Vibrators for Women

Vibrators have been helping women get off for a long time, dildos and dongs for even longer. Why the old ways are still good ways.

One of the more primal urges related to female masturbation is the urge to be penetrated. Arguably, the first sex toys ever “used” were smooth oblong shapes with which a woman could comfortably penetrate the vagina.

This seems to make some sense despite the fact that women generally require some stimulation of the clitoris to achieve the maximum heights of self pleasure.

Sex toy designers in modern times have created literally hundreds of different shapes and devices for vaginal penetration. These penetration sex toys are known as dildos and dongs, and vibrators.
Todays Vibrators
The modern vibrator comes in two main formats, battery powered and AC electrical powered.

The most common and popular choice for most of us is a battery powered vibrator. We love them because of their compactness, ease of use, and inexpensiveness.

Like the best dildos a vibrator can come in a variety of shapes and forms, but most are based on the simple phallus and are about 6-8 inches long, 1-2 inches in diameter and made of a plastic or rubber.

Contained within the vibrator shaft is small vibrating motor that can be dialed into a comfortable rate of vibration using the knob/dial on the handling end of the vibrator.

This knob or dial is also usually where the batteries are inserted, and where a waterproof vibrator will have a specially designed sealed cap and a gasket to keep water out of the battery/shaft/motor area.
Battery powered vibrators
Most battery powered vibrators use 2aa batteries, but some use the more powerful ‘C’ cells to power a stronger vibrator motor.

I recommend a waterproof vibrator as a versatile and inexpensive sex toy that can be enjoyed by women for masturbating or during intercourse. You can buy most waterproof vibrators for under $20 US (or $30 CDN).
Rechargeable battery vibrators
In recent years several varieties of vibrator have evolved which use additional motors that can pulsate, rotate, or manipulate the clitoris…all while vibrating like a normal vibrator.

These models use up more battery “juice” so you’ll want rechargeable batteries to go with them.

These technically advanced rabbit vibrator toys and stimulators use 4 batteries in place of 2, so as to provide the current necessary for the different motors.
Electrical vibrators
Electrical vibrators take advantage of a stronger power source (a wall outlet in your home) to incorporate such features as up and down oscillations, as well as the normal vibration.

High-tech battery powered vibrators can do this too.

However, you must be careful not to get an electrical vibrator near a water source.

The powerful and high quality vibrator motors in an electrical vibrator can provide for a fantastic masturbatory experience.

Electrical vibrators are made of fairly solid heavier parts that wear longer, and the price of upwards of $80 US reflects this.
Dildo vs Vibrator?
Whatever kind of vibrator or dildo sex toy you choose for yourself should be based on what you want to use it for and how much you want to spend.

Vibrators are by far the most common sex toys. They are are what people generally think of when their mind thinks of a sex toys, mainly because of the great pleasure they give for their relatively low cost.

There are two basic forms of vibrators: toys that have their power source (batteries) on the inside and toys that have an external power supply usually a battery pack connected by a small cord.

Usually internal power supplied vibrators have just one speed whilst external power supplied vibrators often can provide multiple speeds. The amount of vibration is similar so it comes down to personal choice.
Insertable Vibrators
These are shaped like a penis and are by far the most popular choice with most. Many closely remebale a male penis and other look nothing like a penis.

As with most toys come in all colors, shapes and sizes.
A Popular insertable vibrator
Jack Rabbit Dual control, multi-speed vibrator. Featuring beads in the shaft that rotate as the rabbit ears vibrate.
Clitoral Vibrators
These vibrators are specifically designed to be used on the clitoris, almost and vibrator can be used on this are but these toys will give the most pleasure.

Thes deliver focused vibrations at varying speeds and intensities. You get a VERY precise level of stimulation from these little toys and they come highly recommended.
Butterfly Vibrators
Designed to resemble a pair of panties, the butterfly vibrator is a small, vibrator held close to a woman’s clitoris for an intense, pleasure. Generally the motor is inside the shape of a small animal i.e. butterfly shape is very common.

These toys produce an incredibly strong vibration. If that’s what you like then these toys will be for you!

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