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V-tight gel reviews

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My V-Tight Gel Review

Having a loose vagina comes down to two things, not just the fact that you can’t please your man, but you find it difficult pleasing yourself too.

That is a recipe for disaster, really it is!

NOTE: This is my personal experience and honest thoughts and experiences, *If you wish to go to the Official V-Tight Gel Website, Please Click Here*


v tight gel review

However, in finding the solution on how to tighten the vagina, you need to be smart in your quest.

I have friends that have taken the extreme road, with surgeries etc (in fact one of my friends is currently getting consulted by a nurse with vaginal electrical simulations which is costing a truckload), but I am not like that, I’d rather find a natural way to tighten my loose vagina any day (when you think about it, back thousands of years, surely they must have had a natural remedy to deal with the same problems, right?!)

Like I’ve said, V-Tight was a game changer for me after about 1 week. But I do know for instance, that my best friend noticed that her vaginal walls tightened in about 3 days. I guess it just depends on the woman to woman and how loose your vagina is, to begin with.

But Does The V-Tight Gel Work For Every Woman?

where can i buy v tight gel

Click here to go to the official website.

Let me just say that I have not heard of a case where V-Tight did not work after continued use.

Yes, ok it does work, but how does it work?

On the onset, when my boyfriend first saw it, he was like wow, sounds like a vaginal stimulation gel, he was all for it, and I had my fingers crossed, I need to tighten my vagina and I need to do it fast.

The biggest concerns I had with any vaginal tightening treatment was 2 things. I wanted a safe vaginal tightening solution and I wanted it to be as natural and non-invasive as possible. Oh, and I wanted to see some results quickly! Talk about being impatient 🙂

So everyone asks “does V-Tight Gel work”? 100% it works.

V-Tight is made up of natural extracts which are safe for human use, these are Manjakani and Witch Hazel Extract. They work by tightening the walls surrounding your vagina by re-shaping and contracting the muscles.

The V-Tight Gel also relieves vaginal dryness which can be another factor that makes sex a little un-pleasurable and can contribute to vaginal looseness.

How Long Does V-Tight Take to Work? Are the Results Permanent?

v tight gel priceIf you don’t already know it works by now, you may have been reading with your eyes shut.

So open them!

To be honest, every product works differently on everybody. Each woman’s vagina will not be at the same stage of looseness. My friend and I both bought one each to save money and tried the product together.

As I mentioned earlier, she started noticing results in 3 days and me, I noticed my vagina start to tighten in about 1 week. Was that to say that my vagina was looser than my friends? Who knows or are my muscles just slack?

To me, vaginal tightness or looseness cannot be measured, it’s not like you can go down and measure yourself. It totally depends on how you feel and how pleasurable your partner and you find sex to be.

I am really happy with the V-Tight Gel and that is why I am sharing my experience with you all, which is funny in parts, embarrassing in others and the whole process being completely confronting.

My personal results that I noticed once I started using V-Tight Gel were that my orgasms intensified. Once this happened, I noticed that the gel was working. For my orgasms to intensify the vagina walls were strengthening and becoming tighter.

It’s funny because when I decided to give it a go, with my boyfriend’s credit card and with his approval, the boyfriend agreed to it, he was like hell yeh, let’s give this a go. Hmm sneaky, but he knew deep down this was important to me, not just physically but more importantly, emotionally.

It’s also really easy to use, you don’t need any utensils or anything, all you need to do is place the recommended amount on your fingers, insert and massage, and let the gel do the rest, oh and wait.

Where to Buy the V-Tight Gel?

The company that manufactures the V-Tight Gel has been around since 1994, so given it’s been in business for so long, that’s the biggest indication that the product works and is safe to use.

In saying this, the only place you can buy V-Tight Gel is from the Official V-Tight Gel website. If you have your reservations, don’t worry

Some people get a bit bummed out that you can’t get a feel for the product before you buy it because you have to buy it online. But to be honest, is this something you really want to buy in public? It’s worse than buying tampons/pads or condoms in a grocery store!

Like I’ve said before, my friend and I purchased the V-Tight Gel together, not only to do it together but to also save money because they have special offers where you can buy bundles and it works out cheaper.

I think they keep their prices competitive so when you go to the V-Tight website, you need to enter your info at the start then you get to see the packages they offer afterward. See below for more information.

v tight reviews

What Else You Should Know About V Tight Gel Reviews

You should first know that I only put things on my blog that I like. Things that work. With that being said, I never really had much success with vaginal tightening creams, and I was never very fond of putting any sort of cream up there, anyway. But then I said “what the hell” and ordered something I found online. I’m open-minded and willing to try new things. . . And this is when I ordered V-Tight, a vaginal tightening and vaginal dryness cream.V Tight Gel Reviews, Price & Where to Buy for the Best Price 1

I’ve always really been into vaginal tightening, and as I age I am ever more concerned about being tight for my husband. I’ve also noticed that over the years I’ve become less “wet,” so to speak. The V-Tight Gel promised both vaginal tightening and vaginal dryness solutions, so I went for it. Why not, right?

What’s in it? I wondered the same thing. I’m sort of a natural health nut, to be honest.

These companies can really put anything in this stuff, so it really comes down to whether or not it works? So does it? As I said, I only write about things I really love, and I do love this stuff!

I applied the V-Tight Gel about 20 minutes before I had sex with my husband, and the initial sensation was awesome (if not downright erotic). Within the next few minutes, I felt my muscles sort of tensing and tightening up, which was not unpleasant at all. In fact, it was quite the opposite. I found myself becoming quite turned on, actually.

Now, keep in mind that I didn’t tell my husband that I was using this stuff. When he first entered me he had a strange but satisfied look on his face. He sort of knew something was different. He told me that I felt a  bit different. A bit tighter? He couldn’t explain it. But one thing is for sure, we had awesome sex! My sensitivity levels have skyrocketed since I’ve been using V-tight gel, and I’ve been having more powerful orgasms since using it. Take it for what it’s worth, but I’m using V-Tight as long as it’s available!

Why I Decided to Do This V-Tight Review

Losing vaginal elasticity in women is natural, and is caused especially by aging, hormonal changes and childbirth. Thankfully, this loss in elasticity doesn’t have to be permanent thanks to V-Tight Gel. As you will discover from this V-Tight Gel review, it is possible to restore vaginal tightness naturally without needing drugs or even surgery.

What is V-Tight?

V-Tight is primarily made out of Manjakani extract; which is a natural ingredient that has been used for the same reason for centuries by women in Eastern cultures. The gel is coupled with easy vaginal exercises for the maximum benefits within the shortest time possible. That being said, there are plenty of benefits to be gain by this all natural and surprisingly inexpensive way of restoring vaginal tightness.

What are its benefits?

It is impossible to have a comprehensive V-Tight Gel review without exploring the benefits of this natural remedy; and there are many of them. Some of these include:

  1. Firming and tightening the vagina naturally: childbirth can especially cause the vagina to lose its elasticity. This is a natural and common occurrence but can take its toll on a relationship especially where sex is concerned. This gel essentially firms and tightens the vagina naturally, restoring the sex life to what it once was.
  2. Restore the suppleness: This product helps to tighten the vagina and restore the suppleness. This, in turn, will enhance stimulation during sex. Contract & Reshape vaginal walls: loose vaginal walls can interfere with the ability to experience orgasms. What this gel does is to reshape and contract the vaginal walls, allowing you to experience frequent and explosive orgasms.
  3. Restore lubrication and eliminate dryness: vaginal dryness can lead to feeling pain during sex. No one should feel discomfort during sex. It helps to naturally restore lubrication, especially when stimulated; effectively restoring a healthy sex life especially in later years.
  4. Feel young again: there are all new possibilities opened up as far as feeling young again. There is room to experience and explore pleasure free of discomfort, bringing back the all too familiar youthful zest for intimacy.

Does V-Tight Gel really work?

This is an objective V-Tight Gel review, and the truth of the matter is that this remedy really works. There are two components to this product that makes it come together and work great.

First, V-Tight Gel is made out of all natural extract (Manjakani) which has proven to work wonders for centuries.

Secondly, this is not simply a ’magic’ gel; it is combined with vaginal exercises that have been known to work. It is the combination of both of these factors that makes V-tight so effective as compared to similar products on the market today.

Are there any side-effects?

The right answer to this question is NO. There are no known side-effects for using this product. This is a natural way to get tighter, therefore no known side-effects can be mentioned about this product. This is what makes this gel such an attractive solution for vaginal tightening.

Where to buy V-Tight Gel

v tight gel reviewsIt is advisable to only buy the V-Tight Gel from the official website. The price varies depending on the chosen package. The one month supply, for example, is the cheapest option and is very inexpensive.

There is the option for a three month supply (3 tubes sold at the price of two) as well as the 4 month supply which comes with an additional two tubes free of charge. To conclude this V-Tight Gel review, there is a money back guarantee so there really is no harm in trying this

MY VERDICT: Best & Most Natural Way to Tighten Your Vagina

In conclusion, to be honest, I didn’t really need my boyfriend to affirm that I was tighter from the V-Tight cream because I could feel my vagina was tighter myself. I started feeling more sexual and my orgasms became stronger. Everything just felt more sensitive, sex and intimacy became pleasurable again for me and for him! So my boyfriend did affirm that he felt it was tighter but I could feel it myself. He was happy because my vagina was tighter for him, making it more intense and sensitive for him also.

So do believe what you read, it’s not all about surgery and wonder drugs, it comes down to the basics, a little bit of kegel in combination with the V-Tight Gel is the best way to tighten vagina.

It really is that simple, be smart, be proactive, don’t be shy and give it a go.

Also, I will update the site to include some progress thoughts now that it’s been about 1 year and I am also responding to emails is you want to personally send me an email if you have any questions.

V-Tight is all natural and there are thousands of women that swear by it and I am one of them. I hope you appreciate and find my site entertaining and informative, I’ve tried to share with you my story and solution on how to tighten your vagina :) See below if you would like more information on the V-Tight Program.

v tight gel

The comfort in your sexual life reflects largely on your health and well being. Often hushed as a taboo or an uncomfortable topic, this important aspect of a mature relationship, often goes neglected. With women especially, topics like vaginal tightening stir an uncomfortable wave. However, it is necessary to know what causes vaginal laxity and how you can overcome it to lead a healthier sexual life.

What Causes Vaginal Laxity?

Contrary to popular myth, vaginal laxity is not the effect of regular sexual intercourse. There are many biological processes and changes that a woman’s body undergoes leading to a loosening of the vaginal wall.

  • The most common reason for this is multiple childbirths. Due to dilation of the vaginal wall more than once, there may be increased elasticity in the tissues lining it resulting in loosening.
  • In case of a pelvic organ prolapse such as the dropping of the bladder, rectum or the uterus, stretching of the wall may be caused. This also leads to vaginal loosening in a lot of women.
  • In many cases, vaginal loosening is the result of aging that makes the tissues lining the vaginal wall loose.

Other Effects of Vaginal Laxity

where can i buy v tight gelBesides being a physical condition, vaginal laxity is also the cause for a lot of psychological distress in women above 35. This is a problem that is not easy to discuss and therefore, becomes a suppressed condition in most women.

The inability to have a satisfying sexual relationship with one’s partner does lead to lot of anxiety and distress for both partners. In addition to that, many women experience a significant slump in their confidence levels because of their troubled sex life.


Vaginal Tightening Treatments

Since the most common location of the loosening is the introitus. Therefore muscle engaging exercises like Kegel exercises and pelvic floor therapy are recommended. These exercises help restore the natural elasticity of the vaginal wall. The most popular commercial products available currently are V-Tight Gel and Invitar which many women across the globe have found extremely helpful.

In very acute cases, surgeons may recommend surgery to help cure vaginal laxity. Surgery, however, is the last option as it increases the risk of infection and permanent damage. Besides that, this is a very expensive option in comparison to other effective corrective measures.

Very effective in vaginal tightening are two revolutionary products, Intivar and V-tight gel that are completely natural vaginal tightening gels to help you notice the difference within moments of application. These gels are extremely effective as they provide firmness and tightness to the vaginal wall and keep it supple.

These gels also act as secondary treatments to problems like vaginal dryness which also results in extreme discomfort during sexual intercourse. The ingredients used are completely natural and are, therefore, mild and extremely safe to use in intimate areas.

When should you opt for Vaginal Tightness Treatments?

If you observe the following symptoms, you may consider vaginal tightness treatments:

  • Inability to feel aroused soon
  • Size of the vagina wider than the diameter of the index finger.
  • Reduced Stimulation of the vaginal walls and prolonged dryness of the vagina.
  • Inability to achieve powerful orgasms.
  • Unsatisfying sexual intercourse.

When you experience one or more of the above symptoms, you must consult your doctor and choose an effective program.

Although vaginal tightening is embarrassing for most women, it is important to discuss this condition with your OB/GYN to look for the best solution. A condition that is easily reversible should not be neglected because of the communication discomfort that it causes.

After all, a woman irrespective of her age and life situation deserves the pleasures of a healthy sex life.

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  1. Dermal MD Vaginal tightening serum is amazing product not only tightens your vagina but also promotes healthy cell growth & increases sexual pleasure!!✅

  2. After becoming a mother its really impossible to have tighter vaginal area so my partner bought me vaginal tightening serum from DERMAL MD it has amazing result I can feel the change in just one month!!✅✅

  3. I’m a woman who has been using Dermal MD Vaginal tightening serum for the last year. I was introduced to it by a friend and after trying it out, I knew that this product was going to be my new favorite! In the past, I have tried many different products for vaginal tightening, but none of them worked as well as this one did. The main reason why I like this product so much is because it works fast! When I know that I’m about to get it in my eyes, I use it 2x during the day and at least 15-18 mins before sex and honey let me tell you!! My man doesn’t know I use this but trust me he knows the difference. I’ve been getting all types of gifts from my man after sex lol!✅

  4. I love Dermal MD vaginal tightening serum! It helps me get tighter vaginal area, & it’s really easy to use. I just put a little bit on my finger, rub it in between my thumb & index finger for about 30 seconds, then wipe it off & apply to my vulva. It has helped me so much!✅

  5. My husband want my vaginal area to tighten up i have tried many products but nothing helped then I decided to go for the surgery then one of my friend suggested me To use Dermal MD vaginal tightening serum this serum seriously changed my life it is very effective to regain the tightness of vaginal area

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