How to Use a Penis Pump for Maximum Results

How to Use a Penis Pump for Maximum Results

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Don’t be that one guy that buys a penis pump, attempts to use it, really only uses it for a month, gives up, and then spreads false rumors about how you didn’t benefit at all. Buying a pump is one thing and using it so you get a bigger penis is totally different.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to use a penis pump in order to make your penis bigger permanently and get your erection quality at least up to par (If not better).

How to Properly Use a Penis Pump

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Don’t buy a penis pump because everyone else says it is the best. What works better for someone else, may not be the best option for you. Shop around, do some research, and you will discover the best penis pump for your intentions, whether or not you are trying to get bigger. You can also check out this pump. This is one of the top devices currently and you can read all about it here.

Memorize How To Use The Penis Pump You Choose

It is that simple. Don’t just unpack it and expect to know what you are doing. Even if it seems easy, the smallest of details matter when using a penis pump. You may even want to read up on what other guys have said about their experience using the brand they chose to use. Tips and tricks can accelerate results and heighten the safeness of pumping.

Monitor What Is Happening

You’ll want maximum results right? Keep track of everything that happens after using your pump. Document all results, including anything negative that could possibly occur, even if it is minimal. This way, if you ever encounter a plateau, you can pump longer.

You may have to pump less if you are pumping too much! Whatever the reason for the result, make sure you take note of it so you can go back and reference what happened to ensure gains and benefits are achieved in a timely manner.

Don’t Hesitate To Ask Questions

Seriously, if you have a question, search for an answer or ask it yourself. There are plenty of free online tools and resources to not ask a question and get an answer.

If you notice something peculiar, ask. If something goes terribly wrong, however, seek medical attention immediately. The more you know, the more you gain. Adopt this mindset and eventually, you’ll inherit a second nature that will reflect on many other aspects of your life.

Incorporate A Better Dietary Plan. Try A Supplement. Maybe Even Penile Exercises

Using a penis pump is just one of many ways to get big fast. You can enhance your results and accelerate your achievements by improving your diet. This is the easiest way to enhance a penis enlargement routine involving one of the best penis pumps.

You can further the effectiveness of a pump by using a male enhancement pill regimen or practicing exercises designed to improve the look, size, and function of your penis. This follows along the lines of ‘the more you know, the more you gain’ concept. Always keep this in mind!

Watch This Video on How to Properly Use a Penis Pump

How Penis Pumps Work

A penis pump functions in a very peculiar way, in which a vacuum is created within a cylinder-shaped tube that is fitted over your penis. The pumping action associated with the device removes air from the tube causing your penis to expand to compensate for the space air once occupied. The effects of pumping begin to expand penile blood vessels by relaxing smooth muscle cells within the vessel walls.

In return, this process draws blood into your penis and begins to expand and stretch erectile and penile tissue. Continued use of a penis pump impacts erection stimulation, quality, and general size in conjunction to indirectly affecting psychological factors such as libido and impotence.

Types Of Penis Pumps

Most men are familiar with one type of pump. The type that does not require any special lubricant or conditions. This is the typical style pump that is comprised of a cylinder-shaped tube made of plastic or a similar material, a gasket seal at the end of the tube that seals the device against your pelvis to create the vacuum effect within the tube, and the pump mechanism connected at the end of the tube furthest away from your body.

A newer more promising type of pump that is safer than the traditional style of penis pump is reinventing what it means to enlarge penis size with a pumping mechanism. This style is known as a hydro-based pump.

Hydro pumps are a little different because the cylinder tube is filled with water. The same vacuum effect is created within the tube, except pumping action removes water from the tube and your penis then expands to compensate for the room water once occupied. Look at this Bathmate review for a keener understanding of how hydro penis pumps work.

Hydro pumps use a pump gaiter to expel water to create the vacuum effect within the tube component. The best hydro penis pumps are designed to allow a minimal compression force whilst achieving maximum expansion force to allow the maximum potential growth while producing minimal discomfort – if any at all.

Types Of Pumping Mechanisms in Use

There are four major types of pumping mechanisms. These include, hand-pumps, squeeze ball pumps, electric pumps, and gaiter based pumps.

Hand Pumps

A hand based pumping mechanism is equipped with most penis pumps today. It is designed to fit the shape of your hand for easy use. They work very well and usually are integrated with devices that have a cheaper price tag.

Squeeze Ball Pumps

Squeeze balls allow you to control how much you pump so you do not over pump. This style of mechanism is usually featured with cheaper device.

Electronic Pumps

An electronic pump does all the work for you. It is the safest type and subjects your penis to an effective amount of pressure since they can be calibrated very specifically. This style pump is usually more expensive since they are more effective, safer, and easier to use.

Gaiter Pumps

Gaiters are equipped with hydro based pumps. The gaiter is a small mechanism that is compressed by hand to expel water from inside the cylinder. The gaiter produces spacing within the tube so that the penis can expand as overall water volume decreases.

When you prevent the gaiter from compressing the matter volume within the tube, a nonreturn valve closes, keeping water from re-entering the tube after it has been expelled. Once the return valve is closed, the gaiter expands and tries to return to its original volume size. Since water cannot expand or compress, your penis will expand to compensate for the lack of water volume once occupied each time the gaiter is compressed to expel water and expands in an attempt to return to its original volume size.

The vacuum effect is created from this process in the same way a non-hydro pump creates it. Air-based pumps expand blood vessels and a very small amount of penile tissue. Water-based pumps expand penile tissue differently since water cannot expand making surrounding tissue do so, whereas air expands and contracts in conventional pumps, permitting limited penile expansion.

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