8 Amazing Sex Positions for Fat People

best sex position for fat people

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best sex positions for fat people

There’s nothing wrong with being big and beautiful, but when you have a lot to love, getting busy in the sack can sometimes be tricky. You don’t need to lose weight to enjoy an excellent sex life, though, because there are plenty of sex positions for overweight people that can make your amorous adventures a whole lot easier.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a plus-sized lover like no other, then check out these sex tips:

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8 Best Sex Positions for Big People

1. The Modified Missionary

Normally, the missionary is a classic (if not boring) staple of many people’s sexual routine, but if you and your lover have a little weight to throw around then trying to maintain good penetration can quickly become exasperating.

Make things easier by placing pillows or thickly-folded blankets under the lady’s lower back. They’ll raise her end zone to a much more accommodating angle and make constant contact nearly effortless.

2. Use The Side Door

If pillows aren’t easily available, another go-to sex position for overweight people is the side approach. This is an easy position to switch to. Ladies, just lie on your side with your knees angled toward your chest. It’s a bit like the fetal position. The acute angle of your hips guarantees that your man will have the optimal angle for penetration, no matter how much junk you’ve got in the trunk.

3. Doggy Style

Utilizing the same body angles as the side approach, the tried-and-true doggy-style position is great for couples of any size. The stability and the excellent view that guys get to enjoy makes this a favorite for many plus-sized lovers.

4. The Downward Dog

Also known as the Lazy Dog, this position is a great way for ladies to ease the strain on their elbows after an extended doggy style session. All you need to do is to slowly let your arms slide out in front of or under your chin while your man keeps up the good work. Moving your arms allows your chest to bear most of your weight and will give your shoulders a chance to rest up for your next position.

5. The Flying V

In addition to burning more calories than the average sex position, the Flying V bypasses any problems caused by overhanging bellies – making it great for both penetration and mobility. All you ladies need to do is to sit on top of your man while both of you lean slightly backward.

This should give your private parts unadulterated access to one another without the worry of any folds getting in the way. If you’re having trouble supporting yourself, stack some pillows behind your heads or find a corner that both of you can lean into.

6. The Toy Store

Not so much a position as a practice, incorporating toys into your lovemaking is a great way to get past any physical limitations. Vibes like the Lelo Soraya are maneuverable and lightweight, and they have a lot more features than the average penis. On the other hand, if you just need a little boost, try a ring like the Lelo Tor. Caution: both the Tor and the Soraya have been known to induce stratospheric orgasms.

7. The Oral Exam

Everyone loves a little tongue action, no matter how big they are. And oral sex isn’t just good foreplay – it’s also a great way to pleasure your partner when your size limits your repertoire of positions. You should take turns blowing, licking, sucking and massaging one another regularly during sex. It’ll make jumping in the sack a lot more fun, and it will help you cross the finish line a lot faster.

8. Up Against the Wall

Using walls to your advantage is a great strategy for overweight sex. Ladies can support their weight when they bend over, and they can use the sturdy surface as a push-off point to back that thing up into their man. You don’t need to limit yourselves to walls, though. If you’re feeling adventurous, doors, cars, and low railings can all fill the wall’s supporting role.

The key to having great overweight sex is to get creative. Sex positions for overweight people are all about optimizing the angle of attack, so don’t be afraid to modify these sex tips by lifting a leg or swinging your hips to find the path of least resistance. You should also mix things up with regular intermissions of oral sex and a good helping of the Lelo Soraya or other accessories.

That does it for this week’s article about sex positions for heavy people, but check back next week for even more sex tips and talk. In the meantime, check out the great sale we’re having on all of our vibrators. They’re sure to drive women of every shape and size wild, and now they’re more affordable than ever.

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