answer #2: You do not. The Vigorelle formula enters your system within seconds from application and you can start experiencing the wondrous effects of this natural cream instantly. In addition to this, women have said that the effects are improved as time goes by and more they use the cream. This means that you can expect to feel even better results as you keep using Vigorelle cream.

Question #3: Is using Vigorelle messy?

Answer #3: Absolutely not. It is extremely easy to apply and you can even make a little sex game out of it, letting your partner apply it. In addition to this, it comes off easily and it is not sticky or greasy like so many lubricants on the market. It has a silky texture that is both pleasurable for you on its own and it provides a perfect sensation for your partner or anything else that comes into contact with your vagina.

Vigorelle FAQ

Question #4: What if some of Vigorelle is ingested accidentally?

Answer #4: You do not have to worry about this as Vigorelle is perfectly edible and will cause no problems if your partner accidentally ingests some of it.

Question #5: Can Vigorelle be used with condoms?

Answer #5: Yes, absolutely.

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