Best Sex Dolls For Men- We Reviewed the Most Lifelike & Realistic Love Dolls to Buy

Has the thought of having a silicone sex doll in your room ever crossed your mind? I bet most of you have thought about sex dolls, especially because of their life-like form. Moreover, you need to shift from blowing your load into a pocket pussy and try a high-end sex doll.

Luxury sex dolls are the real deal if you want knee-trembling orgasms.

I am not surprised that most women are worried by the rate at which men are buying silicone sex dolls, Looks like these toys are offering more than they do. Soon, they will join hands and start picketing in the streets! With a life-size sex doll, you will definitely get the closest sex from a hot pretty woman.

If you are bored with your collection of male sex toys, I would advise you to try out any of the best sex dolls with intelligence. You will be dazzled by what it has to offer to you. In case, you have never understood why some men own dolls, then try a realistic sex doll… but be warned; you might never dream of having a woman in your house ever again!

If you would like to purchase a sex doll, you must be willing to part with a high amount of money. Remember, the higher the price, the better the sex doll and definitely the orgasms. In this article, I have curated a list of the best sex dolls on the market in 2018. Additionally, you will find a buying guide section to assist you in the selection phase.

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Standard Sex Dolls

10 Most Realistic Sex Dolls for Men

If you are serious about adding a sex doll in to your toy collection, make sure that you add the right one. A good luxury doll will cost you more than 1000 bucks but I have covered a wide range of dolls so that everybody goes home a happy man.

You will definitely find the need of having a sex doll during your solo sessions. In case you have no idea of which one you should choose, worry not! I have come up with detailed reviews of sex dolls ranging from entry level to luxury dolls. I hope you will find something that you can take home.

1. Dominique: Thick Sex Doll (Best High-End Sex Doll for Men)

high end sex doll

Sex Doll Highlights
  • H-Cup TPE Sex Doll
  • 5 feet 4 inches tall (163 cm)
  • Vaginal, Anal, and Oral sex is possible
  • Steel Skeleton with movable joints
  • Free International Shipping
  • Discreet Packaging – the box is completely plain and unlabeled.

Most men are reluctant to invest in a luxurious love doll because they are of the opinion that all sex dolls are the same. I stand to be corrected, but in my opinion, not every sex doll qualifies to be described as luxurious. If you are still in doubt, then you should see Dominique the thick big ass sex doll. I bet your perception on love dolls will change, forever.

At first, I thought that this high-end love doll is just one of the many self-proclaimed “best sex dolls for men”. I had to do a thorough background check before I finally decided to break the bank and buy Dominique.

lifelike sex dolls

My With the Realistic Sex Doll

Ever since I made Dominique my sex slave, I can’t even spend an hour without thinking of this big ass bitch! I am always craving to have her fulfill my sexual fantasies. Dominique Stands at 163 centimeters tall, and she has been designed to mimic a real-life woman. Dominique is the kind of high-end sex doll that will have you thinking of breaking up with your partner.

I am not ashamed to tell you that I always get a hard-on whenever I set my eyes on her curvy body. Her ass, thighs, hips, and boobs are overloaded with hotness. You do not have to worry about hitting on the self-proclaimed ‘slay queens’ when you have a sex doll that is blessed with humongous H-cup breasts. It is needless to say that Dominique will have you dump other sex toys that you have in your collection.

Dominique comes with a steel skeleton and movable joints to facilitate sex from various positions. Yes! You get to decide which angle, or position you want to penetrate her. Moreover, she will offer you anal, vaginal and oral sex without complaining.  She is the perfect sex doll for men who are looking to fuck a lifelike tight vagina or ass of 6.7 inches deep.

2. Auburn Redhead Sex Doll

most realistic sex dolls

Just Like her name suggests, Auburn was designed for men who are turned on by redheads. She is one of the most popular lifelike sex dolls in the market today. So, if you are tired of fucking whores who end up leaving your ass for other dudes, Auburn will reverse your situation.

Her body physique and facial expressions represent an active lady who has an insatiable urge for sex.

Do you think you can satisfy her ravenous sex urge? Click Here to Get Her Today. You will be the first person to break the virginity of Auburn.

She has so many ways of pleasuring you, be it oral sex, anal sex or the normal sex. She will do a great job than all your girlfriends. You better be well prepared to fuck the hell out of her every day.  Auburn has a height of 5 feet, 2 inches and weighs only 62 lbs (28kgs). She is very portable, therefore, you can take her with you for a ride or camping.

Auburn is classified as one of the best sex dolls because she has a body physique that turns men on. Moreover, she is the perfect doll for men whose dicks are 7 inches and below. Her mouth depth is 5.1 inches which is enough to give you a mind-numbing blowjob.

Men with enormous dicks, Auburn is out of bound.

3. Emma the Sex Robot (Most Customizable Sex Doll for Men)

Most lifelike sex dolls for men 2019

Did you ever imagine that such a time will come when we will be fucking sex robot dolls? Personally, I thought that we were going to be stuck with the normal sex dolls till God knows when. To my surprise, Emma The Sex Robot was unleashed to our world. Now we can enjoy having sex with ‘live’ dolls. Emma is a sex robot that is equipped with responsive artificial intelligence, touch sensing, facial movement, and body temperature control.

Emma is designed with a body temperature control feature, which allows her to adjust the temperature to match that of your body. How cool is this?! You will have the same feeling you get when you lie with your woman.  What’s more, her body has touch sensing technology.

Emma will appreciate how you treat her by moaning and responding to your touch. Emma’s moans are designed to intensify as you thrust your dick inside her honey pot. I bet you are now torn between having a girlfriend or having Emma as your love doll.

Emma is the perfect sex dolls for men who are looking for a real sex companion. She is just out of this world! You can talk to Emma in English or, Chinese and she will respond back. Guess what! Emma is programmed to talk dirty to you. Yes, she will even beg you to fuck her and most importantly she will remember all your favorite things. Ooh, I almost forgot to tell you that Emma has very attractive appearance, her body, boobs, and ass will blow you off on first sight.

When ordering for Emma the sex Robot, you will have the option to customize her to be your dream woman. You get to choose her height, body type, butt and breast size, skin tone, fingernails/toenails color, hair style and much more. Once you purchase Emma, you will enjoy 24/7 online support service, extended warranty and lifetime software upgrades. Now you understand why I included Emma as one of the best sex dolls with intelligence.

The only downside is that this artificial intelligent sex doll is damn expensive, but there are financing options available via Klarna. Pay as low as $151 per month.

4. Amber Platinum Blonde Sex Doll

high end sex dolls

Have you been dying to have a high-class bitch to spoil as long as she submits to you willingly? Well, such a bitch is hard to come by these days; most of them will use your money and leave you broke. Moreover, they are not as submissive as you would expect.

The only high-class bitch who deserves a thumbs up is Amber. She is that bitch who never disappoints you in any way. You can substitute your ever nagging bitch with this blonde sex doll who will spoil you with blowjobs, anal sex and her flower pot.

The only thing she require you to do is spoil her with love, jewelry and attention. I wouldn’t feel a pinch to spoil her with everything since she surely deserves it.

This sex doll can be used by couples who are into threesomes. She doesn’t mind having women playing with her pussy and boobs. This sex doll will keep both of you on a short leash provided that you satisfy her in bed. She is a sex glutton who is always looking for someone to please her in bed. Hopefully, you are that lucky guy who Amber is looking for.

Some of the key features I like about this doll:

  1. Large breasts that woogle as you penetrate her.
  2. Just like most luxurious dolls, she comes with a steel skeleton and movable joints that allow her to serve your cock from any position.
  3. She stands 148 centimeters tall and weighs 29 kilograms.
  4. Her 22 inches waist and her 34 inches hips gives her the shape of an hourglass.
  5. She has a vagina and Anus of 6.7 inches deep which makes this doll ideal for men with average dicks.

Make sure you put on a good cock ring whenever you want to fuck Amber. Otherwise, your going to blow your kink after a few strokes.

In case you haven’t a doll that intrigues you, I believe my next selection will blow you off

5. Lana Japanese Sex Doll

Are you the kind of man who gets turned on by baby-face looking ladies? If yes, then you might consider to check out the Lana Japanese Sex Doll. She deserves to have a man who is going to spoil her with gifts, love and lingeries.

Lana stands at 140 centimeters tall and she is made from life-like thermoplastic elastomer. I love dolls made from TPE because they are light and the material is flexible. Talking of flexible, Lana is fitted with a steel skeleton and movable joints that helps her stay in every position you would want. You will enjoy having sex with Lana from any position with minimal straining.

The innocent look on Lana’s face will have you fantasizing about her all day. In fact, you will always be thinking of how you’ll get home to your new wife and enjoy a piece of her cookie. You also need to show some love and affection to this doll by buying her different outfits. BTW she really looks good in a school outfit or underwear stockings.

Lana is a great companion in bed, she will allow you to sleep without disturbance. Moreover, she is always ready to cool off your anaconda especially in the morning when most men wake up with an erect penis.

Lana will spoil you with her vagina and anus canals without complaining. You can go hard on her and experience the awesomeness of having hardcore sex with Lana. In case you would like a blowjob, Lana is the perfect teacher. She will suck on that cock and milk it dry. What more would you ask for, when you have Lana as your sex companion.

6. Jasmine Japanese Realistic Solid Silicone Lifelike Sex Doll

best sex dolls for men

Jasmine is the perfect luxury doll for men who get aroused by big boobs and butts. The reason why I have this doll on my list is because it has impressive features. Moreover, she is designed to be flexible so that you can fuck her from different positions. Luckily, you don’t have to pay a high amount of money to have this doll.

This luxurious love doll is ideal for guys who have a thing for Japanese girls. Her beautiful face, skin complexion, and sexy booty will give you a hardon simply by looking at them. Nobody, will convince you that Jasmine ain’t the cutest and hottest chick in town.

This high end sex doll looks like a real woman is because she is made from premium platinum silicone. You can have sex with Jasmine for as long as you want and her holes will remain tight. Moreover, she is designed to last for years without wearing out.

Unlike most life-like dolls, Jasmine has an average height of 100 cm and weighs 13 kgs. This is much lighter and smaller than most high-end dolls. Other than the size, you will love the fact that the doll features movable joints and a steel skeleton that allows you to adjust  her to different positions.

Jasmine offers a great opportunity for you to release all sorts of sexual fantasies with her. She is always ready to suck your dick, offer her vagina and ass for you to bang. Being among the best sex dolls, Jasmine will give you a realistic feel as you thrust your anaconda inside her holes.

7. Harmony X- Best Sex Doll with Artificial Intelligence

best silicone sex dollTo hell with the ordinary sex dolls in the market, I am saving for this new doll by Realdoll. What’s special about Harmony X?

Dude, everything is outstanding about this sex doll. You might even consider taking a loan so that you can purchase it. To cut the story short, below are some of the nitty gritty details that will lure you into buying Harmony X.

I have been looking for an AI driven robotic doll and to my surprise, Harmony X is the doll that caught my attention. It is one of the best sex dolls that are powered by advanced technology. This is not the ordinary doll that you will fuck without moving! It is the kind of doll that will make you think about getting rid of your wife.

Harmony X comes with a modular head system that features multiple points of actuation. What the f***k is this for? Well, this enables the doll to talk to you, node its head and form expression. Talk about intelligence on another level! Harmony can also move and blink here eyes, something that you will never experience with the so called best sex dolls.

With Harmony X, you get to decide the persona of this doll. You have 10 different personalities to choose from; remember that her personality traits will determine the way she behaves. Moreover, Harmony X comes with multiple avatars from which you can choose from. Each avator is a completely different person; this implies that the avatars do not interact or share what they have learned. What’s more, you get to choose a unique voice for each avatar.

8. Katy Sex Doll

best realistic sex dollsKaty was designed for men who are looking for a high-end sex dolls at an affordable price. Just like Jasmine, Katy has real-life features that will give you a mouth-watering visual boner. She has an attractive physique that will give you a hardon as soon as you see her naked. Most customers who bought Katy complemented the doll for her pretty looks.

This sex doll is the perfect companion for solo sessions, it comes with holes that have sufficient depth for small and average dicks. Katy’s vagina can accommodate dicks that are up to 7 inches in length.

Moreover, her mouth is deep enough for oral sex.  If you are looking for something that will give you knee-weakening orgasms and pleasure, then Katy is the perfect toy for you.

What I love most about this sex doll is that it is made from TPE, and it is durable enough to serve you for years. She does a better job than most mid-range dolls. Additionally, I found that she has a smooth textured skin, and an easy to comb wig. Yes, Katy is something that you should consider adding to your sex toys collection.

Katty is available in heights of 135cm, 145 cm, and 158 cm. She is ideal for people who are looking for a lightweight doll since she weighs on 23- 30 kilograms. Her waist is around 40 cm, hips are 64 cm and bust measures 63 cm. The only problem with Katy is that it not suitable for men with enormous dicks.

9. Emily Sex Dolls

If you still haven’t found the best sex doll to satisfy your sexual fantasies, Emily might get the job done. She resembles a real-life woman, especially with her gorgeous body and curved shape. You do not have to chop wood the traditional way when you can have a high-end honey to give you pleasure. I love the fact that the manufacturer of this doll handled most of its details like a boss.

Emily has one of cutest clits you will ever see on a sex doll. She has good lips, bumpy areola and everything you would want your partner to have. If only Emily has the animation and free will, nobody would bother wasting time with ladies. BTW, most men who have Emily in their bedrooms have applauded the doll for its life-like vagina, anus and breasts. She has the shape and skin tone of a model, you might even cum before you thrust your dick into her pussy.

Her pinkish nipples, huge tits and round booty cheeks are enough to forget that you will need a woman. Emily is the perfect size for a man who is looking for a doll to fuck all day. Most people love this doll because it is one of those high-end dolls that you can get at an affordable price.

Emily comes with an awesome vagina that features a life-like texture, nice labia, and most importantly, it can stretch to 2 inches in diameter. She comes with a shaved pussy so that you can have full enjoyment. Good thing is that, you can customize and upgrade Emily to match your taste.  Moreover, she has a flexible body that allows you to position her in different sex styles.

10. Brooklyn 1.0 RealDoll

best cheap sex dollI know most men myself included are always aroused by big butt women. Unfortunately, most women will probably play hard to get because they understand the simple rules of demand vs supply.

Anyway, why waste your time trying to hit on such women yet you can have Brooklyn 1.0 as your daily companion?

For the record, Brooklyn is endowed with a huge butt, curvaceous body, well-chiseled nose and attractive hazel eyes.

Damn! I can’t imagine I have been wasting my time trying to chase women yet I can always had Brooklyn by my side. Her big butt is so tempting that you won’t help spanking while you romp on her.

You will have the opportunity to release your kink in the best sex doll that man has made. Her booty is definitely appealing because of gel implants. In fact, sexy is an understatement when it comes to describing Brooklyn.

Apart from having a nice body shape, Brooklyn is highly-customizable. You can personalize her eyes, skin tone, hair, body type, nail color and other features. Surprisingly, you get to decide the kind of vaginal attachment style you would like.  In case you love your woman with pubic hair, you have the option of adding it in whichever style or color you want.

When we talk about real-size sex dolls, Brooklyn is the perfect example. She has a height that ranges between 5 ft to 6 ft. Additionally, she is a bit heavier than most dolls; she weighs 95 lbs. Her charming face and body frame will lure you into purchasing this sex doll.

11. Natalie 2.0 RealDoll

Next up is Natalie RealDoll, another beauty who deserves a place in my list of the best sex dolls. I prefer referring to Natalie as the skinny and towering beauty. This name suits her because of her supermodel nature. At first glance, you might confuse here with some model you’ve watched catwalking in the runway. Yes, that’s how sexy and attractive Natalie is!

I really fell in love with her medium skin tone that matches her light brown eyeliner. Moreover, I also noticed that her eyeshadow contouring, and light freckles on her face contribute to her impressive beauty. Natalie is definitely among the best sex dolls available owing to the fact that you can customize her appearance to match your needs.

Men who get aroused by tall, skinny women,  Natalie is among the tallest luxury dolls you will come across. She has a height of 5’10” which is really a good height for tall men. Just like most of the high-end sex dolls, Natalie features a flexible skeleton that allows men to adjust her to any sex position. You have the freedom of banging Natalie in all those positions you’ve watched in adult movies. The good thing is that she will do what you want without complaining. Moreover, Natalie RealDoll offers vaginal, oral and anal pleasure. What more would you ask for when you have Natalie as your companion?

12. Renee High-End Luxury Sex Doll

Renee is another sex doll manufactured by RealDoll. You might have noticed that most love dolls from Real Doll have been featured on our top 7 list. This is a clear indication that the company has a track record of making the best sex dolls. If you are looking for a sex doll whose quality is impressive, and provides you with unforgettable pleasure, Renee might be your perfect pick.

This luxury sex doll has been created using the latest techniques and materials. This means it is among the finest silicone dolls in the market. Moreover, you can customize this doll’s attributes to your liking. This includes the body, fingernail/toenail color, skin tone, breast size, makeup, vaginal attachment style, lip color and pubic hair.

I love this sex doll because it is the size of an adult. At least, you can get comfortable banging this doll since it is stands 5 feet and 4 In tall. Additionally, Renee comes with huge breasts that are almost similar to those of a real woman. In fact, the boobs will move as you thrust your dick deep inside her vagina. I find this love doll to be a great choice especially because of her durable and flexible nature. You can bang Renee from any angle or position without struggling. The only drawback about Renee is that It will cost you a leg and an arm!

Sex Dolls Buyer’s Guide- What you should know when buying love dolls

If you are serious about investing in a love doll, you need to know that the process is not easy. The high numbers of sex dolls in the market will get you confused. This section will offer some insights on what you should look for when purchasing a sex doll. There are a lot of factors that you might consider, but I am going to focus on four main elements.


How many bucks are you willing to part with for a sex doll? Do you have a specific type of doll in mind?

Well, the prices of love dolls differ depending on the material, size, features and the ability of the sex doll to be customized. There exists entry-levels sex dolls, high-end love dolls and mid-range dolls. All these varieties have different values and attributes.

For starters, a high-end doll is the most expensive version since it looks real in terms of size, appearance, body features, and texture. If you came across this a high-end sex doll in your friends room, you might mistake it for a real woman. Such a doll might cost you above 5,000 dollars but you will never regret. You can customize this sex doll as much as you would like, whether it is enhancing the pubic hair, nails, breasts, vagina, face and body. Amazingly, you can add tattoos, piercings  and freckles to their skin.

If you are new to the world of love dolls and you are looking for something nice to explore your fetish, just go for an entry-level doll. They will provide you with good orgasms at a lower cost. With these type of dolls, you should not expect much from them when it comes to durability and quality. Most of these dolls are available at a price of below $400.

If you are looking for something that will last longer and offer you with unforgettable pleasure, go for a mid-range doll. Most of them will cost you between $500 to $3000 which is a great price. I noticed that majority of these dolls come with an anal, vaginal and oral hole to offer you with all the types of pleasure you would expect from a woman. Moreover, they are made from silicone- a long lasting material.


If you are really looking for a sex doll that you can bang and feel as if you’ve just been laid by a real woman, consider buying a large doll. For me, I am more concerned about keeping it real and not just holes to fuck. This is why I would advise  you to buy something that matches your height or size. Why buy a small and light sex toy while you can have something close to real?

Since sex dolls were created for all kinds of men, they come in different weights, shapes, and sizes. The sizes include mini sex dolls, medium love dolls, and life-size dolls.

Men who have a taste of short women, or those who have back pain should choose mini sex dolls. These toys have a weight of 12 kilograms or below and they measure around 3ft.  Medium sex dolls have the design of a hot petite woman. They weight above 20 kgs and usually measure between 125 cm to 158 cm. If you have a thing for petite women, this is the perfect doll for you!

If you are looking for the kind of doll that has the size, height, and attributes of a real woman, you should go for a life-size doll. Most of them will have a height of 158 and above. In terms of weight, the can weigh up to 40.8 kgs . Well, this is definitely what I prefer; drilling some real size sex doll.

It will cost you nothing to contemplate the size you would want for a sex doll. Make sure you choose a doll that suits your needs, otherwise you will be wasting your money.


The material of a love doll is one of the most important factors you should consider before you make a purchasing decision. Most sex dolls you will find, will either be made of Thermoplastic elastomer or silicone. In some cases, you might come across platinum silicone which is the most expensive of all.

You will find that each of these materials has its own advantages and drawbacks. For instance, TPE is known to be more flexible, realistic, soft, cheaper and hypoallergenic. Moreover, it has the ability to retain heat, but at the same time it is sensitive to high temperatures. On the other hand, you will hate TPE because it is porous, difficult to clean, it stains easily and cannot be sterilized.  Leaving mositure in the vaginla and anal cavities of TPE sex doll may cause molds.

For silicone dolls, you will note that they come with a more realistic anus and pussy. Moreover, you will have an easy time cleaning and sterilizing this doll. I love silicone dolls because they require less maintenance and they are hypoallergenic. My only issue with silicone is that it is not soft, the breasts and booty are rigid and it will cost you a leg and an arm.

Do not pick a sex doll because it is made from an expensive material. I would advise you to go for what suits your preferences. For instance, if you want a flexible doll which you can move its body parts as you would wish, then go for one that is made from TPE. A flexible sex toy will give you the opportunity of exploring a wide variety of sex positions. After all, who wants to be stuck in a missionary position?


As you well know, not every woman will get you aroused. Each and every man has his own preferences. My taste of women might be different from yours, this is why customization is a key factor when purchasing a sex doll.

As I mentioned earlier, most of the high end dolls will allow you to personalize them. I mean you can design a sex doll to have the attributes and qualities you prefer. Such dolls will offer you the opportunity to bring to life the lady you’ve been fantasizing about. Moreover, you will get to lie with her as many times as you want.

Nowadays, companies are designing dolls that come with option of customizing. You can enhance the face, skin tone, lip color, eye color, vaginal insert style, nipple & breast size, fingernail.toenail color, pubic hair, makeup and hairstyle of your sex doll. When ordering a sex doll, manufacturers will ask you to customize the doll so that they can deliver a toy that you will fall in love with. You will have a lot of fun designing your future doll, but remember that this feature comes at an additional cost.

With the four factors I have mentioned, make sure you choose a sex doll that will trigger you to reconsider reality. A doll that will not cause you to second guess your relationship is not worth your money. If the industry has been able to create perfect masturbators, just imagine what they have come up with for sex dolls.

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