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BEST masturbators for men

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A few years ago, the idea of male sex toys was still quite novel, at least in the USA and Europe.  Whilst women could choose from thousands of sophisticated vibrators, dildos, and other sex toys, men were really getting a raw deal.  Most sex toys were gimmicky and cheap (aka. blow-up-sex-dolls).

Then came the Fleshlight, proving once for all that there was a huge market for male masturbators.  Men it seemed, wanted to use something better than their hands, and they were willing to pay for it, so long as it delivered the masturbation goods.

Now we have dozens of good quality masturbators to choose from, including virtual sex toys and blowjob machines.  And even some of the cheaper masturbators, such as the Head Honcho, are very good quality.

When it comes to male masturbation, most men think it is okay to strangle their member the normal way. Why get half orgasm when you can get so much more by using male masturbators?

With the best male masturbators, you are able to feel the difference in the inner ridges and contours of whatever masturbator you are using because they almost feel real. The best thing about the best male masturbators is that some of them have been modeled and named after real life porn stars like Katie Morgan and Jessie Andrews.

The best male masturbators are not only made for men but they can also be used by couples who want to explore their sexual fantasies. For you to have an awesome time, it is recommended that you use lube on both your dick and on your preferred male masturbator.

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Below are some of the best male masturbators that I have used and I highly recommend them because they are just awesome!

  1. Blewit Men’s Performance Enhancer

This male masturbator feels good and it makes masturbation fun and easy. Although it doesn’t feel like a real-life vagina, it does the job well; its suction is just like I like it, both mild and full on when I am finishing off my wanking. Its exterior is just fantastic; it has a rubberized feel and you guessed it, it is not bound to slip.

  • It is easy to clean because all you have to do is to hold it under a faucet of running water and preferably warm water. It has a self containing unit which means once it is clean; your cleaning job is done.
  • As for the dimensions, it is not too big and neither is it too small; just the right size. Its size is easy to handle with any hand size because the built in spirals on the case allow one to have a firm grip.
  • It works well with any water based lube; however, you should stay away from silicone lubes.
  • Does this male masturbator enhance one’s performance? Yes and no. This masturbator might not increase your stamina but it will make masturbation more fun as compared to using your hand(s).

2. Pipedream Extreme

This male masturbator is just awesome and it is completely different from the rest. For starters, the Fantaflesh ‘skin’ (the name of the material used as the toy’s cover) feels awesome; it responds well to spanking and slapping very well.

  • It has a jiggle and wiggle motion that makes it feel like you are having real sex with a real woman.
  • It is easy to clean; the vagina and anal holes are connected with one long tube. Once you shoot one of the holes with soapy water from one end, it runs out on the other end. The cleaning can be done in less than 5 minutes.
  • This Pipedream Extreme cannot be completely submerged into the water because it has a vent at the top; it never gets wet with lube, water or your juices.
  • To be honest, this male masturbator offers the best as compared to other toys.

The only downside to Pipedream Extreme is that it is not portable; it weighs a whopping 20lbs. Also, it needs a dedicated space in the closet but on the flip side, it needs less as compared to a full-size sex doll.

3. Lilith Uterus Male Masturbator

Lilith Uterus Male Masturbator is Japanese made and it is an awesome stroker. It feels really awesome around the cock even though it might be a little soft. Fortunately, you can squeeze it using your hand in order to get the desired tightness.

  • It has an above average suction since it has a sealed back end and although it doesn’t suck ‘em juices out it’s like a teaser but it still feels pretty awesome.
  • Its length is 6.3” with a 2.8” diameter at the front and 2.4” at the rear; it weighs 12 oz
  • It is made in Japan with food grade, medical organic materials. It is latex free, silicone free and phthalate free. At least you won’t experience any skin reactions. It is recommended that one should buy a sex lube from the same company but aloe vera lube is just ok.
  • As for cleaning, it is very easy to clean; the best thing about this male masturbator is that it can be turned inside out. When turned out, you also get to see its texture. It doesn’t need special care when cleaning; all you require is a mild soap, and some water to keep it clean, safe and sanitized.

Final verdict about Lilith Uterus Male Masturbator is that it doesn’t have a foul odor when in use, it is easy to maintain and it feels really good since the material is supple and soft.

4. Fifi- Sex Toy for Men

Fifi- Sex Toy for Men is a different kind of a male masturbator because, for one, it is portable which means you can slip it in your travel bag.  Most people mistake it for a hot or cold pack sleeve or even a pillow, so you won’t have to suffer embarrassment especially when there’s a security check somewhere. It comes with 5 packets of lube and 5 disposable latex sleeves. Now that the sleeves are disposable, it does not have a long cleaning process.

The best thing about this male masturbator is that;

  • It is very low key; most people will never guess what it is
  • It has adjustable tightness which means you can have it as tight or as loose as you can; this is quite a huge bonus
  • Its pocket-friendly in terms of cost; you’ll have a nice time for less than buck when you replenish on the sleeves
  • As for the lube, it has a thick consistency that’s not runny at all but that’s only for up to 5 minutes; once the 5 minutes elapse, the lube starts losing the slipperiness.
  • The latex sleeve is big enough for 95% men so unless your member is coke bottle size, y’all will be just fine. The latex sensation is not uncomfortable but it feels a little different.
  • All in all, this is one of the best masturbators for a quickie but not the best for more than 20 minutes.

Lovehoney O Force 2 Dual Motor Powerful Male Vibrator

I am sure you know that Lovehoney is a household name in the best male sex toys in the market.  Lovehoney O Force 2 Dual Motor Powerful Male Vibrator is a toy that gives you a powerful climax especially with the high voltage vibrations. It has been redesigned to have a second ‘engine’ which gives you 5 incitement powers as well as a cozy fit for your penis but it has a higher energy surge.

To use  Lovehoney O Force 2 Dual Motor Powerful Male Vibrator, you need a water based lube. All you have to do is to cover the inside with the water-based lube, once it is all lubed, allow the sleeve to wrap up your penis and then press the button at the base to begin your orgasmic journey.

Keep on squeezing the male masturbator in order to experience the 5 speeds until you get to your end goal.

The best thing about Lovehoney O Force 2 Dual Motor Powerful Male Vibrator is that you can use it while bathing because it is completely waterproof. This also means that it is easy to clean.

The ultimate guide to buying the best male masturbators

One of the most important things when buying the best male masturbators is the quality construction; this is followed by its price. You should get value for your money; I mean the sex toy is supposed to be an investment, so you had better get a good one and at a good price.

For starters, your genitals and your bum are quite sensitive and this means safety is of the essence. You don’t want to use something that will leave your genitalia feeling itchy and uncomfortable. Therefore, make sure you are not allergic to whatever male masturbator you decide to pick. Silicone is the most used material for sex toys because it has a realistic feel and it is safe to the body; silicone made sex toys are phthalate free. You should always verify the material used to make your preferred male masturbator before making that purchase.

To avoid buying cheap and unsafe male masturbators, make sure you buy your sex toys from reputable companies.

The 4 key things you should consider when buying the best male masturbators

  • Material

One of the most important factors when buying a sex toy is the material used to make it. the two most common materials are silicone and thermoplastic elastomer.

Silicone feels realistic and it is of high quality; this makes it a little expensive. It is easy to clean, is hypoallergenic and it has little or no odor.

Thermoplastic Elastomer(TPE) is no frills material and it is just basic. It is soft but it is a bit uncomfortable to the body. TPE is the cheaper and more economic material. Most of TPE toys are hypoallergenic but you should always confirm because they are not always hypoallergenic. TPE made male masturbators sometimes have an unpleasant odor but the odor goes away after a few cleanings

  • Inner orifice

These inner orifices come in different variations and you have the option of picking one that has waves and ridges like a normal vagina or pick one that is tight and straight like an ass. This is where you put your penis, so pick the one that makes you orgasm fast.

  • Price

There’s an old saying that says, you will get what you pay for.  For example, a cheap sex toy bought from a brandless toy company that goes for $20 is not the same as a toy that costs $70. Therefore, go for a high-quality male masturbator and as much as it can be quite costly, you are assured of a sex toy that you can use for a long time to come.

  • Size

Pick what suits your lifestyle; if you travel a lot, pick the small male masturbators that fit in your travel bag. If you don’t travel much, then bigger toys that you can place on the bed or on a table are your best bet. If the money allows, you can have both the small and the large male masturbators.

Other things that make a male masturbator good are

  • It massage your penis like a normal vagina would thus making you feel like you are having normal sex with a woman
  • It is comfortable for both your hand and your penis; you don’t want a sex toy that’s too small or too big for your hand or your penis. Not only is it uncomfortable but it also kills the fun that comes with masturbation.
  • Has cum sucking action: every guy craves for this cum sucking suction and we all want to experience it at some point. Therefore, pick one that gives you this chance because life is too short for bad sex or masturbation in this case.
  • Eliminates the possibility of a death grip; death grip also known as squeezing too hard can suck the joy outta masturbation and who wants that? Therefore, pick a toy that squeezes you alright but not one that threatens to suck the life out of you.
  • The best male masturbators have reduced friction and there’s no chafing. This is where you take your time to look at the material used to manufacture your sex toy. As we said earlier, the material used for these sex toys is very important.



If you want to enjoy the male masturbation toys you’ve bought for long, make sure you choose one that ha high safety standards. I am saying this because the toy will be exposed to your dick and you must ensure that it is safe to use. Buying a sex toy that is built using cheap material might trigger allergic reactions. Buy something that will serve your highness for the years without breaking apart.

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