What are the Best Condoms to Buy? Your Guide to Choosing the Best Condoms

Best condoms to buy

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As all good guys and gals know, condoms are an essential part of a healthy sex life. Unless you’re trying for a baby, there really is no good reason not to buy, carry and use one every time you have sex. (Remember, that includes anal and oral.)

Not only will they keep you safe, but with a little imagination they could also spice up your sex life! There’s hundreds of different condoms to choose from out there, from flavored to textured and novelty glow-in-the-dark ticklers.

Where to start?

First things first – make sure your condoms are quality. In the US, check the brand is FDA approved, and in the UK look for the BS Kitemark. Most condoms are made from latex – though a small number of people may be allergic. In this case, polyurethane condoms may be a better choice. They tend to be thinner than latex, and you can use any kind of lubricant with them. (Just remember that food products can be messy!)

Many condoms are already lubricated – but for even more slippery fun you may want to use some extra. You’re best to buy a purpose-made product as they’re safe to use in even the most sensitive of places. Make sure your lube is water based, as anything oil based (such as Vaseline) does not mix well with latex. Lots of lube is especially important for anal sex, and can help prevent the condom splitting or breaking.

Check the expiration date on the box before using condoms, and keep them stored in a cool, dark place. Your back pocket is not ideal, and saving a ‘lucky’ rubber in your wallet could also lead to damaged condoms. Keep ‘em fresh!

Condoms come in a whole range of different shapes and sizes – although most will stretch to fit the average size penis. Check that the condom has a reservoir tip – a little bubble at the end to catch the sperm and make sure it won’t split when you come. Extra-thin rubbers give sex a natural feel – so you can hardly tell the condom is there at all. If in doubt, however, choose a thicker, stronger brand for maximum protection.

Other than this, you’re free to choose a straight sided, flared or shaped condom – whatever best suits the shape of your penis and is most comfortable. The fashion-conscious among you may like to try some funky colored condoms. Not only that, but you could try flavored condoms to give oral sex a new twist – from strawberry to whisky flavor, there’s something to suit everybody’s taste! Ribbed or textured condoms can add sensation to your lovemaking – little bobbles and soft spikes give an extra thrill and look pretty cool too. If you’re not sure which kind you’ll like – buy a selection and run some road tests with a willing partner. Who’d have thought safe sex could be this much fun?

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