Best Penis Enlargement Exercises for Growth- What Works & What Doesn’t

penis exercises for growth

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Depending on what you want to accomplish with penis enlargement exercises, your choices will make the most of your efforts. While some guys want to add more girth, others wish to use them with the intention of adding more length to their penis. Don’t worry. There’s an exercise for all of us. All you have to do is use a specific type of exercise.

Penis Stretching ExercisesKegel ExercisesJelqing

Accordingly, this article is for you if you want to learn about common penis enlargement exercise types.

What Are Penis Enlargement Exercises?

Penis Exercises are the easiest form of natural penis enlargement available and anyone can learn the basics and try them out within minutes. Furthermore, progressive techniques will fall into place like they’ve been a second nature after you grasp the fundamentals.


To help you build your very own routine, everything featured on this page will help you learn about the techniques that fall into different types of enlargement based categories, compliments of the guys who practice what they preach here at

Ultimately, this page is helpful for two types of people – the individuals trying to determine whether exercises are the right choice for their intentions and for self-practitioners ready to use exercises and benefit from all they have to offer.

Before performing any exercise described on this page, except kegels, you should perform a warm-up routine.

Penis Enlargement Exercise Warm-Up

Penis enlargement exercises

Before any penis exercise, it is important to condition the penis with a warm-up routine. Thermal activity helps prepare the penis for stretching activities and decreases the potential for injury. A simple warm-up exercise helps optimize the conditions for any penis enlargement exercise.

A warm-up for the penis is the absolute first task to be performed before beginning any type of exercise or stretching activity. Performing a warm-up exercise is just like stretching before you go running or start to lift weights. This goes for any stretching force that is to be applied to the penis.

It should only take a few minutes to initially warm-up your penis. You may have to keep doing so while exercising. You can keep a space heater nearby, which helps tremendously.

A sensible warm-up can be done by applying heat to the penis shaft, which can be exerted in quite a few ways.

Taking a warm or hot shower is a good place to start. It’s kind of like killing two birds with one stone. It isn’t uncommon to perform penis exercises while taking a shower, though there are still other more practical methods to warm-up the penis.

A warm cloth is a very convenient way to prepare your penis. Heat disperses shortly after it is applied though, so keep one soaking or nearby is necessary to reapply more heat.

If you have access to a sauna or spa, you can use a preconditioned atmosphere like these to warm-up.

Heat pads are also commonly used to warm-up the penis. They can be purchased from Amazon and you have multiple options to choose from. Please, use as directed, you do not want to burn or agitate you penis or testicles.

The method you choose is entirely up to you, we urge you to consider one of the options from above. We recommend you never skip a warm-up, as it is a crucial part of any successful penis enlargement exercise routine.

To begin, length exercises are the best place to start. 

Click on one of these exercise types to learn more:

  • Length Exercises (Stretching)
  • Girth Exercises (Width)
  • Advanced Jelqing Exercises (Hybrid Width & Length Exercises)
  • Kegel Exercises (Indirect Affect On Penis Size)

Jelqing Exercises: Hybrid Length And Width Gains

The Jelq exercise commonly referred to as “jelqing” or “milking” is one of the principle exercises used by many professionally developed penis enlargement exercise programs. This technique and its variants help improve circulation into the penis and expand the soft tissue comprising its internal structure.

This concept stretches interconnected tissue within the penis to its limit by forcing blood towards the glans (head), thus enhancing penile vascularity, ultimately enlarging the erected state of the penis. Once the penis is able to recover at a cellular level, permanent gains can be achieved.

Free jelqing exercises can easily be accessed in forums and on informational based websites. These exercises are usually not composed or supported by any medical entity.

Not only can this information be faulty, but it can also be dangerous to perform any of these activities due to the lack of support and implemented safety concerns. Because this is one of the core penis exercises used today, it is important to practice jelqing properly and to monitor every workout session.

How is it Done?

To perform a jelq exercise, the penis must first be conditioned and in a semi-erected state. Grasp the base of the penis with the index finger and thumb, forming the “ok,” sign, which traps blood currently circulating in the penis shaft.

Slide the hand positioned at the base towards the head applying slight tension. The blood that has been forced into this section of the penis gradually expands the corpora cavernous and the surrounding tunica albuginea, providing thicker and bigger erections over time.

This exercise is performed with both the left and right hand repeatedly until enough repetitions have been completed. Remember, this is only an example and should not be used to practice on yourself.

Using the jelq exercise and other stretching motions, the penis can gain multiple inches in length and girth. Specialized programs like Penis Health, feature the jelp exercise in beginner, intermediate, and advanced variations. Penis exercise programs provide detailed instruction and guidance to help every practitioner perform the most effective exercises possible.

How To Perform A Basic Jelqing Exercise

    1. penis exercises for growthOnce you have finished warming up begin by form the “ok” grip using your thumb + index + middle finger (optional) with your preferred hand and lightly wrap this grip around the base of your penis. The motion involved with this exercise will begin pulling (or milking) outwards or perpendicular from your body.
    2. Ensure your grip is tight, but not too tight and begin to glide your hand in this position up the length of your shaft. It should take you roughly 3 seconds to reach the end of your shaft. You have almost completed one repetition once your hand has reached just behind the glans (head). Do not perform the Jelqing motion on your glans.
    3. This is one repetition. Switch hands and perform the same motions.

Establishing A Jelq Routine

A beginner Jelqing routine starts with 100 Jelqs per day, 5 – 6 days out of the week, the first week and increases by 100 each week until you reach 500 per day. After this, advanced techniques can be incorporated into your routine to avoid the plateau effect and to also continue producing measurable gains.

The Long Schlong- Best Penis Exercise for Adding More Length

Gaining more length is what most guys are after, signifying the need for this type of exercise for every practitioner’s needs. Here is what you need to know about length techniques and stretching for enlargement.

The “Long Schlong” is an excellent penis lengthening exercise.  Progression is the key to harnessing its effectiveness.

How Does This Stretching Exercise Work?

Lengthening your penis in this manner targets the suspensory ligament. This ligament slightly constricts your penis from fully extending outside your body. This exercise works by stretching your penis outwards through a perpendicular motion away from your body and then by angling this stretching motion to the left and right.

This effectively stretches the suspensory ligament allowing your soon to be schlong to hang lower and making its visible appearance longer.

Prerequisites For This Stretching Exercise

Your penis must be in its flaccid state prior to beginning. An injury may occur from practicing this exercise if erect. If you happen to become erect while practicing, just stop and either wait for your erection to subside or think about something that you know will not arouse you sexually.

Also, if you are not circumcised, pull the excess skin back so you can make a firm grip. The intent is to not stretch your foreskin, rather the suspensory ligament so your penis will hang lower and appear longer.

How To Perform The Long Schlong

This exercise is easy to master and is one very beneficial exercise you should add as one of the core exercises in your routine. Firstly, have you performed the necessary warm-up technique to prepare yourself for exercise? Do that first for a few minutes.

Follow these instructions to effectively perform the Long Schlong penis stretching exercise:

  1. Form the “ok” gesture with your hand. This is half of the technique you must master
  2. Next, grip just behind the head using the “ok” gesture and begin pulling your penis outwards to create light stretching tension
  3. Maintain this initial pull for 10 seconds
  4. Pause for a moment and then perform this stretch towards the right, holding for ten seconds, releasing tension, pausing, and then proceed to do the same towards the left.
  5. Continue this process for three to four minutes for a month or two. You then need to seek an advanced version of this exercise to benefit from its use.

Make Sure To Practice This Exercise First, Right After Your Warm-Up

Since this exercise is all about stretching, it is almost another form of a warm-up, combined with its intended use to add length.

What Should You Feel?

You should feel a small degree of tension near the base of your shaft. This feeling denotes you are performing this exercise correctly, but if you are unsure if you are performing the Long Schlong correctly, pull ever so slightly and then with a bit more intensity. This should help you gauge the amount of tension needed to produce results with this exercise.

If you feel a cold sensation or your head becomes discolored, massage your penis for a few moments to help increase circulation.

How To Make The Most Of This Exercise

Although I have just given you the keys to a turbocharged exercise, you have to keep in mind this technique gradually intensifies to lengthen your size even more. Hence why I noted this is a beginners version of the Long Schlong.

The biggest and best gains come out when you reach an advanced level of exercise, which I do not have the expertise to provide. This isn’t because I am not educated on the matter at hand, but this exercise needs to be used in conjunction with other progressive exercises in a safe manner than I cannot justify.

This is why I recommend professionally developed programs to make the most of penile enlargement exercises. Programs offer faster gains that overcome the plateau effect and push your size to its limitations if used consistently and long enough.

Length Exercise Routine

So we have established that one set consists of 5 repetitions. You should aim for 10 sets the first week, 5 – 6 days on and one day for recovery. Increase the number of sets you complete by 5 each week until you reach 50.

Once you reach this peak, you should then progress to an intermediate version of a penis stretching exercise variant.

The Penis Health exercise program can guide you the rest of the way. Click the image below to step up your routine. Ignore this if you want freebies and continue down the page for further training tutorials.

3. Kegel Exercises For Men- Core Penis Enlargement Type

The Kegel exercise is said to result in a multitude of benefits if practiced properly, frequently, and in conjunction to exercises have a direct result of penis size. There is much discussion about its use, results, and benefits, so to sum this type of exercise up, the benefits will probably help you understand Kegeling better.

The benefits are broad, but to name a few that impact penis enlargement…

  • Kegels improve blood flow all throughout the pelvic region, indirectly impacting the size of your penis and also boosting the effects of other types of exercises such as Jelqing.
  • Enhance the control of ejaculatory response, ejaculate trajectory, and increase overall semen volume.
  • Intensify orgasms and the frequency or orgasms.
  • Kegels help you control the angle of your erection, as noted by advanced practitioners, a.k.a pornstars and advanced exercise users

How A Kegel Penis Enlargement Exercise For Men Is Performed

penis lengthening exercisesThe kegel exercise is a natural penis enlargement exercise that targets a specific muscle group within the pelvic region. This penis exercise is commonly referred to as the PC flex, pelvic floor exercise, or pubococcygeal muscle exercise.

The kegel is an exercise that targets the muscles located on the pelvic floor. A basic kegel exercise consists of thrusting and contracting the pubococcygeus muscle. Kegel exercises can help improve the look and feel of erections and help men with premature ejaculation. This type of exercise also helps with male ejaculation control in general, which helps men release at a more opportune time.

How do you locate this muscle?

This muscle enables urination to stop and start on demand. When using the restroom, if you have ever stopped short of relinquishing yourself of bodily fluids (urine), then you have flexed the pubococcygeus muscle before. If you were to act as if you were urinating, then you should feel slight tension within the lower portion of the pelvic area. That’s the muscle you will be strengthening!

Sexual Benefits for Men

This exercise and other variants help strengthen erections. Studies conducted on kegel exercises assert that men with erectile dysfunction can restore erectile function if performed properly and regularly. Other advantages include increased ejaculation control, enhanced size and strength of erections, plus the possibility of orgasms without ejaculation. Kegel exercise are known to work very well and provide all of these benefits.

How is a kegel exercise performed?

penis lengthening exercises

A kegel exercise can be performed by flexing the pubococcygeus muscle, holding this position for 30 seconds and then relaxing. You can also rapidly flex and release this muscle spanning a length of one-two seconds per exercise.

Professionally developed programs are most beneficial. A thoroughly developed, well-implemented penis enlargement exercise program includes kegel exercises that progressively improve erectile function in a safe and effective manner. We recommend that you consider PenisHealth or another of our top five recommendations. Penis exercise programs are a one-time investment and a lifelong advantage.

A kegel is one of the easiest exercises to perform, but the reason most men do not go through with them is because they simply do not know how to perform this technique. How many should I do? What is it suppose to feel like? Am I practicing the Kegel technique properly? These are common questions I find unanswered in forums quite often, so in light of these misfortunes, this is what you need to know to be successful with Kegel exercises.

  1. When you are urinating, have you ever acknowledged the light tension (contraction) running along the floor of your pelvic region? That is your PC muscle. This is the muscle that Kegel exercises target and strengthen.
  2. Try contracting this muscle and releasing it. What did it feel like? Remember this feeling as you will need to be accustom with it. Contract it a few more times just to be sure you have a good feel for what you are doing.
  3. Once you’ve familiar with this feeling, now its time to perform this exercise by contracting your PC muscle, pausing for 3 – 5 seconds, and then releasing.
  4. Do this about 50 times your first week per day. You can practice this technique whenever and wherever you are, all in good time.

How To Incorporate Kegels Into Your Routine

Kegels by themselves take only a few minutes per day. Practicing Kegels in conjunction with other exercises gives your penis more of a workout since this technique directly affects blood flow within your pelvic region, which indirectly affects penis size.

Increasing blood flow to your penis is the key to success and the Kegel is one of the best ways of doing so.

Start with 50 kegels your first week, 5 to 6 days per week, with one day allotted for recovery and add 50 more reps per week until you reach 500 hundred per day. I’ve read routines where some men perform 1000 per day. That is a bit excessive, although if you practice kegeling over a prolonged time frame, then I see no reason why you shouldn’t be doing so too.

The Penis Squeeze- Best Penis Exercise for Girth Expansion

Penis stretching is a specific exercise that expands the size of the girth, which involves a few practically effortless gestures and motions to perform. In particular, squeezing the penis, referred to as the “penis squeeze” targets and improves the appearance of the girth. Women generally prefer a penis with more volume over length, but both are better when combined.

Like other penis exercises, the penis squeeze involves a series gestures that apply slight tension at the base of the penis by squeezing, trapping blood in the penis shaft as it circulates and becomes engorged, thus secluding a small portion of blood within the penis shaft for a short period of time, slowly expanding it.

Just to provide an example, this is a basic penis squeeze exercise.

Grasp the penis with your thumb and index finger near the base, closet to the body. Squeeze enough to were you feel blood surging within the penis, allowing it not to escape back to the rest of the body. Hold this position for at least 30 seconds. If the veins of your penis are slightly bulging, then you are performing the exercise correctly.

Girth exercises work better when your penis is in an erect state. It is also beneficial to know that penis pills can progress gains at a faster pace. Couple a procedure like this and a decent supply of enhancement pills and your ready to go if you have your facts squared away.

Squeezing techniques are great exercises to practice once you have established a basic workout routine and are looking to make significant improvements in size. This exercise type should be incorporated into your routine once you have practiced all of the core exercises on this page for at least one month. Squeeze based techniques are designed for intermediate practitioners whom already grasped basic concepts.

The benefits are as followed if you use just the right technique:

    • A wider, thicker penis when both flaccid and erect.
    • Harder and firmer erections.
    • A wider penis will stimulate your partner more, orgasmically.
    • Your visual appeal will increase significantly.

How To Perform A Basic Squeeze Technique

Due to the nature of this technique, you penis will need to be semi-erect. erect based exercises should be practiced by only if you know what you are doing. You can harm yourself if misused, so follow these steps with caution in mind.

Perform these steps word for word and DO NOT try to critique this technique because you feel it will produce gains faster!

  1. Stimulate an erection that is equal to 60% max of a full erection. This does take moderate skill to do. If and when you are practicing and feel the urge to “go”, hold back for a minute or two and continue. Try rubbing your penis or slapping it against your inner thigh lightly.
  2. With your preferred hand, form the “ok” sign and lightly grasp your shaft just behind the glans (head).
  3. With your other hand, place two of your dominate fingers underneath the shaft. Now position them 25% away from the base of your shaft.
  4. Begin stretching your penis by pulling outwards and with your other hand, start bending your penis downwards with the other. Do not use too much force, you should feel light tension.
  5. Be wary of any pain or discomfort as this may be a sign something is wrong, either with your health or technique.
  6. One repetition should last approximately 20 seconds and no longer than 30 seconds.

Incorporating A Squeeze Technique Into Your Routine

The steps above explained how to perform a squeeze technique downwards, now its time to perform all of these steps again, instead bending your penis to the right, left, and then up. Each repetition should last between 20 and 30 seconds, totalling 5 repetitions to equal one session.

You can progress this example of a squeeze exercise type by using more than two fingers to induce squeezing pressure and expand your size even further.

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