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here are two different kinds of penis pump men can buy, both look similar but the end goal of the user is the most significant difference. One kind is for the enlargement of the penis by creating a vacuum space around the penis which encourages a larger erection.

The other kind of penis pumps one can buy uses the same principals to create sucking and stroking sensations for the goal of masturbation and pleasure. Either kind of penis pump consists of a cylinder to insert the penis into, a gasket to maintain a seal around the base of the penis, and a pump to remove air from the cylinder and create a vacuum.

Masturbation Pumps

While there are many penis pumps designed specifically for masturbation rather than enlargement, these are all usually very similar in design and principal to the enlargement models. A pump designed for masturbation may include a gasket molded in the shape of a vagina, anus or mouth, and many incorporate a vibrating bullet and remote control unit. The pump mechanism can be used to generate a gentle increase and decrease of vacuum suction, contributing to the sensation of pleasure experienced.

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