Sex with Food: 4 Great Ideas to Enhance Foreplay with Food

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For couples who want to add some sizzle in their sex life without going overboard on the budget, why not try using food during foreplay?

There are lots of food items that you can use to make things sexy and sensual during your night. Of course, there are specialty food sold in adult stores made especially for this purpose, but you don’t have to look further than your own kitchen to gather what you need.

You can actually use food that you normally eat, just give them some wicked twist.


Make your dinner a tool of seduction. With careful planning, your man will be eating out of your hand in no time. Here’s what you should do:

Serve smaller portions and stay away from heavy food

Sure, you can serve steak and potatoes, but serve them in small portions. Eating bigger portions can make both of you feel sleepy and forget about having sex.

Heavy meals such as pastas (especially those with rich, red sauce that can stain your mouth and clothes) and rice should be avoided as much as possible. Choose light but nutritious meals such as seafood, fish, chicken, and salads.

Put in some finger foods

You can use the finger foods to feed each other using your hands, which is such an erotic gesture. This will heighten up the sensuality and intimacy factor between the two of you. It also makes your dinner less formal and more relaxing.

Serve little alcohol or caffeine

Alcohol and caffeine can lessen your blood flow which is a no-no when it comes to seduction. Coffee can make you hyper and will not allow you to relax when needed. Wine can relax you, yes, but do not consume more than one glass, or two. You don’t want to become sleepy now, would you?

Get wild with dessert

Dessert should be something luscious, that’s for sure. But it doesn’t mean you need to serve fancy or elaborate cheesecakes or anything like that.

If you are pressed for time or budget, you can always use fruit as great alternative. We are talking about strawberries dipped in cream, or better yet, strawberries dipped in cream that’s in your body.

You can also try the classic cherry seduction, which you can play with or tie in your mouth using your tongue. Talk about the power of suggestion.

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