Best Penis Stretching Exercises & Enlargement Techniques (Guide)

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Trust me when I say this, it can be so hard, annoying, frustrating, and deeply disturbing if you are seriously trying to make your penis bigger with one of the best penis enlargement products.

Finding just one of the many products is the most difficult part of the process and with SO many out there today, you’re better off building a website while you search and learn about them all….seriously.

That’s one of the many reasons this site is active today. If it weren’t for succeeding with the products used and featured on this website, P.E. Would have a reputation that is that much more tarnished and outrageously bad, from at least a few more guys perspectives.

Quick Extender Pro

So what three treatments offer the best types of penis enlargement products then? Keep reading and you’ll soon find out.

1. Penis Stretching, Extension, & Growth

penis enlargement stretches

Using a penis extender is one of the best technics for enlarging your penis

These three words sum up one of the best penis enlargement technics in the world today.

The penis extender is a very special type of device that stretches your penis by extending it and encouraging it to naturally grow. There are plenty of penis extenders to choose from and tons of information to be aware of, but the fact of the matter is only a couple of penis extenders are worth using.

Here are the best of the bunch. Additional resources can be found by following the links at the end of each section.


does sizegenetics work?

This penis extender comes out of the UK and is known as one of the best P.E. Products of all time. It too is a complete system and features many of the benefits of the X4 extender, however for the price you have to pay and for what you receive, X4 Labs is a better investment. But to each his own, right?

If you want the best form of penis enlargement and device based stretching/extension interests you, then be sure to do some research on this brand.

Read about what we’ve learned through our years of using and testing it, useful reviews from this site, and possible search Google using the phrase ‘SizeGenetics’ and see what all the hype is about.

Quick Extender Pro

quick extender pro reviews

As one of the very few elite American based penis enlargement brands, Quick Extender Pro is rivaled only by the best there is.

While it is not the absolute best penis extender, it does have a very affordable price tag if you want to make your penis bigger based on a budget.

From complete customization to safe operation with an effective touch, this brand is well worth considering if and when you are ready to get bigger.

Read through our Quick Extender Pro research and you’ll come to see what we are talking about. Search Google for anything and everything related to the brand name and you’ll come across both bad and good reception.

X4 Lab’s X4 Extender

You know a cheap product when you see one. This is definitely not one of them. The value and price are just right with this penis extender brand. It’s comfort-oriented, proven effective, tested to be safe, customizable various ways, easy to use…etc the list goes on and on.

X4 Labs is one of the premier providers of high-quality penis enlargement products and for those of us that don’t like to waste time and want the most they can get for a price some would consider outrageous, X4 Labs has you covered. Nothing worthwhile is often affordable, but this small luxury is well worth the expense if you have the money.

You can read our X4 Labs review, compare it to another third party review, learn about penis extension, or visit the official manufacturer website for more information (use Google to find it).

2. Best Penis Enlargement Technique #2- Your Hands, Lubrication, & Exercise

best penis enlargement methods

You may or may not exercise on a daily basis, but if you do, this is one of the best types of penis enlargement technics. Penis enlargement exercises, which are practiced with your hand on your penis can be very rewarding if you take the time to practice and establish a good routine over a prolonged period of time.

You can find plenty of free penis enlargement exercise resources all over the web. You also have the option of investing in a very cheap guide that is worth every penny spent if you want to create a reliable routine for yourself that WILL yield results that you’ll be proud of.

There’s not much explaining to do since you have to educate yourself on this P.E. Type. You can begin by reading one of the numerous beginner guides on this site or just search using your favorite search engine online and you’ll come across a ridiculous amount of resources totally free for the most part – except the premium guides.


Jelqing (A penis exercise) is the most used penis enlargement technique today because of its ancient history – literally – and its ability to be used for free with minimal risk in just a matter of minutes.

Penis extenders are still in their infancy compared to the Jelq technique but have come a very long way in an extremely short amount of time.

Jelqing has gained much of its popularity because learning how it is performed is free, hinting at why most penis exercises are used for penis enlargement over every other treatment today. Penis extenders work even better than any type of enlargement exercises, however many of the best out there cost roughly three hundred or so American dollars.

While no exercise meant for penis enlargement has ever actually been proven to work as many claim they do, the results, side-effects, and medical usage of extending your penis with a penis extender have been studied thoroughly over the past two decades.

More men today back Jelqing due to its quick results, while extenders have received criticism because of their price, slow results, and potential threats.

There’s no looking past the fact that a penis extender can and will increase penile length – this is a proven fact. So why not use the most popular exercise that has worked for thousands of men and a penis extender? You should if you want gains you will be proud of.

The Perks Of Using A Penis Extender

Using one of these devices can help you gain inches in length if used for many months. The device itself does all the work, all you have to do it strap it on and ensure it does not come off. Plain and simple. You’ll slowly become longer month after month after month. It’s a proven fact.

Why Jelq When Using An Extender?

Jelqing is often used for width enhancement. This exercise literally expands the shaft as it is performed each and every repetition. Results are apparent after exercising and will stay for a very long time if practiced regularly.

Why Use Exercises And An Extender?

A penis stretcher (extender) is the best enlargement method for length gains. Jelqing is the most popular technique for width gains. Connect the dots. An extender also expands girth to an extent, but not to the point you’ll notice significant results. Using the Jelq technique will improve girth circumference and enhance your size even more.

Exercise vs Extender

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you prefer to work hard to feel totally satisfied and accomplished or minimal effort and an easy routine? Exercises require work, but are time effective, while a stretching device takes time, but yields the most promising gains.
  2. Are you interested in moderate gains for free? Check out penis stretching exercises.
  3. Would you like serious gains for a small one-time price? – A stretching that does all the work for you sounds like it would be perfect for you?
  4. You want to be totally safe, right? – Exercises are based on your skill level and expertise, meaning that they can be dangerous. A stretching device can be calibrated just right to do exactly what you want – stretch your penis so that it becomes longer, permanently.
  5. Do you want quick results or results that are more promising, but take longer? – Exercises portray results relatively quickly. Device-based stretching requires a prolonged time commitment. Which do you prefer?
  6. Do you desire a minimalist routine? Both exercises and device are minimally invasive do not interfere much with your daily activities and routines.
  7. Do exercises or device produce better results? – They both can and will make your penis bigger, however, extenders are proven to add inches to the length. Exercises work well, but based on practitioner feedback and the lack of evidence, exercises will not work as well for penis stretching.

These questions should help you understand what each treatment type offers. There is one more list you should read. The benefits of both, straightforward and to the point.

Both of these treatments are often hyped up and blown out of proportion, but the list below provides you with concise details about the exact benefits you should be aware of and potential downsides of choosing one over the other.

  • A penis extender (stretching device) works better than exercise.
  • Exercises do not require much time daily, whereas an extender must be worn for hours at a time every day.
  • Penis Exercises are free, while a device costs money. Investment is knowledgeable resources and equipment make a significant difference.
  • Extenders require maintenance but are much less hands on. They do what they need to on their own, without your help.
  • While exercises are natural, an extender is a mechanical device, yet they still naturally stretch your penis. More safely and effectively I might add.
  • You can practice exercises on your time and when you feel like it every day while using an extender requires you to allocate a decent portion of your day.
  • If you are constantly active, an extender can be burdensome, while exercises must be practiced behind closed doors or in a private setting.
  • BOTH treatment types can produce results that increase your size over one inch, however, exercises have not been proven to produce permanent results, but extenders have.
  • An extender is attached to your penis all day. Enough said?
  • Exercises can be prone to error since you will be practicing them. You will eventually become an advanced user.

Will many of the primary benefits and disadvantages stated, what will you decide if anything at all? I highly recommend you ask questions by posting in forums and contacting third party penis stretching websites, whether they are directly or indirectly related to penis enlargement (male enhancement).

3. Best Penis Enlargement Technique Using a Penis Pump

This form is quite honestly one of the better forms of male enhancement out there, arguably of course. You’ve heard references before. It is the infamous penis pump! Not just any pump, however.

Hydro based penis pumps are all the rage today and for good reason. They expand penile tissue in a way that causes it to naturally grow once it has been conditioned and manipulated long enough.

Using the ‘vacuum effect’ to create a void within a cylinder, penile tissue expands as the volume was populated by the water leaves, causing your penis to expand to compensate for the lack of water and pressure caused by the ‘vacuum effect’.

Makes sense right?

Not so much, so do your research and get to know how they work and one of the best can work in your favor.

As old as they may seem, penis pumps haven’t been around very long. Well, at least the types that actually work beneficially. Traditional pumps have been and always will be a prominent form of male enhancement, as their function works in a way that increases the overall blood volume within the penis when you need to become erect.

In more recent times, a few bold companies took it upon themselves to create a type of pump that can produce permanent results. In doing so, a few elite brands have created and market what is known as a hydro-based penis pump.

A traditional pump works based on the vacuum principle using a tube that is free from moisture. Due to how the vacuum effect works, air within the tube expands and contracts as it is removed and pressure is increased.

Water within a tube works differently. In a way that can produce permanent enlargement – theoretically at least. What I am about to explain is based on simple logic and reason, which I have formulated into my own theory. Clinical testing on the efficacy of hydro-based penis pumps has yet to be performed, so interpret this info with a grain of salt.

What Is A Hydro Penis Pump?

It is a very special type of penis pump that leverages pressure and water to expand penile dimensions in a safe manner so that it increases in size. They are similar in design and operation as traditional air-based pumps, except with a few additional components to harness the amount of water and acting forces.

How Do Hydro Pumps Work?

Compared to how an air-based vacuum pump works, water is substituted in the tubular body because of how it reacts when put under pressure. When air (not water) is within the tube and the vacuum effect begins to remove its existence within it, air mimics how a sponge compresses and expands.

This process does not enlarge penile size proportionally. Blood is being forcefully drawn into penile cavities that fill when erect, which creates an erection and expands its size ever so slightly. This process stretches skin at most, not the actual tissue that limits erection size.

A hydro penis pump is more effective for enlargement because water acts as a solid-fluid when under pressure within the cylinder tube. It will not expand or compress as air does. As such, more penile tissue can expand in size – the tissue that limits erection size included.

How Long Do Results Take?

Short-term results immediately after using a hydro appear are as follows:

  • Temporarily larger erection size

  • Flaccid size will appear bigger once your erection has subsided

  • The visual appeal of your penis will be more satisfying

Long-term usage is where the real, ideal benefits come into play. Everyday use, multiple times per day, over a series of months can produce these results:

  • Permanent enlargement after months of consistent daily use

  • Stronger erections that feel firmer and harder

  • Ability to stimulate an erection on demand

  • Libido enhancement (a psychological effect)

When Is The Best Time To Use One?

When you bathe. A bath is better, but a shower will still work. Attempting to use a hydro pump in an environment where water is scarce can result in an unwanted mess. Only a small amount of water is need, but the water is slowly discharged as the pressure builds within the pump.

Would An Adult Film Star Use One?

Absolutely. As a matter of fact, many already do. They are used before shoots and on personal time. If you really think about it, when you see a porn stars penis, at least 75% of the time, they are not actually as big as they seem.

Where Can I Buy A Hydro Penis Pump?

You should purchase online only. You may find some at a land-based adult store, however, you need to research brand-specific information to ensure the product is not inferior. Using your preferred method of search, Google comes back with some good results, query a search based around “hydro penis pump.”

Here are the best brands ready to purchase this very minute.

BathMate Hydro Penis Pump

BathMate is one-of-a-kind, to say the least. It resembles a traditional dry based pump, yet uses water to increase your penis size right after use and in general over time. This pump works so well because water does not expand as much as air, meaning there is more room for your penis to expand when matter (water) begins to forcibly leave BathMate’s cylinder tube.

It is already well known that stretching penile tissue causes it to grow back bigger and stronger, so given enough time is allocated for the use of BathMate, you can gain some serious inches and instantaneous temporary results right before your eyes.

If you are ready to get bigger in the fastest manner possible, you may want to consider using an extender and few exercises – basically establishing a routine that consists of three treatments. The choice is yours and is recommended for the fastest gains possible.

Is Penis Enlargement Right for You?

Here is a list of reasons why penis enlargement may NOT be for you and if you can relate, take the hint and rethink your situation and you may just do yourself a favor.

Real Penis Enlargement Can Take Over A Year

Would you be able to commit to a treatment that may take over a year to add multiple inches? You may have to wait this long for results, depending on the treatment you choose. This is the grim reality for even the best penis enlargement treatments.

You Don’t Want To Invest Into The Best Treatment Option

The only way to get around this is if you want to treat your penis enlargement treatment as a male enhancement treatment. Male enhancement can be dangerous. The best penis enlargement products are the safest products, excluding surgery.

When I say safest, I mean that they are much less prone to causing any adverse side-effects during treatment and causing permanent damage. To top that off, average products will most likely upset you rather than please you and that’s if they even produce any results!

If you don’t want to invest in a good penis enlargement system, your safe bet is not to try it at all.

You Are Inconsistent And Lack Conviction

Do you often find yourself giving up on things shortly after you begin? Do you say one thing and do the opposite?

Hopefully, you are not so psychotic that you think you are not like this because if you are you’ll need to stay away from this form of body modification. P.E. Is for men that literally possess a strong core of characteristics and consistently apply them.


People Would Think Differently Of You If They Found Out

If this is a problem, there is the potential of someone finding out. This depends on the treatment you chose though. A penis extender, for example, requires you wear it for long hours every day. It attaches to your penis and must stay there. These actions are required on a daily basis.

If you wear tight clothing for, this type of device can create a bulge in your pants. If you do not tighten the device enough, it may fall off and you do not want that to happen. These problems are very easy to deal with, however. Make sure your penis extender is securely fastened and wear less tight clothing.

It is easy to prevent anyone from finding out you are enlarging your penis, but if the idea of someone finding out is difficult to deal with, do not pursue any penis enlargement technique.

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