How to Get a Deeper Voice in 5 Days

How to Get a Deeper Voice in 5 Days

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In today’s society, deep voices are associated with a high sex appeal combined that with a well-toned, chiseled physique and you’ve got the ‘perfect’ guy.

A rich deep voice is not only an attraction but it’s also highly respected by fellow men. A man with such a voice will get faster recognition and attention of people if he decides to speak in a public gathering.

Unfortunately, not every man is born with such a remarkable voice and thus require innovative ways to deepen their voices. Some are willing to spend a lot of money in hope that they will attain a deeper voice.


To be honest, there is not really much you can do to change your voice. It’s something you are born with and develops as you grow.

The voice development peaks during puberty when there is an overdrive of testosterone. However, there are a few tips you could follow to improve your voice especially if you are interviewing for a radio host gig or auditioning for singing. Regardless of your reasons to deepen your voice, follow these simple tips and you’ll have a deeper voice in 5 days.

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Step 1: Get familiar with your voice

Do you have any idea how you speak? Have you ever tried to listen to yourself as you speak? Your voice is a part of you and you should take care of it the same way you take care of your body.

Try making a recording of yourself speaking, listen and analyze the way you speak. I know it’s awkward/weird listening to yourself, you might even deny that’s you but hey everyone feels like that the first they listen to their own voice.

The first step in correcting or deepening your voice begins with you understanding how you speak. While standing in front of a mirror make a recording of you having a conversation with yourself on your phone or computer.

Use this recording to analyze your voice. Are you too loud or too quiet? Is your voice too shrill, shallow or airy?

If that doesn’t work, use voice apps such as Vocular which analyzes your voice by measuring how deep your voice sounds. With such an app, you will not only understand your voice better but you will also know when you hit the lower notes you are hoping to get.

Vocular analyses your voices and compares it to the voice of a movie character like Bruce Willis or Kit Harrington (Jon Snow), etc.

Breathing Exercises

Every time you want to get into shape you head to the gym and start working out, the same applies to getting a deep voice. It will take a lot of exercises to master and maintain a deep voice.

Voice exercises will involve the control of your breath as part of how you speak. Train your body to breathe deeply as it makes you more relaxed and the more relaxed you are, the easier it is speak in a low tone. If you get irritated or nervous your voice is likely to crack.

The best way to work on your breathing is through meditation and physical exercise such as yoga.

Why yoga?

Because it is not tedious and allows you to concentrate on your breathing. You can even start right away. Get into a yoga position and try to concentrate on your breathing. Lock out all other thoughts and just focus on your breathing. You want to be relaxed as you breathe deeply. Drink a warm beverage to help relax the muscles in your throat. Cold beverages are associated with the tightening of vocal cords which makes you speak in a high tone.

Also, try some vocal exercises such as speaking in a low pitch. The more you practice the more likely you are to maintain your newly acquired deep voice.

Neck Exercises

Strengthening your neck muscles is vital in your quest to attain a deep voice. Strong neck muscles are responsible for relieving pressure on the vocal cords, which in turn improves your resonance and lowers your voice pitch. The neck is a very sensitive part of the human body, therefore, you should be careful with the exercises you choose. You don’t want to end up injuring your neck or back. Neck exercises include:

  • Neck stretching exercise- this is an exercise that focuses on the Sternocleidomastoid muscle, which runs from your ear to the throat and it’s attached to the collar bone. Stretching this muscle helps relieve pressure on the vocal cords and the throat which results in a lower pitch. Regular neck stretching exercises will help ease tension on the voice organs. The exercise involves gently turning your neck such that your chin is positioned above your shoulder. Hold your neck in this position for a few seconds and allow it to rest then repeat.
  • Neck strengthening exercises- strong neck muscles facilitate better head support and upright postures, which relieves tension on the vocal cords. This particular exercise targets throat muscles. You are required to stand up straight, lift your chest and maintain your shoulders in the same position. Push your chin back such that your neck is in line with your spinal cord and shoulders. You will experience contraction in your neck muscles, hold in this position for about three seconds and relax.

Testosterone Injections

A rich deep voice is associated with high levels of testosterone while high-pitched voices are associated with lower levels of testosterone. You can take hormone pills to help balance the levels of testosterone, however; the fastest way is by injecting the hormones directly into your bloodstream.

Lastly, drink a lot of water. It might not seem important to you but it is, if you want to get a deep voice. Your voice is highly influenced by the length and thickness of your vocal cords. Dehydration shrinks your vocal cords leaving you with squeakier vocal cords. The solution to this is simple – drink a lot of water. Fill a jug of water every day and try to drink all of it throughout the day. This is not only good for your voice cords but it is also healthy. You get two for the price of one.

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