What is Jelqing and Does it Really Work?

What is Jelqing and Does it Really Work?

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If you would like to have a larger penis for whichever reasons, but you don’t want to take dangerous pills, have surgery, or use mechanical traction devicesJelqing is the answer.

The word “jelqing” is derived from the Persian saying “jalgh zadan,” which is a colloquial speech for masturbating.

Middle Eastern fathers taught it to their sons as they began to learn about sex. Nowadays, since more men want natural ways of getting a larger penis, this method is getting popular once again. Since it has been known about and done for thousands of years it has been studied and found to be a natural method of male enhancement that actually can work.

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What is Jelqing?

Jelqing is a sort of massage for a man’s penis that he can do on his own to help grow his penis both longer and thicker in only a few weeks. The studies done on this natural method of male enhancement have shown that users of this process have managed to increase their penis in size up to 1.4 inches longer and up to 1 inch wider.

Watch the video below for the basics of jelqing.

Jelqing improves the blood circulation in a man’s penis. If there is better blood circulation then more blood can flow into the penis glands, which will, therefore, make it swell bigger and hold more blood and ultimately the penis increases in size according to how much extra blood gets to that part of the body.

Jelqing is a penis exercise in which a man merely uses only his hands and some personal lubricant. You only need about 15 to 30 minutes a day to achieve the growth outcome that you want and this holistic method of enlargement is both cheap and easy to accomplish. Plus, it’s a lot safer than pills, machines or surgery. A man can also do it in the privacy of his own home with no need to get a prescription, see a doctor, or even tell anyone else what he is doing.

 What Can Jelqing Do?

Well in short – jelqing can make your girlfriend look like that… But actually, jelqing enlarges a penis’s the length and width via a succession of milking movements that push extra blood into the man’s penis. This, in turn, makes the penis’s cells stretch and the extra blood goes into the stretched area and causes the penis to grow longer and wider.

The results a man gets by doing jelqing vary and he should do it each day in order to get a good outcome. If he does it properly and for a long enough period of time, the man should get the penis growth of up to 1.4 inches in length and an inch of width as shown in the test trials. In these tests, it took anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to get the best results.

How is the Jelq Done? 

To do jelqing right and get a longer and wider penis, a man should take a warmed washcloth and wrap it around his penis. This helps the blood to warm up and flow better. As an alternative, he could sit in a warm bath to get the penis warmed up and ready. The exercises have to be done on a partially erect penis, as it is dangerous to do it on a completely engorged and erect penis.

The reason it is dangerous is that too much blood flow can be forced into an erect penis and it could be injured. However, it can’t be done if the penis stays totally limp either or it will not be stimulated enough and it won’t work at all.

Next, the man should take a bit of lubricant and rubs it into his hands. He should then hold both hands around his penis shaft firmly and start a sort of milking process, stroking the penis in the direction of the top of it so the blood starts flowing into the organ. This should be done about 200 times in a normal 15 to 30-minute jelqing session. The idea isn’t to make the man ejaculate, just to massage the penis enough to make more blood flow into the organ so that the tissues will stretch and grow larger.

Safety While Jelqing is very important

Jelqing exercises must be done carefully and safely. A man has to be careful to do them without injuring his penis or doing it too much. Even though he should do it daily, at the start the penis may not be able to take the strain and it is actually possible to injure it with too much stress and strain on the tissues. The exercise must be performed correctly also or serious injuries are possible in rare cases if the man is too enthusiastic in exercising. He should also never do the exercises without using lubricant or it will cause too much chafing or pain in the long run.

Studied by Doctors

Jelqing has been studied by doctors with tests showing that it can indeed really work to help a man get a longer and wider organ. Medical studies have proven that by providing a way for more blood to get into the penis, the organ will grow because the extra blood puts pressure on the organ and the cells stretch and grow. As stated earlier, results for this can vary, but the test subjects gained up to 1.4 inches in length and one inch in width.

Jelqing – What not to do

  • -You have to make a specific plan to start jelqing. This is a very important matter. Without a plan, there is a possibility to make a mess.
  • -You should not begin the process directly. You had better take some time to warm up and prepare the mussels.
  • -For jelqing, there is no alternative but to make the penis as much slippery as possible. Otherwise, you may harm the tissues. So, make sure that is slippery enough by applying lubricant before exercising.
  • -You should not put much pressure while jelqing. You have to feel comfortable, just try to relax, be in a calm state. If you believe that adding too much stress will achieve the goal overnight, you’re wrong. You have to give sufficient time so that the tissues take it into effect.
  • -You must remember a very important point. While jelqing you must be careful that the penis is flexible. It must not be 100% strong. Jelq smoothly. Jelq softly. If it fully erects, your tissues may be destroyed very quickly. That means you may lose your strength forever. Another point is that you cannot ejaculate while jelqing.
  • -Whenever you will complete jelqing, you will do the same thing again from the beginning. Be free and relax your body. Take deep breaths and then warm up again. It takes a few seconds for the tissues to return to the previous position.

Problems of careless Jelqing

Rashes: The penis tissue is very soft and flexible. It is elastic as well. If you do not use sufficient lubricant, you find that your penis will become reddish. You may feel a kind of etching on the surface. These are called rashes. To get rid of this problem, you have to add adequate amount of ointments, oil, or other lubricants.

Bruising: If you do jelqing for a long time without a break, put too much pressure over it, do not circulate much, this problem may occur. Take frequent breaks. Circulate around like a smooth ring from top to bottom and from bottom to top.

Thrombosed veins: It is a rare type of problem. But you should know about it. The thrombosed vein becomes inflated because of excessive squeezing; this problem emerges in something very painful. Internal vascular pressure makes this vein bloat too much. Many claims that they do not feel any pain during jelqing but its effect may be long-lasting and the tissues may suffer a lot. To recover, you have to rest a lot, soak the penis in water, and coat it in a warm wrap. If you want to avoid this problem, you must exercise moderately next time.

Strained Ligaments is the worst thing that can happen while jelqing:

There are very delicate ligaments at the bottom of our penis. Because of stretching or hanging for a long time, these ligaments may be strained. You may feel severe pain when it happens. Often the pain may spread to the lower abdomen. Actually, the source of the agony will be the base the penis. If you keep continuing practicing, your ligaments may tear. Relaxation is your only way of recovering and after a while you can continue jelqing.

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