Does SizeGenetics Work? What you Should REALLY Expect

Q: Does The SizeGenetics Penis Extender Work?

Of course! It works miracles for men with small size penis and does it in the most comfortable, unobtrusive fashion possible – at least compared to SG’s competition and leading PE brands. SG is the only traction device available that lets you choose one of 58 ways to wear the extender.

Just because a penis extender is designed to fit the majority of penis sizes out there, does not mean it will be comfortable for individuals willing to use SizeGenetics. And to top that, the way in which SG feels at the beginning of treatment may not feel the same mid way or near the end, which is why you can reconfigure the device to provide just the right level of comfort no matter what portion of treatment you are at.

HOWEVER, SG is a penis extender and this penis enlargement method will not work for every single guy out there, but if your current size exceeds 3 inches flaccid and you do not have any underlying medical conditions, you are more than likely a perfect candidate for a penile traction treatment.

Q: What Kind Of Results Does SizeGenetics Produce?

This depends on how often you use SizeGenetics and how long your treatment lasts. As easy as it may seem to wear a device like SizeGenetics, there is quite a bit of planning you must account for before beginning.

If you use the device for a minimum of six months, you can lengthen your penis around 2 inches. You may also notice an increase in sexual activity not only because your size is bigger, but a significant boost in confidence and self-esteem will creep up on you overtime.

Q: How Often Do You Have To Wear The SizeGenetics Penis Extender?

You need to wear the device at least 5 days a week. I recommend 6 days with one day of rest, using the Penis Health exercise system in conjunction. If you purchase the Ultimate System package, you get there exercises and the entire system is backed by a 6 month money-back guarantee.

Q: Is SizeGenetics Considered A Scam?

I’m sure some people will consider it a scam because of the high price tag. I can assure you SG is not a scam, but as for value, the starter edition package is worth thinking about twice because of the limitations this package endures.

If you use the device as directed, you will notice results, but if you take advantage of the device, you may not ever get what you are after. Its easy to find a rant on this product, search for it if you do not believe me.

Q: Where Can You Buy SizeGenetics?

You can buy SizeGenetics online only. Visit the manufacturer site to place your order. You should read a special report if you are contemplating whether to buy SizeGenetics or not.

Q: Is SG A Medical Device?

Registered and certified. SG is a CE Certified medical type 1 device. This was made possible by regulations and standards in place by the European Union. SizeGenetics provides a safe experience that is able to produce results as intended.

Constructed with medical grade components and with a well put together anatomical design, this extender is ready to help men suffering from erectile dysfunction or peyronies disease as a prescribed or DIY treatment.

Q: Is SizeGenetics Comfortable?

One of  the most comfortable penis extenders on the market. The device is a bit discomforting initially, but once you read about the 16 way comfort tech system, you will partially obtain peace of mind – well momentarily at least.

Just think about it this way. No other device of this kind comes with what SizeGenetics does. Not even close. Having the option to combine tailored components to so you feel no discomfort, irritation, or pain – three very common problems still prevalent with old and cheap penis extenders.

Q: Are There Side-Effects?

None to report. You should not notice any residuals effects if used as recommended.

Q: What Are Potential Side-Effects?

One of the easiest ways to interrupt a penis traction treatment is to either not set up and follow a schedule, which basically either slows gains to a halt or they never show. Not a side-effect, but this is a very common problem.

You can however use the device to much and your penis may feel fatigued. Furthermore, since an extender uses an attachment mechanism to fixate itself to your penis, there is always the possibility of tightening the device too much and hindering blood flow. This can cause the head of your shaft to discolor, sometimes a slight blue or purple color and in more severe circumstances, deform your penis or decrease sensitivity.

You should never feel a cold sensation either. If you happen to find yourself in a situation where you accidentally tighten the device to much, take it off and let your circulation improve. It’s been said that slapping your penis back and forth between your inner thighs will help your penis recover quicker from the lack of blood flow.

All in all, talk to a professional for a definitive answer or try searching online for help.

Q: How Long Do Results Take?

Truly, they vary by individual. You can gain up to 3 inches of combined length and girth expansion. This may take some time to do, but it can be done if you are the ultimate achiever.

Weeks one through four you can expect significant improvement in erection hardness and firmness and up to an inch and a half in gains.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

The simple truth when it comes down to a penis extenders use is that they are the best at one task over any other PE treatment: adding more length. You will still widen your penis to an extent using an extender, but to the degree that is rewarding for both you and your partner, don’t expect very much.

When it comes down to increasing width, you’ll need to look into other treatment options to increase sexual pleasure and visual appeal in which a longer penis cannot satisfy.

More length and width is a great visual stimulant for your partner and also a confidence booster for you, but the reality of making a women orgasm in done so within just one – three inches of inserting this piercing organ into her vagina. This is known as a hitting a woman’s G spot, a one inch diameter of spongy tissue that when touched, rubbed, or stroked the right way, creates an all natural euphoria that is difficult to compare.

Length can help stimulate pleasure in the lesser sensitive portions of a woman’s vagina, but width is an entirely different wonder on its own that will send pleasure coursing throughout your partner’s entire body, leaving her to only crave more and more.

So to help you compensate for a penis extenders inability to improve penile width ideally, you should consider use a penis exercise technique known as Jelqing. This exercise can be found online for free and is very easy to incorporate into your extender routine.

This article merely discusses my SizeGenetics treatment and helps you determine if the Jelq exercise will fit into your routine.

If you want to make the most of length and width gains, I highly recommend what I used: the SizeGenetics extender and the Penis Health exercise program and its progressive Jelqing technique + the rest of its exercises. All of this comes in one package known as the Ultimate System, which you can check out here.

Why SizeGenetics And Jelqing?

Jelqing in particular is one of the primary exercises that the majority of PE practitioners use to increase penile width. It is an amazing technique that forces blood to expand erectile tissue. Jelqing is very easy to perform if you know how to use it and in this article I am going to show you how it works straight from the Penis Health exercise program.

Combining Jelqing and many other exercises with the SizeGenetics extender is a stellar idea. This combination worked very well for me, as did X4 Labs penis extender and Jelqing. According to popular vote, SG is one of the best, if not the best, PE device on the market. To better the results of SG to an even greater extent, purchasing the Ultimate package provides you with the best exercise routine made possible by Penis Health.

Jelqing When Using SizeGenetics

There are three ways to Jelq the same day you use SizeGenetics. You can practice all three if you are an ultimate achiever or just combine a couple of these ways to help maximize gains.

  1. Jelq first thing in the morning before attaching your penis extender. Try the “Wet Jelq” in the shower or use a small amount of lubricant if prefer not showing in the morning. You can try dry Jelqing, but you need to master the technique as this variation is meant for at least novice practitioners.

  2. When wearing the SizeGenetics extender, remove it every 2 – 3 hours and perform ten minutes worth of Jelqing. Base the amount of Jelqs you perform and their intensity on how your treatment is progressing.

  3. Perform Jelqs after you have completed your traction session for the day. Exercising takes no more than thirty minutes per day, even during advanced stages, so doing so will not take much time out of your schedule. You do not have to Jelq every day, it is recommended you permit your penis to recover so it will continue to expand without causing harm.

How To Jelq

You can either learn more about Jelqing by reading this Jelqing guide or follow the steps below that are directly from Penis Health.

  1. Start by stimulating an erection to a 50% erect state. Apply a small amount of lubricant. Too much lubricant can make this exercise difficult to perform.

  2. Form the “ok” gesture with your hand by wrapping this hand position around the base of your shaft, as close to your pelvis as possible.

  3. Slight tighten the “ok” grip and slide your hand up the entire length of your shaft until your reach just behind the head.

  4. Repeat these steps with your other hand and ensure lubricant can be felt before every stroke.

  5. Based on when you are using Jelqs, perform at least 10 repetitions ( 1 Jelq motion per hand). If you are Jelqing at a different time you should as structured a routine to follow if you are not using the Penis Health exercise program.

Your Penis With Appear Slightly Bigger After Jelqing

After using SizeGenetics, your penis will appear longer for a few hours. Overtime, it will remain longer and appear larger the more you use. Jelqing works in a similar manner, except your penis will appear wider and expand permanently after continued use.

Using any of the best penis stretching devices will ensure your traction sessions are as comfortable as possible. A lesser quality stretcher will feel less comfortable the longer you wear it, which will delay gains overtime since the probability of you not wearing it is likely. With an extender like SG, gains will appear faster since it comes with comfort oriented components that help the device feel comfortable even after eight hours of use, which will make you want to wear it longer and more often.

Jelqing helps improve the amount of blood that can circulate within your penis, allowing it to grow even faster on top of becoming wider.

So to really make all of your effort worthwhile, use a comfortable extender like SizeGenetics and exercises that have proven to thousands of practitioners that they do work – the Penis Health exercise program being a fine example.

Customer Relations Assessment – Did SizeGenetics Pass The Test?

No matter what company you deal with, you always want to assume that if you ever need to contact a representative, you will be greeted and treated like you are a business’s number one asset. Truly, you are, but more often not, many companies do not treat like a customer. They see you as the next customer that is going to help their profit margin increase.

Especially companies that produce penis enlargement products. Penis extender brands, in particular, send all sorts of mixed signals and due to the fact this market has not been significantly affected by the condition of the worldwide economic crisis, the price for one of these device remains expensive.

Premium brands back their packages with guarantees to prove that their loyalty is to the customer, not their bank account, and in the likelihood that you need a refund, do you know how most companies deal with this promise once the bottom line has been reached?

They don’t come through. Some companies take forever to respond, others refer you to their terms and conditions, and in a worse case scenario, completely disappear.

It makes you wonder why we have a page located up top that states “best penis extenders”. This is because the companies we recommend on this page offer superlative customer service. However, I still don’t think it is enough to just tell you which of our top recommendations provide excellent customer service, I am going to test them and then show you which passed with flying colors and their discrepancies.

If you haven’t already checked our top recommendations, then these brands are whom I have spoken with prior to writing this article:

SizeGenetics, X4 Labs, Quick Extender Pro, Male Edge, and Andropenis

Beginning with the best and ending will the lesser of the bunch is how everything will go down this time around. This specific article will start and finish with SizeGenetics. Four more installments follow this one, which you can find at the end of this article.

How Did SizeGenetics Customer Relations Assessment Go?

SizeGenetics is known as one of the best penis extenders around because of its proven use and excellent track record. The last time I spoke with a rep. from this company, everything went well. The biggest portion of the conversation that was pleasing was when the agent answering my grueling questions did not try to answer questions he was unfamiliar with.

Instead he opened a ticket, documented my questions, and forwarded them to another rep. who could answer my questions. As such, Listened to what he had to say and followed instruction as commanded.

Here is what happened:

I initially spoke with an individual from SizeGenetics country of origin, the UK. He was obliging and friendly, although some basic questions could not be answered. He did the right thing by documenting my case yet again and letting me know someone from a different department would contact me via email with an answer concerning my inquiry.

This is where my luck started to diminish. Out of the five or so questions I verbally confirmed needed an answer, he said I would receive a response soon. “Soon” was not a choice word to use. Only two questions were answered and the others were never mentioned again. I proceeded to continue my conversation by following up.

At this point I no longer received a response. This kind of behavior I am use too, although for someone who knows a fraction of what I know about penis extenders is stuck in a rut if this happens.

I called again, same conversation, but with a different rep and this time after explaining my situation, everything worked out accordingly. Every question was answered with a follow up email from another individual and may questions / concerns were put to rest.

The dire question that I wanted answered was done so exactly the way it should of. I even wrote an article about is here.

If you would like to know some of the questions I asked, I wrote a truth assessment about SizeGenetics, which entails my question’s answers. You can also check out my FAQ’s page about SG for further information.

Here Is My Verdict

I like to think of myself as an expert regarding male enhancement products. More of a concentration with peis extenders and exercises and based on how my scenario proceeded, I felt more confident after chatting with an actual person working for the company, not rep. from a company located halfway around the world.

I do not condone the actions that occurred originally, where I was left in the dark, only to call back a second time and voice my problems, showing more concern than normal. This was not good. When a customer needs help, it should only take one time, unless there are complexities involved.

Overall though, the information I sought was delivered. Needless to say the same scenario that occurred to me, happens to you, you know what to do based on how I handled everything.

My name is Chris. Self-Practitioner And Editor - basically the guy who does most of the work around here. I write about everything related to penis enlargement, not just penis extenders. As you can tell I write specialized content for this website that is influenced by my successful experience using a penis extender and of course my professional expertise regarding penis enlargement. I have used multiple penis extenders, pills, exercises, and the BathMate Hydro pump. Hang around and a drop a comment below if you want to chat about anything and everything related to the best penis extenders.

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