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Have you been struggling with pick up lines, wasting a lot of petroleum jelly and tissues or drilling holes through your mattresses all in the name of sexual satisfaction? Well, you deserve a thorough beating because of clinging to old school masturbation methods. Unless you live in a cave, you ought to have upgraded to something better and realistic.

Anyway, I am here to save your drowning ass with the gospel of the best pocket pussies. I know you are surprised but the truth is, pocket pussies are the real shit. No more chopping wood the traditional way while you can use a more realistic vagina.

The good thing is that the adult industry is always trying hard to make things easier. Just imagine blowing your load into a fake realistic pussy! Isn’t that great? Most men will agree with me that the invention of pocket pussies has made life easier for us.  The most adorable thing is that society has embraced the use of sex toys in our bedrooms. In fact, you will be surprised that thousands of men have invested in different types of male masturbators.

In case you are looking to invest in the best pocket pussy, then you are in the right place. In this write-up, I will guide you through on how to purchase a pocket pussy with ease. Moreover, I will go a step further to review at least five products that you might love. Hopefully, my post will help you end your dry spell by assisting you to pick the right item.

So, What’s a Pocket Pussy Anyway?

Pocket pussy may sound like a derogatory term for a chick that a guy keeps around just for sex, but that’s not actually what it is. A pocket pussy is a little sleeve of synthetic flesh that shaped to look and feel like a real pussy, or in some cases like a mouth or an ass. That said, the idea is the same: it’s something a guy can keep around to get himself whenever he feels like it, without the hassle of picking up a girl at a bar or talking his wife into it.

The best pocket pussies on the market today are the Fleshlight brand. They’ve taken the basic idea and taken it to the next level. They use the most realistic feeling skin and they have a variety of textures that replicate your favorite orifice or even your favorite porn starlet. They’ve even got vibrating models for the added stimulation. Pick up one of these beauties and you’ll quickly see what you’ve been missing out on.

Best Pocket Pussy Ever

Number 1# The Fleshlight

Rating: ★★★★★

Price: Check the Latest

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fleshlight“The inner tube of the Fleshlight is so realistic and stimulating that it really does feel like you are penetrating the real thing. That is because it uses a special type of secret material which exactly (well very nearly) replicates the inside of a wet (tight!) vagina. You will love it”

I have had a FleshLight pocket pussy for quite some time now and I still haven’t used anything that really comes close to it. Here is exactly what I love about it. I have written a more detailed review here if you even more details.

Fleshlights are the most famous pocket pussy toys in the world.  But do they justify the hype, and are they really the best pocket pussy toys that you can buy?

First of all, Fleshlights are pretty big, too big to fit into the biggest pocket.  But apart from perhaps Tenga Eggs, there aren’t any such fake pussies that will fit comfortably in your pocket.

So by ‘Pocket Pussy’ what is really meant is that the toy is portable enough to carry around with you.  On this score, the Fleshlight certainly is portable.  Each Fleshlight comes in a torch-like case, which aids both portability and discreetness.

The inner sleeves, however, which come in a huge variety of textures and designs, can be bought separately.  Once you’ve bought one Fleshlight, you’ll probably love it so much that you’re likely to want to buy more.  So to save money, buying the inner sleeves separately will save you money, but the torches do come in handy cases.  Your Fleshlights are likely to last longer if you keep them protected in their cases when not in use.

There are actually three different selectable parts to each Fleshlight – the case, the orifice, and the inner texture.  As mentioned above, each part comes in a number of different forms.  You can actually build your own Fleshlight at their official website, by choosing which variety of each part you want.

New Fleshlights and new Fleshlight cases, textures, and orifices are added virtually every week.  Choosing the right Fleshlight for you can be difficult, so there is also a very useful Fleshlight Buyers Guide on their homepage.

Why Should I Buy This Pocket Pussy?

Advantage 1#- It feels more realistic than any other pocket pussy

The closest to the real thing

The Fleshlight uses patented Superskin to replicate the feeling of a woman’s vagina making it super realistic. I am not kidding when I say it is realistic, the first time I used it I only last a few minutes. No other pocket pussy toy has this and this is the main reason why you should buy a Fleshlight.

Advantage 2#- It is cheaper than the Tenga or Cobre Libre

The basic Fleshlight costs only $$ dollars…Cheaper than It’s closest rival, the Japanese Tenga Flip Hole. Do you think that $$ dollars is too much to pay for a pocket pussy?

Well, consider this. I have used mine for 2 years which is 730 days. And I use it about once a day on average. Therefore it costs me 0.07 cents each time AND It still looks brand new! That is much less than I pay for starbucks every day.

Advantage 3#- You have so many different kinds to choose from

You can choose from many different shapes, sizes, colors and types. The selection is really enormous and you really have to see it for yourself. Click here to see all the models available.

Advantage 4#- You can hide it easy & take it traveling

It is really easy to conceal in your bedroom, bathroom and easy to travel with. None will be the wiser. I am away on business about 2 times a month and I always have mine with me.

Advantage 5#- You just rinse with water to clean

You can clean it by just applying some warm tap water. If you have bought a cheap fake pussy toy before then you will know how big of an advantage this is. It is not fun having to go through a 30 minute clean up session every time you jack off with your male masturbator toy.

Advantage 6#- No Smell (Important!!)

I always like to cum inside, I mean what is the fun of taking it out every time right? The Fleshlight doesn’t leave a smell and this advantage cannot be overstated.

Which Fleshlight Should I Get?

According to ILF (the manufacturer of the Fleshlight), 80% of their customers start out with the original pink lady Fleshlight. Although this is the toy that started it all, I have to say it is a bit of a disappointment now. The new textured and tighter inserts outclass the original Fleshlight (which is completely smooth on the inside) by a mile.

My recommendation for first-time buyers is to take advantage of Fleshlight’s 3 for 2 offer. You choose three sleeves of your choice and only pay for two. That way you can experience the best that ILF has to offer for a very good price. The 3 for 2 offer does not come with a case, but you can buy one separately for $17. The sleeves you should get are:

  1. Wonder Wave
  2. Lady Speed Bump,
  3. and the Vortex.

If you want to start slow and only go with one product then get the Stamina Training Unit (STU). It already comes with a case, and the sleeve texture will give you incredibly pleasure no matter what your specific preferences are. if you are going to buy one Fleshlight than this is the one to get.

Where can I get a Fleshlight?

The cheapest place to buy this pocket pussy is straight from There you can get the original Fleshlight and lubricant for just 55 dollars. They are also having a week-long 15% off sale now which ends on Sunday night.

Number 2# The Tenga Flip Hole

Rating: ★★★½☆

Price: Check the Latest

Check it out at



The Tenga really does look futuristic

“The Tenga is harder and more rigid than the Fleshlight, less realistic, but very stimulating. I Personally enjoy it when I am in the mood for a more intensive experience, however, it may not be for everyone..”

I have a great love for my Tenga Flip Hole, when I am in the mood for some very intense pleasure I choose it over the softer Cyberskin of the Fleshlight. I don’t like it as much as the Fleshlight masturbator, because I like a more realistic feel to my masturbating activities.

Why Should I Buy A Tenga Flip Hole?

Benefit 1#- Strong Stimulation (Rough, not realistic)

The Tenga gives a much rougher stimulation than the Fleshlight. This is because the inner material is made from ribbed silicone. I enjoy it sometimes, but I find that if I use it too often I hurt my penis. That is why I prefer the softer, more realistic Superskin of the Fleshlight. But that may just be me!

Benefit 2#- Easy to Clean

The Tenga flip hole masturbator is really easy to clean. Just flip it open and wash. It is definitely the easiest to clean pocket pussy and that feature makes it a real time saver. People just don’t think about it, but cleaning and odor are so important when buying a male masturbator.

Benefit 3#- Easy To Conceal

The Tenga is incredibly easy to conceal, there is no way anybody is going to guess what it is. I leave mine in the bathroom and to most people, it just looks like some type of shaving kit.

Number 3# The Head Honcho Fake Vagina

My Rating: ★★½☆☆

Price: Check the Latest 


best pocket pussy
The cheapskates choice, a little better than using your hand


“What can I say about this? It is a little bit better than using your hand and it only costs 8 bucks. It was my first pocket pussy, I don’t recommend it, but if your a cheapskate then maybe you will be interested in it.”

What I Liked About it?

Advantage 1#- The Price Tag

This was my first pocket pussy toy and I originally bought it because it was cheap. It is even cheaper now and that is it’s greatest advantage.

Advantage 2#- The Sunction isn’t half bad

The Sue Johnson uses suction and a sticky interior to give you stimulation. And it isn’t half bad, it beats using your right hand, but falls way short of  the Fleshlight or Tenga.

The Downsides

Disadvantage 1#- Lasts only a few weeks

As i mentioned about the Sue Johnson head honcho was the first pocket pussy toy I ever bought, but I only had it for 2 weeks before I threw it away. The problem with this is that it is not meant for prolonged use and if you like to cum inside like I do, then it isn’t going to last long.

Disadvantage 2#- After using it once or twice it will start to stink

Unless you take your dick out every time your about to climax then the Sue Johnson is going to totally stink after a few times. That is unless you really dedicate time to cleaning it. I was too lazy to spend 30 minutes cleaning it after I used it and thus it became a stinky cum bucket really fast. I threw it away pretty quick after that and I haven’t looked back since.

Double Hole Female Ass Anal And Pussy Male Masturbator

Research shows that this is the best pocket pussy for men who are looking to explore vaginal and anal sex. This artificial pocket pussy comes with two orifices, one mimics a vagina and the other one mimics a butt hole.

This sex toy brings to you a lifelike female vagina and butthole that you can use to relieve yourself whenever you want to get off.  This is the device you need if your partner has a low libido or if you don’t have one. You no longer have to struggle with hitting on ‘hot’ ladies while you can have a taste of everything they have to offer with ease.

As you all know, it is normal to get wild and horny even when your partner is not around. This is where the best pocket pussy comes in. Having tested this particular sex toy, I found that it has awesome canals that will offer any man with intense arousal.

This masturbator is made from soft silicone material which is safe to use. You will definitely make the ‘Ooh’ sound as you dick maneuvers the inside of this toy. The canals are bumpy-lined and they feature beads that will arouse you big time. The super-tight anal hole will give you a reason to blow your kink into it every time you help yourself with this toy.

Fleshlight Vibro Pocket Pussy

The world of sex toys has continued to evolve in a good way. I am saying this because some of the best pocket pussies you will find today are designed to do all the work for you.

Yes! you no longer have to juggle a bunch of activities when you are beating your meat. Personally, activities such as shaking, stroking, or moving are a major turn-off during solo sessions. It is for this reason I would recommend you to invest in Fleshlite Vibro Pocket Pussy. Although it is a bit pricey, it is one of the best pocket pussy in the market.

This is the type of pocket pussy that will see you zoning out into your own world of pleasure. The Fleshlight Vibro Pocket Pussy will offer you with intense pleasure on all the areas of your penis. I have been using this toy and I can’t get enough of it.

Imagine fucking a vagina that vibrates  as it tickles your penis head and other sweet spots! What’s better? This awesome sex toy has an anal orifice that you can fuck and experience an even tighter sensation. Amazingly, this pocket pussy has an insertable length of 8.5 inches which means that it can accommodate enormous dicks.

Malomalo Pocket Vagina

Malomalo pocket vagina is a true champion when it comes to satisfying your sexual desires. It is the kind of pussy you would want to fuck everyday when you feel horny.

I love this male sex toy because it is designed to boost bedroom stamina. Moreover, it has been designed with a real girl as a model so that you can get to enjoy the actual sensation of a tight pussy.

If you are the kind of guy who loves to carry his toy everywhere, then the Malomalo pocket pussy was created for you. You can hide this awesome toy discreetly without capturing the attention of security checkers.

This pocket pussy has a beady canal that mimics the stimulation of a real pussy. Once you start fucking this pocket pussy, you might as well forget that girls exist. Amazingly, this toy was molded from a Japanese girl; you all know how sexy Japanese Idols are. I also love the vibration function of the Malomalo sex toy as it is able to simulate the actual muscle tightening sensation that you experience when having sex.

You can definitely rely on the Malomalo pocket vagina if you are trying to boost your endurance or build stamina. The vibrating inner canal will provide you with an intense stimulation; You better hold on to something in case you lose your balance.The good thing about this silicone vagina is that you can place it in warm water for about 10 minutes so that you can enjoy the warm feeling of a real vagina.

This pocket pussy is the real deal if you are looking for something that will help you to practice going fast and some thrusting techniques.

Fox Double Channel Pocket Pussy

Fox is one of the leading brands when it comes to male masturbators. At least their product has made it to my list of the best pocket pussies you can buy. In case you like fucking fleshlights, then you should check out this toy. It uses SuperSkin which is similar to the original fleshlight other than it comes with an extra buzz.

This masturbator is made using ultra-realistic sleeve that is lined with raised nodules. These nodules are designed in a way that they can bend and flex according to your movements. This process helps to deliver an awesome stimulation. As if this is not enough, this sex toy has a twist base that allows for suction control. This feature comes in handy if you are looking to enjoy tailored play. The Fox Double pocket pussy is easy to operate because it comes with a single built-in button.

You will also love the fact that this pocket pussy is submersible. This allows you to carry your toy into the shower or bathtub if you wish. Although this product is a bit expensive, you will definitely get your money’s worth. The Fox Pocket pussy comes with three vibrating bullets that you can use in case you want additional pleasure. I also noted that its material is responsive to temperature, meaning that it will give you the exact feeling of fucking a woman. Make sure you read the instruction manual before you decide to fuck the hell out of this pocket pussy.

Sasha Grey’s vibrating pocket pussy

Have you ever dreamed of blowing your kink into Sasha Grey’s mouth, well, you are about to fulfill your fantasy with this plaything. This male masturbator was molded from Sasha Grey, a very famous pornstar. Unlike most of our top pocket pussies, this one is designed to give you oral pleasure. Yes, you heard me right! This toy will offer you with a realistic deep throat sensation. It is one of the sex toys that will provide you with a much better blowjob than what you normally get from your partner.

The opening of this plaything is just awesome especially because it mimics the supple lips of Sasha. If you like how Sasha Grey dominates men’s sexual fantasies, then you should get this toy. It is constructed from UltraSkyn material in order to provide you with a lifelike texture and feel. This masturbator works by creating a suction sensation once you insert your meat popsicle. Moreover, the inside of this toy warms naturally every time you thrust your dick in it.

The outside of this pocket pussy is contoured in order to offer you with a comfortable grip. At least you will be in a position to control the intensity, depth and speed of Sasha Grey’s mouth. The only thing that puts me off about this masturbator is that it can only accommodate men whose dicks are 6 inches and below.


Doc Johnson Lexi Belle Pocket Pussy

There is nothing that matches the fun of strangling your member with your best porn star already set up for play in your brain. Now you can imagine how awesome you will feel when doing it to the mold of your favorite adult star. This pocket pussy was created for those dudes who love Lexi Belle. If you are one of them, you should be having the lube on standby waiting to play.

What I love about this sex toy is that it features an ULTRASKYN material that is known to provide a more realistic feel when fucking the Lexi Belle pocket pussy. Her tight orifice can stretch to accommodate your girth without discomfort. Once you insert your anaconda, you will notice that this toy features a ribbed canal that elongates to offer the perfect stimulation on your penile shaft.

You can fuck the hell out of Lexi Belle comfortably because the exterior provides you with firm grip. Its squeezable and lightweight nature allows you to beat your meat using one hand. This pocket pussy is not ideal for guys with dicks that are more than 6 inches.


WeDol Male Masturbator

In case you are yet to find a pocket pussy that pleases you, then you might like our final pick which is the WeDol Male Masturbator. It might be your perfect companion for solo jerking sessions. You no longer have to chop wood the traditional way when you can get this awesome pocket pussy.

This plaything is good for guys who are looking for a pocket pussy that offers extra stimulation.  WeDol features a shocking egg, and 3 spiraling ball rings that will provide you with special stimulation from the outside. Moreover, you will love the fact that this toy has 10 levels of speed for you to choose from. This cup has 10 different kinds of vibration modes, you just have to find the one that will keep those orgasms coming.

I also love the fact that WeDol comes with an entrance that mimics the real thing. This entrance serves as a visual boner when inserting your dick. The elastic nature of this artificial entrance allows you to insert your dick with ease.The inside of this masturbator features realistic 3D textured particles that will give you knee-weakening orgasms. Make sure you charge this toy fully before you start molesting it. Also, you should apply enough lube into the sleeve liner before you insert your dick.

How Does a Homemade Pocket Pussy Compare

If you look around the internet, it’s pretty easy to find out how to make your own homemade pocket pussy for real cheap. Some military guys have made them with nothing more than a roll of toilet paper and a condom. That’s all well and good in a pinch, but it’s just like paying for sex in real life. If it’s cheap, it’s not going to be good (and you may even get hurt). Why take the risk when you get a much better experience without spending much?

A homemade pocket pussy can’t compare to a quality product like the Fleshlight. The Fleshlight is specifically designed to feel as close to the real thing as possible. It’s more than just a whole for you to stick your cock in – it’s a genuine simulation of a real pussy. You can complain about the price, but the fact is that a realistic feeling pussy that you can use any time you want and as often as you want is worth every cent.

Whether you’re too poor or just too embarrassed to actually buy a real pocket pussy or other male sex toys, you may be wondering how to make a pocket pussy. Well, let me just stop you right there, because you’re wasting your time. While it can be nice to get that feeling of banging something other than your hand, a homemade pocket pussy just can’t compare to the real deal.

Instead of asking how to make a pocket pussy, you should be asking, “How can I scrounge up $100 to buy an Autoblow?” This sex toy is like a pocket pussy but it has a motor so it actually does all the work for you. It’s like getting a blowjob any time you want it, however, you want it, with no complaints. There’s no way that a jury-rigged roll of toilet paper is getting to match up to that kind of sensation. So stop wasting time wondering how to make a pocket pussy and start saving up for the Autoblow!

Factors to consider when choosing a pocket pussy

I have compiled a buying guide that will nudge you in the right direction. Hopefully, you will learn how to choose a good silicon lover.

Feel- No one wants to own a pocket pussy that will cause injuries to the penis. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to test the toy and that’s why your detective skills are needed. If you want to pick the best pocket pussy, just ensure it is made using a lifelike material such as CyberSkin, SIlicone or ULTRASKYN

Discretion- As much as millions o people own sex toys, you do not have to let the world know that you own a pocket pussy. At least you have to choose a toy that comes with a pouch or a packaging that keeps your device a secret.

Understand the variety- Pocket pussies are available in different versions. It is important to understand each one of them because they all work differently. You can choose one that vibrates, or one that offers a deep throat sensation.

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