How To Make Your Voice Deeper? Relax And Lower It Naturally

How To Make Your Voice Deeper? Relax And Lower It Naturally

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It is awesome to have a manly voice like Dean Martin, but not everyone is gifted that way by nature. At the same time, it is equally true that a nasally, high-pitched voice is not built into your DNA.

There are only two reasons for such voices, either you have some under-developed vocal muscles or you have not found your perfect pitch. I jotted down this extensive guide as a straight answer on how to make your voice deeper naturally and fast.

As a piece of first advice, don’t shoot for a voice like the great singer Barry White. It should be all about finding the perfect pitch for you and then developing it further towards a more manly voice.

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As a motivational example, Kevin Hunter’s low and husky tone has been designated as “Voice of God”. Listen Yourself:

You Must Be Lauren Becall To Deepen Your Voice


To Transform your voice, you must be as determined as Lauren Becall.

I could not help mentioning Lauren Bacall, a Hollywood actress, known for her deep & resonant voice.

Just Google her and you will find that it was not her voice by birth. She was born with a shrill and unpleasant voice but took the challenge and made up some extra efforts to transform it.

Can Working Out Make Your Voice Deeper?

Yes, working out can make your voice deeper to a certain extent. This is because exercising certain muscle groups, such as the neck and chest, can enhance the resonance of the voice.

A study published in the Journal of Voice found that resistance training of the neck and chest muscles can increase the thickness of the vocal cords, which contributes to a deeper voice. Another study published in the International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology found that regular strength training of the neck muscles can lead to an increase in voice pitch, making it deeper.

It is important to note that while exercise can have an impact on voice pitch, other factors such as age, genetics, and hormones also play a role. Additionally, overuse or strain on the vocal cords can cause damage and negatively impact the voice, so it is important to engage in exercises that are safe and appropriate for your body and speaking abilities.

Why Do You Fail In Making Your Voice Deeper?

Here is the biggest issue. I tried many resources that claim to help you getting a deeper voice. But all of them have one thing in common that their techniques or exercises are focused on strengthening the throat muscles.

Answer Me. Do you think that a strong organ can reside in a weak body?

 how to make your voice deeper

3 Essential Components That No Body Tells

The voice is not just a throat game. It’s a mix of your Physical Energy, Mental State(Confidence) and then, at last, comes the Vocal Muscle Strength. Let me break it down step by step:

  • Physical Energy: Don’t sweat, I don’t wanna make you spend hours in the gym. it’s like just keep your body hydrated enough. A dry body leads to a dry throat thus producing a squeaky voice.

By including some protein-rich food like fish and turkey to your diet, you can shot your hydration level up.

  • Mental Energy: Breathing matters a lot as the air acts as the fuel to utter words. But your mental state directly controls your breathing pattern. For example, once you are stressed you take rapid breaths that make your voice to stammer. On the other hand, once you lose your temper, you again produce a shrill voice.

In short, you must keep the stress away or as low as possible and the confidence level high. The same confidence will reflect in your voice making it deeper and more authentic.

  • Vocal Energy: Now comes the exercises for strengthening the vocal system that includes – Throat Muscles and Lungs Capacity. These exercises grow the muscles to be thicker.

But nothing works in isolation. You have to work on these 3 aspects simultaneously otherwise you won’t be able to achieve your goal.

The Basic Guide To Make Your Voice Deeper

First, educate yourself with the right information and then move on to the action plan. Thus, you will have a gut feel for the right solution and will not be trapped in the generic information available all over the internet. I jotted down the whole sum of information in a sequential manner that is easy to understand.

Section 1:       How Voice Pipeline Works

Section 2:       Discover Your Lowest Pitch

Section 3:       Voice Deepening Exercises

Section 4:       Record & Playback Your Voice

You can skip to any section using the above quick links, but I advise you to follow it in a sequential manner. It will equip you with everything that you need to know about how to make your voice deeper.

How Voice Pipeline Works

To know how to get a deeper voice, you must get to the bottom of how the voice system works. It will make more sense to you once you know that it is simply a muscle game and you can train these muscles for a better and stronger sound. The pipeline works like this:

  • First, we inhale and fill our lungs with air.
  • While speaking, the lungs send this air to the vocal cords, and the vocal cord vibrate.
  • This vibration, in turn, converts the air to sounds or, more accurately, words.

See a small animation:

If the vocal cords are short and thin, the result is a weak voice, but if the vocal cords are large and dense the result is a deep and husky voice.

Let’s understand with a live example. You must have noticed whenever you are suffering from cold your normal voice is gone, and you get a deeper voice.

Colds inflame the vocal muscles, and they become swollen. When they are thick, they do not vibrate rapidly with the incoming air. It makes the sound lower and deeper.

Discover Your Lowest Pitch

 how to deepen your voice ftm

This step is very crucial. Believe it or not, you are not using your true voice. God has already gifted every man with a pitch which differentiates his voice to that of a woman. This difference could be small or big, but it always exists.

To find your optimal pitch start speaking from the “Facial Mask”.

 benefits of having a deep voice

Mask Area

To find the optimal position of where your chin should be, use your diaphragm to push air through your windpipe, and hum in a low pitch with your chin at your chest.

As you hum, raise your chin until you find the point where your voice box loosens and your voice sounds deep and rich.

A simple way to find it is to speak hmmmmmmm with your mouth closed. Speak hmm 2-3 times and you will feel a vibration to your mask area. It is your lowest pitch. Refer to the diagram over and over again.

Start with “hmmm” and then try speaking simple words projecting the same area. The best words are Ding-Dong, King-Kong or speak numbers like one, two, three, etc. Once this is natural to you, start uttering full sentences focusing on your mask. You will see that within a week there is a drastic difference in your tone, and will become much deeper and more husky.

Watch a simple video illustration of humming:

Voice Deepening Exercises

Although to make your voice deeper, you will be training your vocal muscles with some special exercises, don’t do these exercises straight away. Have a cup of the tea described below 15 minutes before the exercise. It will stimulate your throat and clear the voice passage. Thus, the results of the exercise will be optimized.

Tea Recipe: Cut and peel some pieces of ginger and garlic and boil them in some water. Also, add some cloves. Once the color of the water has turned yellow or dark red, you can strain it into a glass. Drink it slowly once it is lukewarm.

To add some taste, pour a spoonful of honey and few drops of lime. Do not add honey and lime during the boiling. Do it later or they may lose effectiveness. You can take it anytime throughout the day but must have it prior to the vocal exercises.

1. Deep Breathing

how to make your voice deeper permanently

Vocal cords are the engine that produces voice, and Air Acts As Fuel for this engine. Ultimately, it is the air that turns itself into sounds or words. The ample amount of the constant air supply ensures the right voice pattern. The way you speak directly depends on the way you breathe.

To make your voice deeper, you have to master this step. First, control your breathing (inhaling, exhaling and holding in the air before exhaling). Second, maintain your posture during the speech.

It includes the posture of your whole body and the position of your head, in a way, so that the neck is not bent and there is no obstruction while exhaling. The idea is to concentrate the amount of air and take it deep so it is exhaled from a deeper point inside the body eventually giving you a deeper and lower voice. Practice it as:

  • Lie down on your back.
  • Unwind your body and extend your limbs.
  • Inhale regularly with your mouth marginally open.
  • Notice how your stomach area expands and contracts as air fills the lower portion of your lungs.
  • Perform this activity for a few minutes and build the impact by putting a weight on your stomach like a thick book.
  • Inhale in like before, gradually adding more weight to the stomach. Do not add heavyweight. Only 2-3 books are enough


“Om” vibrates the whole universe. It creates vibrations throughout the body including the vocal folds and energizes your muscles so that they work to their maximum capacity.

Keep your eyes closed, take a deep breath and chant “om” slowly. There are two parts of this exercise. First, chant with your mouth closed and then with your mouth open. Stretch the word to “oooooommmmmmmmmmm” as you exhale. Repeat both parts 2-3 times. You will feel a strong vibration in your throat. See a video demonstration:


This is pretty simple. All you need to do is to speak the five vowels “a, e, I, o, u”. Be careful that your lips are open and wide apart during this. You can put a bottle cap in your mouth to avoid your lips touching.

If you are comfortable speaking these vowels without letting your lips touch, try speaking a few sentences and notice your lips whenever there is a vowel sound. This activity will develop the muscles of your mouth, lips, tongue and jaw area helping you to speak in your optimal tone.


Sometimes you speak too low and sometimes too high/loud, but the louder you speak the more you lose control over your voice and the quieter, the more you stammer.

The beauty of a deep voice lies somewhere between these two known as mid-tone. Record yourself at different loudnesses, play it back and listen using a HearFone to find your mid-tone.

Another trick is

Hum deeply from your throat, with your lips parted and your chin pointed down toward your chest, to warm up your voice. Raise your chin slowly while humming and then begin speaking directly from that humming voice so that it sounds from that deeper tone. Add a pleasant, small amount of nasal tone for a stronger sound.

Record & Playback Your Voice

If you can’t track your improvement, then you will get nowhere. First, you must know how you sound at present.

It is where everything starts. Then keep a record of your progress. Try to find a good recording and playback device or use a PC with good recording software.

 how to deepen voice

Although there is a slight variation in results of a recording device that is carefully designed for the purpose and a conventional recording device like Mobile or PC, it affects only 20% of your efforts.

If you are much more serious and have extra money to burn then, do not roam around among low-quality devices.

Choose any recorder given below and you will be fine. Keep these recorded files saved and label them with dates so that you can make comparisons and measure your improvement.

Best Digital Voice Recorder

The Advanced Guide To Get A Deeper Voice

So far, you have done a fairly good job and are equipped with all the basic knowledge necessary to make your voice deeper. But that’s not all. It won’t make a drastic change until you take it further.

Push your limits further and follow this advanced training that will lower your sound making it more manly. Let’s jump into the guide:

Section 1:       Training Your Body For A Deeper Voice

Section 2:       Train Your Mind For A Deeper Voice

Section 3:       Train You Vocal Box For A Deeper Voice

Once your whole body, mind, and vocal are in harmony and strong enough to support a profound voice, there is nothing that can stop you from making a new impression on society. It is not easy but it is not rocket science as well. Let’s Start:

Training At Physical Level

 how to get a deeper voice in 5 days

By physical strength, I do not mean you have to spend hours at the gym or hit the pavement to keep your body in shape. All you need to do is just make some certain adjustments to your body and the diet and you are done.

Your voice is like your ambassador to the world. It describes your personality and emotions.

Problems with your voice also can have a tremendous impact on your life. Follow some simple tips to train your body for producing a low-pitched voice:


There’s nothing to be surprised about drinking enough water for a deeper voice. That is because drinking water can help you hydrate your body as well as your throat. Therefore, you should drink at least 6-8 glasses of water every day to stay well hydrated. A dry throat produces a squeaky voice.


Honey will in no way, shape, or cause your voice to be lower. It can, however, help prevent your voice from going higher.

Honey does a few important things to your voice. First off, it lubricates your vocal cords. It is important to avoid scratches or cracks. Secondly, it relaxes them.

When your voice is relaxed, it has the low-end resonance that is appealing. Take one tablespoon of honey twice a day.


Green tea or black tea will help relax the muscles of the throat and voice box (larynx). You must include this beverage in your daily diet list.

On the other hand, drinking cold waters or cold beverages will cause tightening of the vocal cords (to practice your higher voice, if you like). Prohibit from them.


Pineapple juice has natural anti-inflammatory compounds that can help soothe the throat. It can also prevent phlegm build up in your throat. In addition to that, it can moisten and hydrate your mouth and your esophagus area.

To consume pineapple juice properly, dilute it with some water and drink daily, or suck some fresh pineapple pieces every day.

To take it even further, you must include watermelon juice to your daily menu. It has enough capacity to keep your body and throat hydrated throughout the day.


Include plenty of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables in your diet. These foods contain vitamins A, E, and C. They also help keep the mucous membranes, which line the throat, healthy.


Protein is a good source of energy. It keeps you pumped up. If the overall body is energetic enough, it will boost your performance and voice as well. Fish, Eggs, and grains are a good source of proteins. Don’t miss them.


Exercise is an essential part of the process. I don’t mean you do the gym; just a few light exercises such as running, or yoga is enough to keep your body running. It makes sure that the diet you are taking is well-digested and you avail the energy.

That’s all. Those are the necessary lifestyle changes that you need to improve the energy level in your body. The same energy will reflect in your voice making you sound stronger, deeper and more confident.

Training At Mental Level

how to make your voice sound deep

It might surprise you that stress is a major factor that affects your sound. With the hectic pace of life, it can be difficult to keep your stress to a minimum. Your breath is related to the way you speak, the way your body reacts to stress, and even your sexual performance!

You might sometimes feel that you have no choice but to deal with stress. We all respond to stress differently so; there’s no “one size fits all” for achieving deeper voice solution and managing stress.

Follow these tips for deeper voice which can be achieved by fighting mental stress:


Physical activity plays a vital role in reducing and preventing the effects of stress, which in turn shows a positive effect on your vocal cords. Just about any form of physical activity can help relieve stress and burn away anger, tension, and frustration. Exercise releases endorphins that boost your mood and make you feel good. So Get Moving.


In many ways, anxiety is an overwhelming condition. It overwhelms your senses; it overwhelms your thoughts, and it overwhelms your body. That’s why it should come as little surprise to anyone that is suffering from anxiety that it can affect your speech patterns as well. So avoid things that cause stress.

No doubt, yoga, and meditation is a sure way to win over your emotions and kill stress and anxiety. Join some good yoga training.


Speech therapy can be precious in training the stressed person to recover slowly their voice and their ability to communicate by speech. It often takes months of hard work and so needs a high level of willingness to participate and keep up the regular sessions.


In addition to regular exercise, other healthy lifestyle choices can increase your resistance to stress.

  • Well-nourished bodies are better prepared to cope with stress, so be mindful of what you eat.
  • Self-medicating with alcohol or drugs may provide an easy escape from stress, but the relief is only temporary.
  • Adequate sleep fuels your mind, as well as your body. Feeling tired will increase your stress because it may cause you to think irrationally.

Training At Vocal Level

how to make your voice sound deeper

To have a strong voice and to have vocal consistency there are certain things you have to know and do. There are some simple methods you can use, right now.

You can practice exercises that will allow you to perfect how much air pressure you are sending to your vocal cords.

When you do this, you will change gears and shorten your vocal cords as you speak. Train your vocal muscles by following these steps:


When you speak, your vocal cords vibrate many of times every second. Just like you’d warm up your muscles before working out, you need to warm up your vocal cords before you start your voice practice.

Warming up your voice is simple, and it only takes a couple of minutes. Start with some basic breathing exercises, breathing in, until your lungs are completely filled and breathing out, using your mouth, until your lungs are empty.


Project At The Mask Area

how to get a lower voice

The task is pretty simple. All you need to do:

  • Breathe in and fill your lungs completely.
  • Release the air slowly with uttering “Heeeyyyyyyyyyy”.
  • Make sure, while uttering, you project your voice at the mask area. It is the area that bridges your upper teeth and the nose.
  • Once you are comfortable with projecting at your mask area, start doing the practice with simple words and sentences.


People and especially singers don’t sing from their mouth. Unless you’re standing in the right position, letting air flow freely through your throat and vocal cords are challenging and, in some cases, even impossible.

Practice good singing posture by keeping your shoulders back, chest on high, chin on a parallel angle to the floor and your upper body held up nice and straight. Relax your muscles and stand up straight to allow air to flow freely through your vocal cords.


Smoking or inhaling any smoke dries out the vocal folds. Smoking also decreases saliva formation which is essential for hydration of vocal muscles. Stay no to it and you will see improvements.


Start to sing along with artists you like. Just let it rip. Sing until you get tired. It is an excellent way to train your voice. Let your full voice come out until you have confidence that you can project and hold the notes. Learn the phrasing that the artist is using to emphasize certain areas and pauses, lead-ins and endings.


Vitamin A can be found naturally in a variety of foods, and this essential vitamin helps keep your soft tissue, skin and mucous membranes healthy. Healthy mucous membranes, such as those found in your throat, give you better throat health.

A Quick Tip: More Testosterone Means Deeper Voice

 how to make your voice lower

Testosterone is a hormone found in the human body. It is found in men but also exists in females but small quantity. Testosterone means manhood as it’s responsible for male reproduction.

Having a deep voice indicates high Testosterone. It might seem too good to be true that it is easy to fix your sound.

Testosterone levels are at the highest during puberty and adolescence when boys physically change to young men. However, due to some hormonal changes and external effects, testosterone levels begin to declining.

This reduction leads to many changes in your body, including voice changes. So just increasing the T-Level can bring you a deeper and masculine voice.

These lifestyle factors play a key role in determining and increasing testosterone levels for a deeper voice:


If you’re overweight, shedding the excess pounds may increase your Testosterone levels. Obese men are more likely to have low testosterone levels, to begin with, so this is an important trick to increase your body’s testosterone production when you need it most.


Potatoes are a good and no-gluten source of testosterone-boosting carbohydrates. Examples like sweet potatoes, red potatoes, russets are also rich in nutrients.


The yolk of the egg is rich in dietary cholesterol, mono, and saturated fats. Cholesterol makes up the building blocks of testosterone. Without cholesterol, testosterone cannot synthesize. The best dietary sources are organic eggs. In addition to essential fatty acids, whole eggs have aspartic acid and amino acids which trigger testosterone production.


In addition to Peak Fitness, strength training is also known to boost testosterone levels, provided you are doing so intensely enough. When strength training to boost testosterone, you’ll want to increase the weight and lower your number of reps, and then focus on exercises that work a large number of muscles, such as deadlifts or squats.


If you’re struggling with sugar addiction and having trouble dealing with cravings, we highly recommend you to remove or decrease the level of sugar intake. Testosterone levels drop after you eat sugar, which is likely because the sugar leads to a high insulin level, another factor leading to low testosterone.

Importance Of Deep Voice

You may be one of those men who wish they had that deeper and masculine voice. Of course, we all admire how radio jockeys speak over the radio, and their smooth voice makes their programs more attractive to listeners. You probably wish you knew some techniques on how to have a deeper voice

But what makes that deeper voice so appealing?

A deep voice makes you highly attractive to women. It is one of the things that women love in guys. The love hormones in women react strongly towards the deep voices. It is why women can go mad over an RJ.

A deeper voice can also be of big help if you want to show off as a confident and reliable, aside from encouraging your appeal to women. Especially if you are looking for a job, having a deep and well-controlled voice can make you look confident, able and trustworthy. Other than these, there are also other benefits that you can get from having a deep voice.

One significant fact is that not all men are gifted with the natural deep voice. Every human being, be it a man or a woman, tends to have a high pitched voice from the very moment of the birth. But as a person grows, due to hormonal changes, the vocal cords thicken and eventually lead to deeper or low pitched voice.

Remember that your voice is an instrument, and like any other instrument, it can be improved with practice.The above are the essentials and makes for a good daily routine to help you relax your voice and make it deeper.

I am absolutely optimistic if you train your whole body, mind, and vocal muscles, you will soon achieve a better, more confident and deeper voice. Good Luck.

The Sound Of Good Looking

A person’s deep voice a direct indicator of fitness. For instance, it’s no myth that good looking men often have deep voices. Voices can give clues to physical characteristics, and listeners might be better at relating the two traits.

The Sound Of Sex

Voices can tip us off not just how people look, but perhaps to their level of sexuality. A recent study looked at the relationship between voice and sexuality.

In men, deep voice was related to a high shoulder to hip ratio and in women, voice attractiveness was correlated with waist-to-hip ratio. Since sound is associated with symmetrical proportions, which play a significant role in attractiveness, it’s no surprise that a person’s voice also corresponds to his sexual activity.

Deeper Voices Are More Memorable Than Higher Voices

Deeper voice men enjoy a range of benefits and other advantages since they sound more like leaders. A British study has found that men with deep voices are more memorable than men with higher-pitched voices.

It is not surprising that a lot of men want to have a deeper voice than what they already have. Because of all the above factors, a lot of males is finding ways to enhance their deep male voice.

Whether you have a high pitched voice, or you just want to improve your voice, here are some tips and techniques on how to have a deeper voice.

Time To Take Rest


There is no reason that you can’t get a deeper voice but the same is very true that you have to put in some effort for it. It takes time for the things to be a part of your habit, so give you enough time to sound lower, deeper, and huskier.

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