How to Cum and Keep Going – Tips for Staying Hard After Cumming

How to Cum and Keep Going – Tips for Staying Hard After Cumming

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How do you stay hard after coming?

Every man’s dream is to continue going even after cumming but we all know how that goes for most men. Immediately your nut stops flowing your penis becomes soft. You might have lasted for 20 or so minutes but it still doesn’t feel right when your penis softens immediately after you ejaculate, especially if your partner is still to hit climax.

It makes sense to want to stay hard after coming and keep going until your partner has had enough. And it looks cool and totally macho to your partner if you keep going after you cum.

In this short guide, I am going to share with you tips for staying hard after coming. Let’s get to it


Can You Stay Hard After Having an Orgasm?

For most men, an orgasm is usually followed by a period of recovery, known as the refractory period, during which the body needs to recover from the intense physical activity it just underwent. This period varies in length from person to person and often involves a decrease in sexual desire and the ability to achieve another erection.

However, it’s not impossible for a man to maintain an erection after orgasm. Some men are able to continue having sex after they climax, especially when they’re young or very aroused. The ability to maintain an erection after orgasm can also depend on the individual’s physical health, mental state, and level of sexual arousal.

Some men may also have what’s known as “multi-orgasmic” ability, where they can experience multiple orgasms without losing their erection.

However, the multi-orgasmic ability is not the norm and requires a degree of sexual control that most men don’t naturally possess. This ability can potentially be developed through techniques like Kegel exercises, edging (practicing self-control to delay climax), and other forms of sexual training.

1. Natural Health Supplements

how to get hard after cuming

Ever noticed how there seems to be supplements for every area of life nowadays? There are some that will make your immune system stronger, some to help you build muscles fast, and others for brain and memory enhancement.

Well, guess what other supplements exist?

You guessed it right.

There are natural supplements to make you more potent and virile such that you can stay hard after ejaculating. But I must emphasize. Only opt for supplements that contain all-natural ingredients.

The best among virility boosting natural supplements has to be Male Extra. It has been an industry leader since 2009 and has always contained unique all-natural formulation that’s been helping men stay hard after cumming.

All we want is to pleasure our partners and satisfy them in bed. Women can achieve multiple orgasms and helping them achieve the multiple orgasms by lasting longer is all men want. Men perceive sex different. To most men sex is about performance which gauged by how long you can last in bed and how many rounds you can keep pumping even after you nut.

But we all know how that ends. You fall asleep as soon as you’ve bust the first nut. How do you keep a hard on after coming? There’s a reason why most men can’t stay hard after coming, and trust me, it’s very natural to feel all drowsy after coming. (more of that later in the article).

5 Tips for Staying Hard After Coming

1. Use Delay Sprays

Instead of struggling to bust a nut after nut, I’d strongly recommend that you try to make your first one last as long as possible.

How do you do that?

For a beginner, there are creams, sprays, and ointments that you apply on your penis. The VigRx Delay Spray is one of the most popular of products in this category.

The delay spray contains a mild anesthetic called benzocaine. This is the same ingredient present in most ‘endurance condoms’. When you spray it on your penis, benzocaine, for lack of a better explanation, tells the nerves down there to relax.

how to stay hard after ejaculating

Click here to try Vigrx Delay Spray.

2. Naturally Enhance Your Sexual Stamina

can a guy stay hard after coming

If you had a problem with food appetite, you’d probably be taking appetizers. Same case applies to when you want to enhance your sexual appetite to keep going even after coming.

The market for sexual enhancement is awash with many natural supplements that promise to help you perform like a stud; a good and a bad thing if you ask me. Bad because 85% of these ‘performance drugs’ are pure ripoffs. And good because among all the chaff, a star supplement rises.

I have been a natural herbalist for over 20 years. With this vast experience I can guide you through this minefield of products giving you the best possible advice on the best and the worst of the products. I know which of these pills will do exactly as they advertise and which pills to stay away from.

The big difference between pills that work and pills that don’t is the quality and quantity of the ingredients. When looking for key ingredients you should look for the following as these ingredients when combined together will give you the best results. Horny Goat Weed, Chinese Ginseng, Hawthorn Berry, Ginkgo Biloba, Muira Pauma.

Obviously, there are more ingredients but these are key. The more of these products you find within a product means the better the results.

Top on the list for pills that will enhance your performance include:

The above natural libido supplements have a quick recovery time.

3. Check your testosterone levels

Testosterone levels have an immense impact on a man’s body function from voice deepening, facial hair growth to sex drive. Testosterone levels are said to go below optimal levels after you hit a certain age. Which is one of the reasons why older men have a very low sex drive.

There are quite a few symptoms of low testosterone that you should watch out for.

Younger men in their 20s and 30s can also experience low testosterone levels thus it’s advisable to keep monitoring your levels as it could be the reason why can’t retain an erection after coming. Optimal testosterone levels are associated with shorter refractory periods and could be the key to staying hard after cumming.

To keep your testosterone levels in check; eat healthily, exercise regularly or take testosterone boosters.

While this talk of cumming quick and staying hard after ejaculating is interesting, it isn’t everything that sex has an offer. If you can last 7-13 minutes of pure penetration, you are more than good enough. Even 3 minutes is acceptable but it’s no excuse for lousy sex. Invest a little bit more time in foreplay and your partner will barely notice if you cum in under 7 minutes.

4. Change sex positions

Tips for staying hard after coming ejaculation

Sex positions have a significant impact on sex performance. Some positions could trigger premature ejaculation while others will help you last longer. Changing positions gives you some time to recover before you can proceed. Also, you can train your body to not nut so fast.

If you can control how and when you ejaculate you can also control your erection. The more your body adapts to this, the easy it will be to retain an erection after busting a nut.

If possible learn how to achieve an orgasm without ejaculating. You’ll experience an orgasm without nutting thus retaining your erection.

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5. Practice Kegel exercises

Have you ever tried to stop your urine flow mid-flow? The process of stopping urine mid-flow uses a muscle known as pubococcygeus- a muscle that can also help you master control over your erection. Learn how to use the pc muscle to control your erection even after ejaculation.

Strengthen your pc muscles and your capacity to control ejaculatory and orgasmic responses through kegel exercises. If you can control your orgasmic responses then you can certainly control when you ejaculate.

You can decide when to ejaculate thus skipping the refractory period and retaining your erection.

The key to gaining control is daily penis exercises and patience. You don’t expect to exercise today and use the trick tomorrow. Patience is key, you get to learn how to control your ejaculatory responses even in high-paced sexual encounters.

Why Do Men Lose Their Erections After Cumming?

Tips for staying hard after coming

Almost every man wants a bigger penis but what’s more important is getting a hard-on and keeping it for longer. You might have the biggest penis but if you can’t get it up then it’s not really serving its purpose.

To learn how to stay hard after coming you need to understand why men lose their erections. A hard-on develops after sexual stimulation and its sole purpose is penetration. Once it penetrates her, continuous stimulation leads to ejaculation.

Now, this is why everything goes down. After ejaculating your penis has served its purpose thus the brain doesn’t see the need to stay hard after coming. Also, the desire to keep going often decreases after a man reaches his peak.

Both your sexual desire and your erection will go down together and the feeling of wanting to sleep takes over. The way that feeling hits your body, you just can’t resist. Which is why most men often drop on their bed after nutting and immediately fall asleep.

Unlike women, men need to ‘recharge’ every time they ejaculate. The recharge time is known as the refractory period and tends to last for several minutes to several hours depending on the age. The older you are the longer your refractory period will be.

A study conducted by a German university revealed that both women and men release prolactin every time they orgasm. Increased secretion of prolactin after ejaculation prolongs the refractory period, making it hard to retain an erection.  Men with lower levels of prolactin can stay hard after coming even without the aid of male enhancements.

Can a Man Naturally Stay Hard After Coming?

Yes, it is possible. It will take a lot of exercises, enough sleep, a healthy diet, and less stress but you will eventually get there.

The porn industry has set the bar too high for men. A man can’t cum in less than 5 minutes without being told that he came too quick. Now we have to go for 5 or so ‘rounds’ for us to be appreciated. Which is not as easy as women think.

A man has to undergo the refractory period before you can achieve an erection again. And if the refractory period doesn’t kick in immediately, the glans is way too sensitive for another round. Have you ever had a woman touch your glans immediately after ejaculating and you feel like you could jump through the roof because it tickles? There is a way it feels, I just don’t know how to explain it.

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