What Your Sex Toy Says About Your Personality

what your sex toys say

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Are you artistic and sensitive, or are you a wild child who throws caution to the wind? After all, not everyone has the personality it takes to pull off a whip and black PVC nipple tassels, much less a giant glass dildo (thankyouverymuch). Believe me, I know what I’m talking about. As a real sex doll, I’m sort of an adult plaything myself — I’m like the Dr. Ruth of this shit! So, let’s pull open the nightstand drawer and take a look at who you really are, shall we?

  • If You Own a Lelo GiGi: You are a lover of the classics (you likely have at least one tweed suit in your closet), and yet you always wear amazing lingerie under your buttoned-up appearance. The Lelo GiGi g spot sex toy is just like you – classy, fun and a little naughty every now and then.
  • If You Own a Ball Gag: You are quiet and unassuming, yet have a dark side that few people know about. A ball gag is a bondage sex toy that isn’t for the faint of heart, and you know exactly which partners can handle your love of domination and which just aren’t worth your time. Don’t worry, I won’t tell…I can’t really talk right now anyway, since we’re wearing one right now.
  • If You Own a Lelo Bo: You’re a giver who doesn’t mind sharing everything you have to offer in life, including pleasure. The Lelo Bo is a male sex toy that vibrates in a way that’s pleasing to both people involved. You’re the type of person who wants to have your cake and eat it, too (and with the Lelo Bo, you can!).
  • If You Own Furry Sex Hand Cuffs: You’re playful and fun, and usually get what you want from life. That said, you like things to be a certain way and you like to take control. Whether you prefer to wear the sex hand cuffs or put them on your partner, this is one bondage sex toy that doesn’t scare people off.
  • If You Own a Lelo Soraya: You appreciate modern art, and want everything in your life to be as beautiful as you are. You don’t have some animal-shaped G spot sex to in your antique nightstand – that’s for sure. Instead, you replaced your Lelo GiGi with a Lelo Soraya the minute the new waterproof line hit the market. You don’t follow trends, you set trends.

    What Your Sex Toy Says About Your Personality 1

    Lelo Soraya

  • If You Own a Curve: You’re outgoing and know how to get what you want. You’re sometimes described as brash and don’t mind showing off your loud side – after all, there’s nothing at all subtle about this giant G spot sex toy. You love reality TV, nights out on the town and tend to be a size queen (not that I blame you).
  • If You Own a Glow in the Dark Dildo: You don’t just let your freak flag fly, you bedazzled it and wave it around maniacally. We get it, you’re crazy…and may even be a cast member on Jersey Shore. If you own a huge glow in the dark dildo, having fun is your first priority – and people love you for it. You’ll graduate to a Lelo GiGi later on, but not for another few years.
  • If You Own a Glass Dildo: You love to have fun, but you’re also a bit of a neat freak. You like things to have their place, and you tend to compartmentalize a lot of aspects of your life. You wash your hands a lot, and your favorite part of owning a glass dildo is the fact that you can sanitize it in a snap.

But let’s get back to my favorite subject: me. What kind of sex toy do I own? A Lelo Soraya, of course! That one’s my favorite right now, but I do have a treasure chest full of others underneath my bed (there’s not enough room for my stash in the nightstand).


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